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Podcast 0008: “Managed Content”

Podcast 0008: “Managed Content”

Our eighth podcast, titled "Managed Content", introduces those Yabber Tag: yabber modules that automates and manages various aspects of your digital presence.

We introduce the following non-exhaustive list of modules:

  1. RBA Emails and SMS Messages
  2. Newsletter Program (Email and PDF Format)
  3. Article Submission Program (with *full* SEO Support)
  4. Managed Social Media (supplements User Generated Content)
  5. Satellite Websites
  6. One-Click White-Label Marketing Material

The automated modules are provided as a default inclusion in the Platform subscription and will add immeasurable value to your general marketing presence and funnel programs. Of course, most modules made available within Yabber Tag: yabber are fully automated, including the one-click creation of fully-hosted and data-aware Facebook (and other) campaigns.

You may skip ahead to the module that interests you most via the index below.

00m 00s : Introduction
Martin and Domenico introduce some of the automated content features of Yabber, our Digital Marketing and Social Media system. The list of features we discuss is a non-exhaustive list of Platform programs.
01m 00s : What is Managed Content?
Managed Content is that which Yabber supplies and automates on your behalf.
01m 40s : The RBA Email and SMS
We introduce the need for a RBA Email and SMS program as part of a BID, but we also introduce the mechanisms upon which the email will convert. We talk about aggregator emails and why ours convert better. We briefly discuss Perception Without Awareness, (Mere) Exposure Effect, and an Omnipresence, and how these psychological principles impact upon all marketing - include the RBA Email/SMS. We introduce why our RBA SMS converts a larger number of clients into a more suitable product, and how Yabber supports this communication. We talk about how our EDGE post-settlement system is a program of longer-term client care; your communication shouldn't be limited to just RBA emails - there's an expectation that you will have content strategy (which includes a Newsletter, which we provide). We obviously talk about how Yabber makes all RBA communication a simple one-click or automated process.
24m 22s : Newsletter Program
At the moment we provide four newsletters per year although we expect to move towards a bi-monthly and then monthly newsletter (as we once did). This can be a manually activated or automated process. Newsletter programs aren't what they once were - social media is a suitable platform for what might now be considered less 'relevant'. Much of what we include in newsletters is now lifestyle related and is designed so people actually read it. Keep in mind that snail-mail newsletters will *always* perform better than standard newsletters. Remember, all links in newsletter emails should drive traffic to your website - not somebody else's.
39m 45s : The Article Submission Program
There are two tiers of the article submission program: the free module includes up to 9 articles per month, while there's a paid tier (one of only two modules that incurs an additional fee) that provides higher-level articles. We ask the question "Do you really need the article submission program?" The article submission service is most beneficial when it supports your own content strategy. Used in isolation, article programs provide virtually no SEO benefit, and in many cases, have a negative impact upon your SEO (no expertise, authoritativeness, and trust is gained from posting somebody else's material). That said, we do employ best-practice SEO markup to identify sources, quotes etc.
41m 48s : A Content Generation Strategy is Vital
We discuss how business content creation and video production, in particular, is essential. You might choose to take comfort in the flawed messages of others ("your website is pointless", "you don't need a website", "focus on Facebook", "you don't need to waste time on content" etc.), and that's fine... but that doesn't mean that you're doing the right thing. You won't know what your business is capable of until you assign the necessary time into actually creating your own original marketing material. We say this despite provide the most powerful Facebook Marketing experience in the industry. We introduce a couple of examples. We touch on positioning, differentiating, and the need for a focused digital strategy.
50m 22s : An article submission program and duplicate content
Any article submission service IS duplicate content and won't necessarily improve upon your SEO. We apply best practice to any article submitted, but even this compliance will have a neutral or even negative impact upon your website search SERP (rank) if you don't surround generic articles with original content. Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trust are the pillars of all content creation - by using an article submission service you're assigning the attributes to somebody else. So, in summary, an article submission programs can have a negative impact on your SEO - in rare cases search engines may remove your website from their index entirely.
55m 01s : Plagarism - don't do it
There's nothing wrong with using existing content for inspiration, but don't copy it. If you're going to be inspired by something else it must be completely indistinguishable from the article that inspired you. Is it okay to copy the 'open-source' MFAA and other articles on your website? We talk about various formats for guidance on writing articles, such as the Sonata Model, NITS, and FORDEC.
