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Podcast 0003: “A Closer Look”

Podcast 0003: “A Closer Look”

A Closer Look follows on from our first podcast, Hello World,. This podcast starts to expose our unique marketing philosophy and underlying ideology in more details, and we discuss how our higher-converting proprietary methods and digital systems will improve upon your lead flow and conversions. It starts to become clearer how and why our clients see far more success than their competitors.

If you're interested in a specific subject or discussion, use the chapter links below to launch that part of the video.

00m 00s : Introduction
Welcome to 'A Closer Look'. Following on from "Hello World", in this podcast we look at the Yabber Digital Marketing and Social Media Platform in more detail. Our systems, software, and support deliver the highest-performing online and offline lead generation systems in the market. Guarantee. The follow-up on 'Hello World' was required because of the scope of our support systems - so this podcast really is just more marketing chatter.
02m 50s : The Sales Funnel versus the Marketing Funnel
We look back at the sales funnel and higher-performing marketing funnel. Belief is the only company serving the finance space that provides a real marketing funnel. Don't be fooled into thinking a linear and basic landing page subscription leads into a real marketing funnel - it does not. Our simple subscription forms (even those under each post on our website) converts better than most landing pages, and performs functions in a single form what takes others services multiple pages to accomplish. We talk about a few funnel features and the complimentary website we provide businesses.
05m 30s : The landing page experience
We talk about the landing page experience. We look at the typically poor-performing sales funnel (sadly, the typical product provided to brokers), and the higher-performing landing page attached to a high-return marketing funnel. We'll often hear 'marketers' say that "you're marketing funnel doesn't have to be complex". This is true, but this doesn't mean that they should compensate their lack of technical expertise and understanding with a bad customer experience. We talk about how the marketing funnel is used for a client to qualify you - not the other way around. The marketing funnel is an educational journey. The landing page is just one entry point into a marketing funnel... but it's designed to convert (so, a page free from distraction). Every page on your website is a potential organic entry point, therefore every page on your website needs to provide some sort of conversion opportunity. We introduce the Landing Panel (a component of a landing page) and how easily they can be created in Yabber (a three-second process). We talk about why our landing page experience converts better than any other product on the market.
13m 30s : Form automation
We talk briefly about basic form integration, Discussion includes the email subscription and autoresponder campaigns (email education program), split testing forms and landing pages, the first and second email (optionally assigned at the form email), the second landing page (the highest converting page in your marketing experience), escalation of commitment associated with the thank you page, email entry points, conditional redirects (a proprietary method that'll explode your conversions), and the integrated calendar (we provide the only system in the industry that actually provides an integrates calendar).
24m 38s : Are lead magnets still enough?
We talk very broadly about the challenges associated with the typical lead magnet setup (advert, landing page, through to a lead magnet download and subscription). Consumers are now very cautious of spam so we have to develop new ways of assigning value to our contact experience. We talk about how the typical 'sales funnel' is the banner advert of the 2020's. Your lead magnet is a promise, and if your product fails to deliver upon expectation you will alienate that customer.
27m 57s : A Sales Funnel is NOT digital marketing
What most businesses know as a sales funnel is not digital marketing... at least not any more. Any product that includes Lead Pages, Click Funnels, Kartra, and other similar services, is objectively costing your conversions.
29m 25s : Every page is a landing page
Every single page is a potential organic entry point, therefore every single page on your website is a type of landing page, therefore every single page needs to provide a conversion opportunity. We talk about our WordPress website stats engine, the Page Subscription Ratio (PSR), and how every page needs to be crafted to attract, retain, and convert your clients.
30m 34s : Lead Magnet placement
You must provide an offer of serious value that stands out in an extraordinary way for those people that aren't ready to contact you now. We talk about lead magnet placement (by way of a story about Joshua Bell). We talk about how Martin would have Wayne Pearce to talk in packed room of over 250 people for a mortgage seminar (we have a few videos on YouTube). We talk briefly about our own Marketing Guide and how the book might be perceived as junk by virtue of an industry plagued by mediocrity.
38m 55s : Webinars and Video as a Lead Magnet, and our White Label Marketing Material
The webinars and videos in the finance industry represent some of the worst in the country. This is because advice provided to businesses is flawed. A purpose of a marketing funnel is to stand apart from other businesses, and to set yourself apart - it's easier for our brokers to stand out now because the quality of the material shared by your competitors is so poor.
41m 23s : White label marketing material and the download manager
