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BeliefMedia’s Next Generation Digital Marketing Explained

BeliefMedia’s Next Generation Digital Marketing Explained


At the heart of Belief's operation is 'Yabber' - often simply referred to as the 'Platform'. Yabber is a digital marketing and social media marketing system designed to facilitate full-stack digital efforts by way of a suite of tools that'll drive more business and growth - guarantee. It doesn't matter what your business size is or how deep you've nested yourself into an existing digital strategy, Yabber will provide more value for less than virtually any other product on the market, and supplemented with our high-end support, the system will relieve you or the burdens associated with the typical digital deficit that debilitates most businesses. Additionally, your marketing assets are fully integrated and compliant - two product attributes that are largely ignored by the lower end of the digital market. Furthermore, the system is designed to support a true agile marketing framework (you can have campaigns of any kind running in minutes).

It should be noted that Yabber isn't just a Facebook advertising program (this is what most businesses associate with digital systems these days by way of the flawed digital representation). Despite providing the easiest to use and most powerful Facebook system in the country, the Yabber Platform is an integrated data-driven powerhouse that performs multiple online functions and supports all aspects of your online and offline business operations. A Facebook program in isolation (and certainly one that isn't integrated with your hosted digital systems) is fundamentally flawed and introduces a technical debt to your operation (so much so that we've had to introduce a 'Rescue Package' to undo digital damage introduced to businesses).

We provide you with a complimentary website that is more powerful than what you're using now. You don't have to use it, of course, but should you choose to do so your website will be fully integrated with our Platform's AI BeNet engine that turns your website into a lead-generating machine that'll deliver real and consistent organic traffic. Your existing website is compatible with BeNet but there may be a few components that don't run as efficiently as our integrated and supplied website.

Yabber is infinitely more powerful than any product made available to the finance market and will return more volume to your business for a lower up-front investment. This article is intended to introduce the basics of our digital systems and how those systems will support your business. Some of the links to supporting articles will be activated once those articles are published; as we progressively drip-feed supporting material into our website you'll be able to find more information via the Yabber tag Tag: yabber.

■ ■ ■

The Platform ('Yabber') is a sophisticated software system that provides integration and functionality that is generations ahead of what is currently made available to the mortgage market, and it provides infinitely more value that what you’ll see from competing products. As the only ‘full-stack’ product in the financial marketplace we'd also argue that we’re also the only product made available that is fully-compliant with applicable legislation and ASIC guidelines.

Belief's Platform connects your website, email marketing, Facebook advertising, landing pages and form automation, telecommunications, and your social media presence into a single 'one-click' software system. Integrated with CRMs such as SalesTrekker and Microsoft Planner we’ve built it specifically to offer outstanding business support from the quick one-click creation of landing pages, high-level form automation, one-click email follow-up autoresponder sequences, one-click Facebook support, to the management of your Google My Business presence. The entire system is designed to enhance the consumer-facing experience via the website we provide you at no cost, and it'll provide exceptional business outcomes through a system that is super-simple to use - it is the ultimate digital marketing lead generating machine.

Note: It's easy to get lost in the vast array of Yabber features. However, it's important to understand that at its heart, Yabber is a lead generating machine for both organic and paid traffic. Each module essentially supports this underlying and foundational objective. You may be familiar with the Facebook marketing concepts floating around the industry; our system will obviously perform in the same way with the exception that our one-click solution is easier to use, and at least a few times more powerful. The Facebook Marketing module really is just one module.

The heart and soul of the Yabber is the quick and easy creation of high-performing marketing assets that seamlessly integrate with your website. The connectivity between your website with our Platform enables features that maximise lead-flow by way of advanced use of conditional content, an integrated experience, and on-page subscription options.

Some of the programs that are typically sold to the mortgage market require days - and sometimes weeks of effort - in order to have marketing campaigns published and activated. Our system supports the publishing of higher-performing Facebook and other campaigns in a matter of minutes (that is, we’ll automatically publish landing pages to your website, we’ll integrate numerous interactive features, and we’ll activate an email and optional SMS follow-up sequence).

Our white-label lead magnets, website booklets, and other promotional material are all added to your version-controlled document library with full branding at the click of a button (all downloads are trackable, of course, with full logs, triggers, and graphical data to support your efforts). Adding email campaigns requires the same amount of effort – a single click. As described shortly, the level of our automation and integration associated with your website leads is unmatched anywhere in the digital industry.

