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BeliefMedia, Reinvented

BeliefMedia, Reinvented

The finance digital marketing and 'lead generation' space is littered with mediocrity. We've made no secret of our disdain for the current level of digital representation in the past due in part to the proliferation of the 'Facebook Marketer'. With the exception of our former product and some of the higher-level digital agencies that don't claim any specialty in the finance field, mortgage brokers, real-estate agents, accountants, financial advisers, and others in the property and finance space have never been introduced to digital marketing despite having invested thousands of dollars (sometimes as high as $15,000) for a product that claims to provide a digital experience. Worse still is that all the mainstream products we've evaluated are less effective than the product we've given away for free since 2015. It's somewhat heartbreaking to see brokers invest in a product that we'd objectively evaluate as garbage (again, less effective than our former Uranus product, and around three times less effective than our current and free fully-integrated and dashboard-driven Funnels product).

The problem with bad marketing is that it works. Any marketing is better than no marketing, so brokers seeing results off the tail end of some simple Facebook ads generally feel like their investment was justified. Of course, they'll later learn what digital representation is meant to look like and end up on our doorstep only for us to completely disassemble their fractionalised 'sales process' and implement a true marketing funnel experience (the sales funnel being transactional while the latter is a genuine customer journey).

Note: We've even seen brokers lead astray into paying thousands for 'blocks' of leads. At the end of 2019 we retired our "home loans on demand" system because of the clear legal implications that were implied by way of the Royal Commission into Banking. Our former system delivered leads to clients for as little as 70c on top of the acquisition cost (it was a fully compliant system while it ran because we hosted the experience on your website.). Those people that are paying thousands for leads now (a futile and business-debilitating process if not hosted on your own website with direct oversight and control) can migrate to our system and have sufficient cash left over for a few thousand leads of their own.

The marketing industry as brokers know it is broken.

It was in November last year that Domenico Baudille arrived back at Belief full-time after spending nearly 20-years as an international Director with Oracle. We started our first digital agency together back in 1997 (as Australian Web Exposure, and later maintained Y Pty Limited as a consultancy company), so we've worked together for a long time. Our first task when Domenico returned was to give pause to the industry juxtaposition and assess if we'd continue to work in an industry when the space was somewhat of a shark-tank. After days of deliberation we decided that those that could make a difference were burdened with a responsibility to make a difference. We decided that we'd work together to provide an even more significant and game-changing experience for brokers by simplifying their efforts into a 'one-click' marketing experience, so we built Yabber from the very beginning as a compliant platform that delivered at least 100 times more value than anything we'd seen floating around the market... and up to 80% less in pricing.

Discussed in a long series of upcoming articles, the primary modules are as follows:

