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How Industry Specific Pages on Your Mortgage Broker Website Improves Conversions

How Industry Specific Pages on Your Mortgage Broker Website Improves Conversions

The default mortgage broker website we provide our clients is packed with a large number of back-end pages, many of which aren't readily available via your website navigation, so the pages aren't 'visible' until we do something with them. A few of these pages are used to serve industry-specific information to certain industry groups, such as the medical industry, legal industry, and law enforcement. This article introduces how these industry pages are used to generate more inquires and business.

Positioning Your Brand

The number of brokers that position themselves as 'Medico Experts' without any website assets or information to support their claims is kind of crazy. Many other brokers position themselves in the '000' market without any understanding of how the emergency sector operates. The first thing you need to do before you inject yourself into a specific market is actually understand the industry you're trying to penetrate, and you must have a sound knowledge of the type of client from within this industry that you would like to attract. The most basic consideration involves simply providing website content for those groups that are looking for it.

To position your business to capitalise on certain industry groups you should generally do one of two things:

  • Position a Satellite (standalone) website that deals specifically with a certain industry.
  • Create pages and FAQs within your website to serve industry-specific information.

As we'll come to describe shortly, we're able to achieve the former by implementing the latter (i.e. we can change your front page completely based on the traffic source... and this is similar to a feature that alters front page content based on determined or resolved interest types).

Appropriate digital assets on your website is just a start. We have an article titled "Belief’s Saturn Program is the Highest Performing Program in the Finance Industry" which introduces the Saturn program that returns more volume than any program in the finance industry (including Facebook), and part of the Saturn program is focused on introducing medical clients into your pipeline. Another article titled "Building Your Medical Book with Targeted Advertising" introduces a foolproof way in which to generate medico traffic. Both of these extremely profitable frameworks are far from an exhaustive list of internal programs.

We can certainly help you with a dedicated website resource to target specific industry groups (in fact, the site we provide you can easily be replicated on other domains then tailored with a licence key assigned to that new website), or you can build powerful internal pages that are used to convert industry traffic (the focus of this article).

Positioning: You should refer to an older article on positioning if you're interest in the messaging associated with how your brand speaks and supports its position in the market (the article also introduces our Police.com.au product). The secret sauce to real positioning in the market is to have a clear strategy around how it'll be achieved, and then molding your business to support the desired perception. Simply saying you're something isn't enough, and wanting to be something will get you nowhere.
The FLIGHT Program: Some time back we introduced a program that positioned brokers to take advantage of the rather affluent aviation community. Titled "How Belief’s ‘FLIGHT’ Mortgage Broker Program Returns Millions in Volume Every Year", we introduce how we consistency returned 420-million per year by positioning brokers as aviation specialists. The purpose of this program wasn't to facilitate aircraft finance, but rather introduce conventional products to those that worked in the industry.

Brokers love the health industry, and the'd do just about anything to develop a network of health professionals as clients. When I owned my own brokerage I even went a little old-school and had adverts in elevators at Sydney's Concord Hospital. Our old-school marketing channels were supported by very specific internal website pages, and two dedicated and completely standalone websites that were indistinguishable from each other, both with crafted call-to-actions specific to segmented industry groups. Voted as the best independent brokerage in the country, we were driven by volume that came from very clear segmented channels, with a laser-like focus applied to each group of potential clients... and we had a very large book of medical doctors.

Industry Entry Pages


We've created just a few industry-specific pages to support your penetration into various markets. They're not landing pages in the 'traditional' sense (and not built into the Landing Page archive). Rather, they're intended to be pages used to support the entry of these groups into your website, so they should ideally look more like your front page than anything else (and the reason for this is introduced in the next section).

Each industry-specific page should include a video introducing options for that group, and each page should include a specific set of industry-specific FAQs. Each page should also have an industry-specific lead magnet or offer attached to the Simple Panel (subscription form). As always, we include relevant live bank product data (usually via Widgets) on every page.

You will notice that each of these pages is quite similar, and that's kind of the point. We maintain a known front-page 'framework' that delivers conversions, but we simply alter the various assets on the page to reflect the information specific industries require. Over time each of these pages morphs away from its generic design and takes on a life of its own based on your known audience interactions or target market... and altering any page is a piece of cake with the drag-and-drop builder.

When we take on a Platinum client we built around 40 of these industry-specific entry pages, each supported by a group of landing pages on the back-end.

Medical Industry Home Loans

Medical Industry Home Loans

Legal Industry Home Loans

Legal Industry Home Loans

Police Home Loans

Police Home Loans

If you search for home loans styled for specific groups of industry professionals you will find dedicated websites that are connected to a parent business, and you'll also find very detailed 'industry pages' within existing websites (there's a reason these pages are ranked ahead of others). The techniques we're introducing are nothing new, nor are they predicated on using the website we've built for brokers - we just make it easier.

Alternate Your Front Page

A long-standing Platinum website includes a feature to completely change the front page of your website based on an incoming URL (the incoming page forces the industry type and then redirects to the new home page). In essence we're swapping out one front page for another based on the audience we're targeting. This is different to changes introduced to your front page by way of determined interest type (which is, for lack of a better word, a 'guess').

The feature that changes various assets on your front page based on a resolved interest is detailed in an article titled "Managing Front Page Website Content Within Yabber", while the feature to 'swap' your entire front page is introduced in another article titled "Change Your Entire Website Front Page Based on Interest". It's in the latter case where we swap out your primary page with one of the industry pages described above.. and it's why we want these pages to look like an entry page.

Front Page Changes: The feature that swaps out your front page with one of the back-end pages is currently in migration from our Platinum plugin. Current clients can expect to see the feature in Yabber and on their website on Friday 3rd September.

The more advanced features of the site are not tools you'll use straight away. However, as your marketing matures, and as we introduce more training to your organisation, implementing these industry-leading techniques becomes a piece of cake.


We describe our mortgage broker website as the chameleon of the website world because it morphs shape based on known traffic. While the vast array of integrated features would justify a high fee, we've made it extremely affordable in order to ensure a larger percentage of the market is positioned to take advantage of the product.

The website funnel is something that is largely ignored by many, but it is intrinsically connected to the marketing funnel because it's where we learn more about our client, and where we're able to escalate their commitment or pivot their journey. The website funnel is the backbone upon which the marketing funnel relies. We see so many simply relegating their post-subscription follow-up to nothing other than email, and they'll completely fail to consider the website interactions that potentially and diagrammatically shifts the focus of your email and other nurturing programs.

We harp on all the time about the business-debilitating consequences of hosting your landing pages on Click Funnels, High Level, or any other third-party services, and it's the advantages described on this page that starts to introduce some of the bigger-picture benefits of an integrated system. Bottom line: never host your landing pages on a third-party service (and copying 'embed' code into your website is the same thing). The notion that you'll host pages on a third-party platform when you have the capacity to serve those pages yourself is utterly absurd, and if introduced by a marketing service, it a defining feature of professional negligence.

There's a clear workload associated with building a large and comprehensive website full of libraries, resources, industry pages, and tools... but the massive advantages from doing so cannot be overstated. We find that as a business starts to see the advantages of a focused content strategy you'll start to assign more effort and resources into maintaining a powerful website and marketing funnel system.

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