1h 03m 45s : Article images, SEO Tags & SEO Compliance
Images sent to your website are all appropriately licenced for use, all of high quality, and they are precisely scaled for your website. We apply all appropriate tags to the article sent to your website (such as Object Graph tags, and video markup). Duplicate content extends to quoted text from the RBA and other websites; we apply the appropriate cite and quotes tags to cater for this content. We talk about the (roughly) 35 categories of articles we provide, and how they're sent.
1h 16m 00s : Social Media Management
We introduced managed social media content. We support a larger number of growing social media platforms. The managed component of the system supports one-click scheduling of various content libraries. We also talk about Instagratify and the ease of which any of your own custom content may be shared. We talk about the costs that others charge for a vastly inferior service. We talk about the dozen of content libraries we make available - they can all be scheduled at an interval of your liking at the click of a button.
1h 36m 08s : Satellite Website Program
The satellite website program is one where we provide a number of supplemental website to inject a little digital joy into your life, provide you with an improved digital footprint, and garnish new social audiences. The Equipment Finance website is a higher-level Satellite site that we encourage because it provides a dedicated equipment finance entry point. We talk about the equipment website and various other websites we make available. Keep in mind that simply having an equipment finance website won't drive traffic to you - it is hard(ish) work in that you are still required to support the website with a content strategy, and may still need to be promoted (Facebook returns very cheap buy now leads). Auto leads are simple to attract and they're very easy to convert and process (we have brokers that take on hundreds of auto loans every month). Some of the other satellite websites are a BSB number search engine, a Quotes website, an ABN/ACN search tool, and a Royal Commission clone. The purpose of the Satellite sites are to inspire you. Digital is a big opportunity and the satellite sites will introduce you to various opportunities.
1h 46m 27s : Your Complimentary Comparison Website
The most significant satellite website we'll be releasing is the Comparison website. Before it's released there's still some work to do on CRM integration (enabling full loan applications)... and we're still waiting on various banks to release certain data. To all pre-release clients the Comparison Website is one that will be provide with no cost (and it's worth over $20k). For others we're undecided if a cost will be assigned.
1h 47m 15s : Is the current mortgage broker model under threat?
We provide the comparison website so brokers can take full advantage of emerging consumer trends (and provides an additional funnel entry point). We talk about whether comparison websites represent a real threat to the current broking model. Whatever the case, we've obligated to plan for the worst... and hope for the best. We end up digressing a little and talk about the massive value that Yabber provides.
2h 00m 00s : White-Label Marketing Material
We introduce our white-label marketing module nad material, and we describe why we provide an ongoing library of promotional/marketing content to businesses. The fully integrated system makes the creation of website booklets, lead magnets, and email attachments an absolute breeze. All created marketing material is uploaded to your version-controlled document library. Every business needs promotional and educational material, and Yabber makes the maintenance of a full library an easy process.
2h 10m 15s : Yabber's Exceptional Value
We review Yabber's exceptional value by way of the multiple modules, and the third-party tools that they replace. Any one module justifies the monthly subscription. Introducing Yabber to your business is game-changing.
2h 13m 50s : Managed Content is a growing module
This podcast introduces only a small component of the managed content modules. We discuss a few of the additional modules that provide automated or managed content.
2h 19m 40s : Connection to Gravity programs
We briefly discuss the overlap between Managed Content and our Relationship Programs (the Gravity podcast follows this one). In all our major partnerships with accountant groups and real-estate groups, their initial brief tends to always lean towards brokers that have a significant digital presence - it's vital. Because we service so many groups that are closely related (brokers, financial planners, accountants, and real-estate agents), we generally act as a 'dating agency', and we routinely provide high-value introductions. More information on our Gravity podcast.
2h 30m 15s : Conclusion
If you're interested in more information, you can visit our website at beliefmedia.com.au or call us on 1300 235 433 (1300 BELIEF).

■ ■ ■

Keep in mind that the services we've discussed introduces only limited Yabber content modules. The system is comprehensive and is growing every day to support your business in amazing ways.

Download our 650-page guide on Finance Marketing. We'll show you exactly how we generate Billions in volume for our clients.

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