  • Free website with full conditional content and escalation-based, and AI-driven behaviours. Itself values at well over $10k.... and it's free.
  • Enterprise level email marketing system integrated with Microsoft Office 365.
  • Email autoresponder templates (one-click creation of emails from a template library).
  • Subscription form automation with up to 35 points of automation. Forms are created via the click of a button or via the dragging and dropping of the form onto your website.
  • One-click landing page creation (integrated with the supplied drag-and-drop Elementor page builder). The landing page feature is integrated with our two-column landing panel module which supports escalation (i.e. we won't show the same form twice - imperative to a marketing funnel).
  • Telstra-powered SMS module for text messages, MMS messages and voicedrops (Includes a voicedrop library). Distribution lists are created on the basis of subscriptions, inbound phone calls, and custom users).
  • WordPress website integration. The multi-website feature permits you to manage multiple plugins for multiple websites.
  • Document download manager (and document library) with full statistical data and trigger system.
  • White-label marketing material. Promotional material is branded at the click of a button and added to your document library.
  • RBA email campaign management. Automated of manual delivery of RBA emails and SMS text messages.
  • Newsletter program.
  • EDGE post-settlement referral system to develop referrals, introducers, and partners.
  • Partner Platform. Supported by PartnerDashboard.com.au for selected clients (currently in BETA).
  • BeLearn module for online learning and tutorials. Supported by regular webinars.
  • Conditional content. Your marketing funnel and website are the chameleon of the marketing world which changes shape based on user interest.
  • Page and site-level SEO management. Let you website be found by Google.
  • Article submission program (included program includes 8 articles per month).
  • Facebook audience and advertising management. Fully integrated with high-level statistics.
  • Complete lead and prospect automation and management (integrated by default with Microsoft Planner, and supports other CRM systems such as SalesTrekker).
  • Social media management. Includes tools for posting to multiple networks, social media comments (reputation management).
  • Support for services such as YouTube (channels, playlists, upload etc.) and Wistia.
  • Social media libraries.
  • Optional integration with our Telco mPBX product. This enables full and complete integration of telecommunications with your marketing presence.
  • Full and complete, and very comprehensive statistics of all social and marketing touch-points.
  • Google My Business support.
  • Customer self-serve fact-find forms (Venus reports are sent to client as PDF as part of self-qualification).
  • Gravity modules for database support: includes our high-value 'Saturn' program.
  • Industry Leading Support from Australia's leading digital finance strategists.
  • And more...

To be clear: mortgage brokers have not known, and have not ever been introduced to, a digital marketing and lead generation system until now.

Our new Social Media and Digital Marketing Platform is the latest in a series of software suites we've always provided our clients, and it's this single product that has been the focus of our internal development time throughout 2020. We've developed a purpose-built 'one-click' financial and property marketing experience that is more effective than any product that ever came before it (and even more effective than even our own former and extremely high-performing Growth program). Supplemented by phone support from industry professionals and digital veterans, and the support we provide via webinars and our BeLearn system, we guarantee that our digital marketing system provides infinitely more value than any competing product. We provide the only fully integrated, full stack, fully compliant, conditional, and AI-driven product in the market, and we charge less than virtually every other product we've been able to identify.

With over 120 modules it's difficult for us to introduce the system in brief. Instead, we've scheduled about 200 articles and videos that will progressively introduce you to the mechanics of the highest performing and easiest-to-use digital system in the market (only a fraction of the system functionality is introduced in our marketing manual).

We've always said that your website is your most valuable marketing asset (anybody that has ever recommended Lead Pages, MailChimp, Click Funnels, Kartra, or any off-site resource is objectively costing you conversions and wasting your time and money). If you've listened to our podcasts or watched any of our videos you'll appreciate that we'll say over and over that "every single page on your website is a potential organic entry point, therefore every page is a type of landing page, and therefore every page needs to provide a conversion opportunity". It's for this reason that we provide our clients with a free website as part of the initial fee - somewhat unheard of in the industry for a conditional website that we describe as the 'chameleon of the website world'. The website is spectacular for numerous reasons which will all be introduced over a series of blogs (you don't need to use our website but it's an easy and extremely high-performing turnkey option).

All those things you have looked into in the past, such as automated website articles, newsletters, RBA emails and SMS campaigns, social media content, landing page management and creation, detailed campaign statistics, website and SEO management, and more, is all included in our Platform. We've scheduled what is literally hundred of articles Tag: yabber that'll introduce you to the various systems that'll streamline your digital footprint, give you far better results in your paid promotion, and manage all your marketing assets with the click of a button.

We've made a 650-page Marketing Guide that'll expose you to techniques and programs that'll work for your business with or without us, but the content also serves to underpin our unique high-performing marketing ideology and relationship-based philosophies.

For years we've had businesses ask us over and over how we're able to deliver far better results - the book explains how.

The game changing Platform will fundamentally change your business.

Note: Any article previously written refer to a deprecated system. The new Platform features can be referenced by way of the 'Yabber Tag: yabber' tag.

Download our 650-page guide on Finance Marketing. We'll show you exactly how we generate Billions in volume for our clients.

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