The Typical Experience

There are brokers that have invested in marketing ‘solutions’ that include third-party integrations with services such as Mailchimp, LeadPages, ClickFunnels, Kartra, Zapier, and any number of other third-party products - all vastly inferior solutions that seriously impedes upon your ability to market efficiently and effectively. If you’re using any of those mentioned products you have likely invested in a mediocre program that is non-compliant and inherently low-performing. Some charlatans even charge between $7000 and $14000 for such a product when the tools we routinely provide brokers for free are more effective.

The problem with the mashup of those third-party services mentioned above is that it works. Any marketing is better than no marketing... so even bad digital marketing tends to return results. Our focus – via our fully-integrated Platform features – is a compliant and high-performing system with a focus on Return on Investment (ROI)... and we do so for a fraction of the cost of competing 'systems' and provide an unmatched level of expert support.

Make no mistake: The 'systems' we often see brokers use, and the one we've just described, doesn't come close to resembling anything that we'd consider to be real 'digital marketing'. Nor do we consider the typical and highly pedestrian linear motion of a lead from an advert to an email campaign (via a third-party landing page) a marketing funnel - it's very much a bad transactional sales funnel. In migrating our systems to a Platform which provides holistic support we've been able to introduce a real marketing experience to any business, and in doing so we hope to elevate the qualify of digital representation that mortgage brokers hold as a standard.

We’re asked all the time why businesses invest in high-priced mediocrity when it introduces enormous technical debt and delayed pain to a business. The answer is simple: people don't know what they don't know, and many flock to low-end and high-priced solutions simply because of a slick sales pitch and the promise of leads. A business owner usually isn't aware that they’re investing in something less effective than the product we give away for free (we have 'Rescue Package' for this group).

Next Generation Marketing & Technical Debt

When compared against the typical experience, our suite of lead-generation products is next generation in every respect. When used correctly our systems will fundamentally change your business and provide you with long-term digital solutions that isn't predicated upon a continued marketing budget. If you do choose to advertise on Facebook our systems are infinitely more effective than any other product provided to the finance market.

We’re asked all the time why businesses invest in high-priced mediocrity when it introduces enormous technical debt and delayed pain to a business. The answer is simple: people don't know what they don’t know, and many flock to low-end and high-priced solutions simply because of a slick sales pitch and the promise of leads. They don’t know that they’re investing in something less effective than the product we give away for free.

Dilbert Technical Debt

Technical debt is a concept in software and marketing development that reflects the implied cost of additional rework caused by choosing an easy (limited) solution now instead of using a better approach that would take longer. In our case, we’re not only easier to use but we’re also more cost effective and far quicker to implement (a full landing campaign can be running in minutes). Because our product is integrated we virtually eliminate the investment (and time) debt associated with investing in a short-term and problematic solution.

What is included in BeliefMedia’s Platform?

Note: The applicable service agreement should be consulted for current pricing and product conditions. In downloading our marketing guide we'll send you the pricing guide shortly afterwards.

The BeliefMedia product includes what is essentially a ‘turnkey’ marketing solution. We provide you with a high-converting website, landing pages, white-label and fully-branded marketing material, an extremely comprehensive email and SMS marketing module, lead-generation forms with high levels of automation and CRM integration, automated website content, social media integration and posting, RBA emails and texts, and much more. And we do this for less than what most people pay for somebody to simply create some low-performing Facebook ads.

Discussed shortly, our Gravity systems provide the facility for you to provide trackable (one-click) landing pages on partner websites. The system integrates with systems such as SalesTrekker and a partner portal is made available via a standalone Partner Dashboard (PartnerDashboard.com.au).

The most valuable resource we provide is our own support – delivered via our proprietary BeLearn module, our support modules, or anytime over the phone.

Simply put, we’ll provide you with the training and tools necessary to own an enterprise-level marketing experience and lead-generation system that will set you apart and generate more business. Don’t let the occasional complexity of Yabber confuse you – we’ve designed our systems so that they’re the most powerful and easiest to use in the market (you can get a Facebook campaign running in under an hour rather than a week).

We hold regular webinars and training sessions for those interested in particular topics.


We are a Microsoft-driven company that tends to utilise the full scope of Microsoft’s services. These services include Teams, Planner, Calendar, and of course email. It is a requirement that our clients use a business Microsoft email account (we’ll create a Microsoft Azure application in your own business name).

After testing virtually every text messaging provider in the country we determined that the only SMS gateway that provided the enterprise-level security features and reliability necessary for the mortgage and finance market was Telstra. We create your own Telstra application - if you don’t send any messages you don’t pay for them; if you do you send messages you'll pay Telstra directly for your own usage (usually no more than a few dollars per month).

