RBA Cash Rate: 4.35% · 1AUD = 0.67 USD · Inflation: 4.1%  
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Example Interest Rates: Home Loan Variable: 5.20% (5.24%*) • Home Loan Fixed: 5.48% (6.24%*) • Fixed: 5.48% (6.24%*) • Variable: 5.20% (5.24%*) • Investment IO: 5.78% (6.81%*) • Investment PI: 5.49% (6.32%*)

General Bank Lending Rate Data (and Website Graphing Shortcode)

General Bank Lending Rate Data (and Website Graphing Shortcode)

The Lending API returns data of aggregated borrowing rates as reported to APRA by the banks. It should be noted that first and foremost that while the data itself is integral to some of our other tools, the APRA-based graphing features are somewhat pointless. However, the graphs are included in one of the 'information' sections of the website we provide our mortgage brokers because their inclusion lends itself to the expertise and authoritativeness that we want our brokers to demonstrate. A far more relevant and extremely high-converting interest rate feature is our powerful live bank product widget which returns specific bank products and rates to your website.

The graph returned with the shortcode of [bank_rates] returns the following:

Bank Rates. Showing Availability to May, 2024

For a consumer, the graph does show how quickly 'general' rates can rise and fall, and they support brokers' assertion that an 'affordability' safety buffer should be considered when borrowing.

Shortcode Attributes

Available shortcode attributes are as follows:


A numeric 6 or 8-figure start date, such as 202005. If a start time is provided you should normally included points or an end date.


A numeric 6 or 8-figure end date, such as 202005. If a end time is provided you should normally included points or a start date.


The number of data points to return. Defaults to 48.


The fields returned in the graph. Defaults to fields="outstanding_oo_repaymen_pi, new_loans_oo_repayment_pi, investment_repayment_pi, new_loans_oo_value_less_equal_600, new_loans_oo_value_600_1000000, new_loans_oo_value_greater_1000000"]. Options are detailed below.

Fields Definitions

The graphing is based on the fields supplied to the shortcode. If you choose to graph values other than the defaults you may choose from the following (the standard image graph returns up to 5 field values):


the RESTful API returns a large amount of data in a paginated format. Various parameters will aggregate data or return calculated values; the details are documented in Yabber Tag: yabber. All data is sourced from the RBA via APRA and updated on schedule.

As mentioned, the graph is one of those that provides lesser consumer-facing value than some of the others we provide, but it does make a nice addition to our broker website. The Product API and associated Rate Widget panel is a far more usable rate-based resource.

The value that we derive from the data (primarily) is based on the information it provides our BeNet AI-engine. Aggregated with other data sources it contributes towards a bigger picture understanding of audience or business trends that feeds into our Facebook platform to optimise campaign assignments.

The image graph is just one format that we return to client websites. Alternate shortcode may be used with our website graphing plugin to return interactive and more dynamic charts. The API (as documented on Yabber Tag: yabber) returns data in any number of formats compatible with popular graphing applications.

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