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Fully Managed Digital Marketing and Lead Packs For Mortgage Brokers

Fully Managed Digital Marketing and Lead Packs For Mortgage Brokers

We've provided the leading digital solution to the mortgage industry since 1997... and we've never sold leads, and we never will in the manner the industry is accustomed. We believe that every business should have the capacity to generate its own leads and support its own business growth without any reliance on a marketing company. Leads are the lifeblood of any mortgage business, so it stands to reason that every organisation has the capacity to generate their own consistent (and unlimited) influx of high-quality enquires. However, a modern digital experience is more than just subscribing to a form or responding to paid promotion (such as a Facebook advert), and it's a high-quality nested funnel journey that continues to apply pressure on a subscriber in order to provide the necessary confidence for a phone call or booking.

Buying leads is a ridiculous solution. Our digital suite is the most powerful, the only integrated, and the only holistic product made available to the industry, and we've built our high-yield website framework so it provides a more sophisticated experience than any of the dodgy lead generation services floating around the market, and it returns leads for a fraction of the cost of pay-per-lead garbage. To be clear: the solution we provide our brokers is a fully-owned and always-evolving product, and it provides a far more powerful business and customer experience than those companies that generate paid leads. Ironically, if those organisations were using our product they'd generate far more business for their clients... yet they continue to force non-compliance and low-performing experiences on their brokers. The digital space is littered with a ratio of incompetence that far exceeds that of other industry, and these pretenders see success for one reason above all others: lead generation is simple.

Compliance: If you have used services such as Leadify, Karbn, Buy More Leads, BizLeads, Mortgage Magnet, Rowdy Digital, Woo Media, Biz Focused, 'James Davis', and a large array of others, you have objectively introduced non-compliance and what is usually illegal advertising into your business (and you have broker the law). You have exposed your operation to fines and litigation - simple as that. We object to the deliberate baiting used by these charlatans, and we object to the messaging used by some of these organisations that belittle and discourage more effective marketing solutions and strategies. More importantly, we object to the baiting practices used to deceive the consumer market - essentially turning the industry into a cesspit of finspam. Since they're all supporting practices that are contrary to very clear guidelines introduced in legislation and ASIC guidelines (with many of them operate fake and illegal standalone websites that purport to provide a financial service), and given that most of them ignore the overarching responsibilities of the Privacy Act (1988), we wrote a white-paper that encourages any ACL holder to ban these groups, and any others that don't introduce best-practice, ethical, and compliant digital products and solutions into a business. Illegal advertising is somewhat ubiquitous these days, and the boom of the last few years has exacerbated the problem with an influx of leadgen pretenders preying on general lack of industry awareness. There are legitimate agencies that introduce amazing and compliant experiences into broker businesses, and none of them sell leads. Compliance isn't managed by your business discriminately. Your digital compliance isn't any less important than other areas of your business, and the consequences are just as severe. We call out these organisations by way of our social archive (a mirror of our social feed) on a regular basis. Example adverts for those mentioned companies are shown in full. We have found that these groups make corrections once we call them out on their more blatant illegal practices, but all still operate experiences that are non-compliant.

Free Finance Funnel Plugin: For a few years we've provided a free plugin that provides a compliant experience that is more effective than any and all leadgen service. Installed in just a minute, and actioned in just a few minutes, it creates immediate funnels for First Home Buyers and Refinancing. What leadgen charlatans won't tell you is that the mirror-image  'solution' they're providing to you is often created in about a minute - they don't want you to know how easy it is. Instead, they'll feed you with nonsense relating to their 10 data points, 'qualification', and so on - all garbage. We introduced our free plugin to eliminate pay-per-lead environment, but brokers are still deceived into believing that it's a solution for their operation. When you buy leads you're building another company - not your own... and you're essentially relegating yourself to the position of a processing company for a leadgen group operating an illegal brokerage.

Ethical, Legal, and Effective Advertising: If you're advertising on any platform, we've drafted an article to be published in the next few days that looks more closely at best-practice, ethical, and higher-performing advertising. Some older articles discuss Finance Advertising Compliance, Ethical and Legal Finance Advertising, and Email Compliance (quite old but still relevant). Our social archive shows a couple of hundred examples of illegal advertising (the type currently associated with your business if you're paying for leads).

Brokers offer an amazing and valuable service - you don't have to lie or deceive in order to promote your expertise.