We introduce one-click and fully branded marketing tool. With one click we add your logo and business details to marketing material and add it to your version controlled document management system. You can then add the document to your website or to a landing page. We talk about version control as mandated by basic compliance standards.
44m 00s : EDGE Post Settlement system
EDGE is a system designed to support client in the post settlement phase, and to assist with your referral programs (it generates hundreds of millions in volume every month). We introduce the Saturn and Pluto program - both of which will return up to 6-figures in commission in a few days. We talk about Saturn - the most significant system we've ever introduced to the industry.
45m 00s : The four-minute mile
We talk a lot about big volumes. We don't see any reason why any business should write any less than $140m per year as an individual. Belief is the only company in the industry to actually provide the systems necessary to build high volumes. We don't like ridiculous arbitrary limits - you can write as much as you like... the only limitation is the speed at which you can grow your business support systems. Surround yourself with excellence!
50m 10s : An example of a broker that will write 100m in organic volume
We provide an example of a broker that is taking on around 70-100 leads per month from a real-estate group. As one of our Mastermind brokers he was paired with the group as a default part of our program, and he is looking at potentially writing well over 100m per year from just those organic (unpaid) leads that are fed to him. We also discuss the brokers that cannot be helped.
57m 20s : The former Growth Program
We talk briefly about our former Growth program (now rebranded as the 'Mastermind Group' with a few changes). We helped build some of the most successful business in Australia and internally on the back of a number of programs that are all now rolled into a our digital systems. The former Growth program required a high level of involvement although we found that time wasn't always something brokers could provide. The new Yabber digital systems can be up and operational in a short period of time... and entire campaigns can be launched in a few minutes.
1h 00m 07s : Advantages of migrating to a cloud-based digital system
The Yabber platform is exceptional. It is the only fully integrated and full-stack system in the market, and the ONLY product that incorporates AI to course-correct the customer journey. We're also more affordable than virtually every product made available the industry. We're understating the value when we say that we probably provide over 100X more value than any competing product. We talk about why the products floating around the market are failing the industry.
1h 03m 45s : A look at SEO and other future podcasts
We talk very briefly about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). The website we provide our brokers is designed to automate many SEO features (markup, videos etc.). We have a booklet available that introduces businesses to a broad SEO framework.
1h 05m 52s : Social Media integration
Yabber supports multiple social media networks and provides an array of automated features. We support a number of social networks, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, Google My Business, Wistia, and others. We have a statistical back-end that measures your efforts and the reactions. The social systems are extensive, and because their part of an integrated system, the results will improve upon your engagement. We provide libraries of social media content in addition to 'managed' content.
1h 11m 04s : Lead Generation is a dirty word (and more on social)
Most marketers don't know what 'lead on autopilot' actually means. Our marketing is a very genuine AI-driven lead generating machine.
1h 12m 35s : Data Driven Behavioural Insights
The entire Yabber system is a data-driven AI system that provides you with a greater understanding of your marketing efforts than most systems available anywhere. We know everything about specific users and groups of users, and we're able to accurately measure their engagement. We don't just record data - we act upon it. Data is pointless if all a system does is provide a graph. We talk briefly about the BM Pixel and how we learn about your website and other audiences.
1h 16m 20s : BM's Powerful Facebook Experience
Belief's Facebook experience is more powerful than anything made available to the finance industry. Period. We return and convert more business. We talk briefly about Facebook's own learning system, Blueprint, and how it provides more than virtually all Facebook programs in the market.
1h 22m 00s : Starting to finish up...
This podcast has started to expose our marketing philosophy and marketing ideology in more details. We haven't really discussed Yabber features at this point; needless to say our system does virtually everything you would ever need. We briefly talk about the availability of our Saturn program. We introduce our Partner Dashboard (PartnerDashboard.com.au) and the recommended commission split between our shared clients (it's zero). We talk a little about the broker/accountant/real-estate agent relationship, and what has worked for our brokers and clients in the past (we have a forthcoming podcasts on 'Gravity', our relationship modules).
1h 30m 40s : Conclusion
If you're interested in more information, call us on 1300 235 433 (1300 BELIEF). Even if you're interested in having a chat we'll happily talk to you - we'd rather you acted upon good advice.

■ ■ ■

Yabber provides infinitely more value and better results than any competing product in the finance space. Period. If you're interested in more information you may call us anytime on 1300 235 433 (1300 BELIEF).

Download our 650-page guide on Finance Marketing. We'll show you exactly how we generate Billions in volume for our clients.

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