In both cases described above you will own your application which represents a seriously valuable business asset that integrates with our Platform and provides you with the most compliant, reliable, and future-proof solution.

As described in more detail in additional articles, having your own applications gives you enormous potential to integrate high-level marketing features that aren’t available via the typical and mundane pedestrian solutions typically made available to industry.

The Cost

We’re priced up to 80% lower than some of the ‘Facebook Marketers’ that provide a lacklustre service. We’re not only the most capable digital agency in the finance space (and we guarantee our systems are more effective), but we’re also the most cost effective. Our latest pricing schedule should be consulted for current pricing.

Our initial pricing includes full 12-months Platform access and support. Access to the Platform after the first 12-months is billed monthly for a small fee. The cost efficiency of our systems comes from the scope of our Platform functionality; our systems replace a large number of third-party systems you may already be using for a small fraction of the cost.

Platform Features


Platform features are only described in brief and are far from exhaustive. Reference is made within this article to other posts that may provide supporting information. As mentioned earlier, additional supporting articles will be made available via the Tag: yabberYabber tag[/link].

Email Marketing Platform

Our email marketing system is one of the most sophisticated available to the mortgage (or any other) market. This sophistication is derived from the fact that we integrate our email system with your website; all user movements are tracked at all times with email triggers available for page-views (that's just viewing a page), clicking an internal link, opening a marketing email, watching a defined duration of a video, and clicking on a link within an email.

Email Marketing Subscribers

  Pictured: The email marketing system is extremely comprehensive. All open, view, click, and other data is recorded and returned in clear graphs for statistical analysis. Test data shown, thus the naked graphs.

Unlike traditional third-party email marketing tools we send email directly through a nominated Microsoft Office 365 business email account. This ensures you maintain full branding, and it remains fully compliant with applicable legislation.

The email system includes design templates, custom email templates, multiple signature panels, send restrictions (based on time), scheduling, and virtually any other feature you would expect from an enterprise-level email system.

Because we have an integrated Platform, images you upload via your email creation editor may optionally be sent to your WordPress website (in real time) to avoid doubling up on the upload action (a simple but handy feature).

Website Lead Forms and Automation

Website forms are created quickly and easily from our form creation panels. If using our turnkey website any form you create is automatically available from your website builder... otherwise you simply add a small shortcode into a page to fully support your lead generation. As described shortly, landing pages (which include forms) may be submitted directly to your website with the simple click of a button. In both cases (landing panels and forms) we employ an optional escalation cycle to engage website users and improve upon conversions.

Subscriber Forms

  Pictured: Lead management is essentially the heart of the Platform. Leads and Prospects are identified and appropriately managed. Contact forms are managed independently of website and other leads. Full statistical data is provided by day, month, page, form, and so on.

Our forms support multiple levels of fully integrated automation (email, calendars, subscriptions, SMS messaging etc.). There’s no copying and pasting, there’s no multiple services to host what should be a rationalised experience, and the whole form creation process takes no more than a minute to complete.

Prospect Relationship Management (PRM)

The Platform is not a CRM (we don’t seek to replace compliant aggregator tools). Instead, we provide pre-Opportunity 'Prospect' management via Microsoft Planner's Kanban stage and workflow (or Plan and Bucket) functionality that is already part of your business Microsoft 365 Subscription. We've built our own Trigger system so Planner inherits action-based features not available via the vanilla product.

Prospect Management provides a simple mechanism upon which to manage your pre-Opportunity workflow. Prospect Management is connected to the lead management, email, website, and telco modules so escalation is identified and appropriate automation is applied.

Email Marketing Templates

When you create an email you may select from a library of pre-populated emails with the click of a button from within your post editor. If you’re using our one-click campaign features your autoresponder sequences may be created in a matter of minutes.

Version Controlled Document Management System

Our simple document management system permits the upload of PDF and ZIP files for later use in email campaigns, landing page campaigns, and for use as website downloads. All downloads are tracked via a library of graphs to demonstrate download performance and engagement (integrated, as you would expect, with our Trigger system).

Download Manager

A little known fact in the industry is that all marketing material must be archived. If you have a document and alter a single paragraph the former version of the same document must be archived (the same requirement applies to Facebook ads). We obviously support this requirement.

White Label Marketing Material

We manufacture regular white label marketing content that you may use in your business in any manner that floats your boat. They’re excellent for on-page 'open' downloads, lead magnets, and as supplemental attachments or downloads in email campaigns (downloads are always preferred since the action is recorded).