In article titled "A High Performing Mortgage Broker Facebook Conversion Funnel", we introduce a reasonably simple yet highly immersive top-of-funnel experience (almost identical to that used in our free plugin). The article starts to reinforce the massive differences between a marketing funnel and a sales funnel... and we detail why most products availed to the market are neither - they're simply a subscription form. The quality of business you can attract with your own immersive experience far exceeds the experience served by those that provide a pay-per-lead service, and the cost is far, far lower.

For reasons we've just discussed, we don't provide a basic pay-per-lead service because it's a simply grossly inefficient, and a costly method for any brokerage to attract business. We firmly believe that introducing a marketing framework to a business - more powerful than anything made available via your competition, and far more efficient than anything the leadgen crowd are using - is an essential business asset. The notion that we'd sell individual leads is an ethical crossroads that we simply decided we couldn't and wouldn't navigate when the activity was far from the best interests of those businesses we serve, a world away from industry best-practice, and ultimately a poor customer solution.


Some prefer the company of prostitutes rather than a real and meaningful relationship. While a crude comparison, we are essentially depriving some brokers of a the industry's leading digital solution system simply because they erroneously believe that a pay-per-lead model is somehow a solution to their woes. For those brokers that prefer the option of 'leads' rather than a rock solid and future-proof business asset, we've recently introduced a program that is guaranteed to return you with more business, and it is guaranteed to be far more cost effective and compliant than any competing solution made available to the industry. Based loosely on our semi-retired Platinum program, we provide you with a set number of leads, and the organic leads that'll invariably be drawn into your organic funnels are a bonus. However, we're not selling leads - we're providing a lifetime solution with a 'managed' component to deliver your first block of leads (once in place it'll simply continue to work forever).

We would never recklessly assign your lead generation to a third-party website, such as High Level, Click Funnels, Lead Pages, or any other service (and any marketing business that does so shouldn't be in business), so what we do is vastly different to what you would have been exposed to in the past. We create a fully integrated and branded experience in your business' name. That is, we create you a full 200+ page website, we craft funnels on your own website, we support each subscription with appropriate follow-up, and we support this experience by way of website articles, limited social media management, SEO, and this is supported by a range of other services managed directly by us. To say that it provides a more compliant and higher-performing experience than any other service provided to the industry is a massive understatement.

Why We Provide a Website: Why do we provide a website, even if you're happy with your existing website? The answer is simple: no website we've ever inherited had the capacity to integrate with a high-converting funnel. Your funnel is about "what comes next", and it has to be created in a manner that facilitates ongoing nested engagement. Our article on our website framework and conditional methods should be consulted to better understand our broader architecture (and you'll start to understand the very clear point of difference between our product and those supplied via competing products). It's quite acceptable to operate two websites, with ours providing a more laser-focused conversion objective.

To summarise once again, the product we provide for even the most basic of lead generation requirements includes the following:

  • A dedicated website. Provided even if you have an existing website.
  • Limited managed social media.
  • Limited article program, and website FAQ updates (similar to articles).
  • Fully supported funnel pathways (email, navigation etc.).
  • Late-night support and access to our webinars and training.
  • Access to other Yabber facilities, such as the partner article facility.

It's only in providing a truly holistic experience that we can we support your operation and nested funnel opportunities in a manner that your business deserves. The fee, as introduced shortly, is priced in a manner that only a single lead needs to be delivered via your funnel to cover our fee, and the organic traction gained from your integrated experience means that you'll invariably attract business via other often ignored pipelines.

We'll often hear that 'managed services' are a waste of time. Instead, lowly lead generation groups will often use the term 'risk free' or similar in order to assign value to their methods. Nothing could be further from the truth, and our experience puts an end to this business-debilitating myth.

Marketing Only Packages

The standard Yabber and website-based conversion-focused product will continue to exist for those that drawn towards the highest-performing model in the market, and it's what we'd prefer for all clients because it is a better solution (in other words, it's largely a supported DIY product that doesn't come with a 'lead pack'). The supported DIY model doesn't work for everybody, and rather than ignore this segment of the market, the managed model is a product that provides the best of both worlds.


There are a couple of requirements that must be met before we can start supporting your lead generation. First, you will require a subscription to Microsoft 365 (starting at around $7 a month). Additionally, we will set up your own Telstra SMS application (we set this up in your company name to keep costs low). Applications are created in your company name for both services, and applications are fully owned by you forever -- this enables to you continue operating autonomously with your marketing efforts should you not continue to use Yabber services after the first 12-months (we have various plugins that make used of the features).