Whitelabel Marketing Material

It’s expected that we’ll adopt a schedule where we drip-feed at least one white label document into the system on a short defined schedule. Full branding via your own images, website address, and contact details are actioned via the click of a single button.

Since our system is fully integrated, your own uploads and white label content is immediately made available via a select menu attached to most forms.

Full statistical data is recorded for all downloads. When available, this includes details on the individual making the transaction.

SMS Marketing

The SMS module permits sending of a message to an individual, to custom groups, to groups of contacts in Outlook email folders, to groups of numbers that called inbound to your business (if subscribed to our Telco product), and to those that have subscribed to various lists.

The messaging system supports text message replies to email or back to your own registered number, STOP messages, placeholders, and alphanumeric ‘from’ numbers. The system is fully integrated with all of your forms for various types of client and business notifications.

SMS Form

  Pictured: The basic SMS panel. Supports sending of individual messages, and sending to any number of lists (custom, Microsoft, Telco). While discouraged the system also supports birthday messages. The voicedrop module is extensive and enables the recording of audio messages directly into your browser.

The MMS module provides for the sending of multimedia messages based on uploaded content, or voicedrop content recorded directly via your PC microphone (or a selection of pre-recorded voicedrop messages stored in the system).

MMS Voicedrop

  Pictured: Voicedrops may be created by recording directly into a browser, pulling the audio from OneDrive (integrated by default), or uploading directly. A full library of voicedrop messages may be created for user over and over, including as part of automated campaigns.

A birthday module enables the sending of birthday messages. Unlike most systems, we provide multiple ‘generic’ messages and never send them sequentially (in case you only ever send just birthday messages), and separate fields apply for more important birthdays, such as a 30th, 40th, 50th, and 60th.

Our property alert module doesn’t have to be used for just property alerts. Designed for brokers to support their real-estate partners, and to enable product or bank-specific broadcasts, the module enables you to send messages to groups of people interested in specific types of property and/or investments.

Other advanced features are available to selected groups which include SMS transcripts.

Telecommunications Integration

As discussed in far more details in an upcoming article, we optionally support the replacement of your existing PSTN/ISDN copper telephone system, or costly PBX system, with a full-featured mPBX telephone system. The system supports 1300, 1800, 13, virtual mobile, international, and geographic telephone numbers. Belief's managed Jabber product is integrated in every respect with the Yabber Platform.

The mPBX system will have a completely transformative effect on your marketing because it integrates your digital marketing with the real-world funnel aspects of your business. Additionally, the digital aspects are absorbed into the digital system for the purpose of creating actions such as client and business triggers and Facebook custom audiences. Telecommunications is at the heart of your bottom-of-funnel strategy and connects your marketing to your internal sales process.

Call Logs

  Pictured: On of the many pages showing call tables with basic stats. Call times, wait times, queue times are all recorded on a per user and aggregated basis. Phone calls to any number can generally be launched from within the Platform - handy when completing Jupiter, Pluto, or Saturn programs.

For compliance purposes all calls and voicemails are recorded. Because the system is a true PBX setup we support IVR (Interactive Voice Response), time of day routing, geographic routing, simultaneous ring, sequential ring, Microsoft Teams integration, multiple numbers, and more. Because the system is integrated we create extensive statistical reporting to graph the success of your offline communications.

When published you'll find a more detailed article here.

Landing Panel and Landing Pages

As you’ll hear us say over and over, the idea that you’ll send paid traffic to third-party landing pages such as Lead Pages and ClickFunnels is utterly absurd. If you’re going to pay for any kind of traffic you must send them to your own online marketing asset (i.e. your own website). The practice of using these third-party services is commonplace in the lower-performing and more densely populated end of the marketing field, and it’s a practice we don’t endorse in any way. We’ve determined that even our free product is up to three times more effective than the products that utilise these services... and it is the fractionalised nature of the third-party experience that contributes to the ineffectiveness of the broad funnel experience.

Our landing pages are created with a single click from within the Platform. You select a mailing list, a lead magnet, and you create the page. When you’re ready to publish you select a website and click again. Believe it or not, and despite the simplicity of digital systems, there are still 'marketers' that provide emails and autoresponder copy via Word templates.

Landing Page Creation

  Pictured: Creating a landing page in the most basic sense requires you select a form from a select menu, and a lead magnet (relationship offer) from a second panel. The page is then submitted to your website via a single click (no copying or pasting required). Landing pages are referred to as 'Landing Panels' because the conversion can be used on any page - not just landing pages.

Having a truly integrated online marketing funnel experience means that we record more data, make the journey entirely personalised, and you will see far better returns.