The Cost & Delivery Time

We've modelled our pricing on and existing product availed to the marked. The comparison group charge $1950 for a 'Micro' pack (10 leads) and $3800 for a 'Mini' pack (20 leads), and a Mega Pack ($8000). As stated, we've added holistic business value on the periphery, integrated all the features into your own website resource, and applied the same pricing for a model that'll return you far more business... but our integrated website solution will also start to attract organic leads (our enterprise-level website is detailed in an article that showcases the multitude of features). Additionally, and as described, you'll enjoy managed article services, social media, and various other types of support.

We're starting this project with the program that will deliver 50 managed enquires. There's an expectation that we'll introduce the lower-priced packages in the near future.

Pricing Comparison: Some time back, we looked at the value differential between our product and that of an organisation that filters your leads to a shared third-party website (yes, that's right, your landing pages are on the same website shared by your competitors). We wrote the following: "If we were to compare this 'other' product with Belief's package, in just the first month of the 'Mega pack' we would already have $5150 left over to play with, which would return around 735 leads at a rather 'expensive' $7 a lead (we've seen them under a dollar, but they'll generally float around the $4 - $5 mark, depending up on a large number of variables). To be clear: compared to the other product, we would give you an amazing website (yours forever), and you would return 735 leads (that's 685 more than the other mob) for exactly the same investment. This comparison excludes the conversions driven via our post-subscription and relationship-based settlement tools."

As a new product, delivery time will be between 7 and 10 days (usually much faster). The time required to deliver a product is usually predicated on the time taken to establish your Microsoft application.

The advantage of this arrangement is that your marketing will belong to you forever, with no need to every purchase a lead pack ever again. Your digital lead generation really does become a tap that you open and close with an assigned budget at your own discretion. Your business continues to be supported by articles, social media content, features updates, website updates, and our general support.

The Additional Features

As a user of our website you'll have access to all the website marketing tools and resources. When we release the comparison search engine you'll immediately gain access to this tool, and when we release full online applications and partner-supporting property modules you'll also enjoy immediate access to this fully integrated facility.


Our disdain for typical lead generation is no secret. We vehemently object to the solutions provided to brokers via the 'lead generation' crowd. These existing 'solutions' - apart from the clear compliance issues - add no value to a business whatsoever. What we've built is a solution that is unmatched in terms of value, compliance, and conversion rate.

Once you have sourced the necessary leads from your efforts, you take full and complete ownership of the systems used to generate your business (the product is yours). To create future leads you simply throw money into the same system and leads will be returned for a small percentage of the cost when compared to traditional pay-per-lead services.

As an industry, we need to focus on better customer outcomes, strict compliance, best-practice, and an engaging and immersive digital experience. It's time to make finance marketing great again. Stop the finspam.

  Featured Image: Founded in 1823, the Bank of Van Diemen's Land was the first commercial financial institution in Van Diemen's Land, later the Colony of Tasmania. Nicknamed the old bank, the Bank of Van Diemen's Land traded for 68 years before becoming the first major bank failure of what would eventuate into the Australian banking crisis of 1893. The featured photgraph was taken on Photo taken on 3rd August 1891, the day of closure. Although it had a reputation for reliability, during the 1880s the bank lent heavily to Tasmanians who invested heavily in silver mining ventures. When the mineral prices crashed during the 1890s depression, the bank was unable to survive the number of defaulting loans. The bank closed in August 1891, and offered up its banking premises as a 1 pund lottery ticket. Following the bank's demise, a Royal Commission was established to investigate allegations of fraudulent activities. Designed by architect Henry Hunter, the Bank of Van Diemen's Land headquarters stood 17 metres (55 ft) tall with a 22-metre (72 ft) frontage along Collins and a 25-metre (83 ft) frontage along Elizabeth Street in downtown Hobart. The building was constructed with white sandstone from Tea Tree quarries, Brighton and a darker brown stone from Hestercombe quarries, Bridgewater. The two stones were used to create alternating bands along the building's façade. It was demolished in 1958. The sandstone lions sculpted by artist W. Paterson which stood over the original doorway were relocated to the entranceway of St David's Park. The Bank of Van Diemen's Land started issuing its official banknotes in 1825. Until the establishment of the Derwent Bank in 1828, it held a commercial monopoly in Tasmania. Source: Wikipedia. [ View Image ]

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