Landing Page and Redirects

  Pictured: Landing pages are submitted directly to your website (no copying and pasting) and inherit form-based automation. Our system provides for extremely high-converting pages by way of an integrated (and hidden) calendar on the first page, and via conditional redirects.

For those using our supplied Elementor page builder any landing page that is created is automatically pushed as a drag-and-drop block that can be used on a landing or any other page. This feature enables you to create an on-page subscription and download experience in a matter of seconds.

Lead Magnet Options

  Pictured: The YouTube and Wistia backend will keep your videos up to date and fully integrated. This means creating a page is made via a select menu. In a digital age you should never be copying and pasting material that quickly becomes out-of-date.

Landing Panel

  Pictured: A landing panel when included within your website.

As you'll hear us say over and over and over, every single page on your website is a potential organic entry page, therefore every website page is a 'type' of landing page, therefore every single page on your website should include a conversion opportunity. Ignore those ignorant and blatantly flawed messages that say you you don't need an optimised website - they're wrong (we'd suggest professional negligent). If you're clever, the 90% of people that go to a search engine to find a service will have the opportunity to engage with your funnel before they're exposed to your advertising, and that of your competition. Because of this mandate, our landing pages are called 'Landing Panels' (pictured above), and the feature can quickly and easily be used on any page.

EDGE Post Settlement System

EDGE is a post-settlement system that provides post-settlement contact over an initial three-year period (with early emphasis on the 'First 3 Months, or First 8 Weeks, depending upon the client type). Early client contact includes SMS messages and email, while reminders and tasks are sent directly to business calendars, Planner, or a CRM, so subsequent post-settlement contact can be made for the purpose of genuine support, to develop passionate advocates and referrers, attract positive reviews, provide “clawback insurance”, and generate referrals.

Our former EDGE product has evolved enormously over the years so previous articles can be mostly disregarded.

Jupiter, Pluto, and the NPS Survey

Jupiter and Pluto are two Gravity systems designed to 'clear' a database and set a foundation upon which the EDGE program may be implemented (Jupiter is normally used from a standing start while Pluto are subsequent programs - both with different objectives, strategies, and outcomes). In the six weeks starting in September 2019 we started an in-house program to support this program and generated 2.3 billion in volume over that period (our highest volume period in over 23 years). The program in isolation of any other continues to returns around 340 million in volume every month.

The NPS (or Net Promoter Score) survey is one designed to assess your “referability” as a business. Conducted on a schedule it provides honest feedback on your performance but also provides another touchpoint that keeps you top-of-mind. The nature of the exercise is not nearly as important as those programs discussed above but it can – when a business chooses to use it – add value to your relationship programs. The program is supported by an online module that – not unlike Jupiter and Pluto – includes the functionality to add tasks, add calendar bookings, send text messages, and so on.


Venus is an extremely important part of a marketing experience. As we mention more than once on our website we never overtly qualify a lead online. Instead, the funnel is the opportunity for a client to qualify you. As part of this process we provide the ability for a client to answer a few questions and have a customised PDF report sent to them directly full of relevant information and graphs. The form is fundamental in any marketing funnel because it lends itself to your value as a business (a client will always talk to ‘someone else’) – your job is to make your marketing experience stand out.

CRM Integration

Where able we integrate with your existing CRM. As discussed in some of our documentation, lead flow prior to an individual qualifying as an opportunity requires management, and your CRM probably doesn’t support this. However, we also fully integrate with Microsoft Planner which makes pre-opportunity lead management (Prospects) a simple task.

SalesTrekker is the system we support more than any other. Our PartnerDashboard.com.au website is currently predicated upon SalesTrekker use but we expect to integrate other aggregator software systems over time.

Partner Management

Partners and introducers are an essential part of your business. As such, you require a transparent means of managing your relationship with them. Our system provides a partner website plugin (as an industry first) that permits you – after first arranging the conditions of your relationship – to submit landing pages directly to their website. Fully tracked for views and conversions, leads sent via the site are sent directly to your system and can be tracked via the PartnerDashboard.com.au portal (currently a SalesTrekker only option).

Social Media Management

The Platform currently supports all the major social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn (partially), YouTube, Tumblr, Wistia, and others (it’s expected we’ll have dozens by the end of 2021).

We post libraries of media content to your social pages on schedule to ensure a continued social presence. Other custom libraries are available for you to pick-and-choose from, or you might choose to submit the packages in their entirety over a defined time period.

Our Instagratify system is unique in many ways. Linked to Instagram it will send images to selected social accounts based on various hashtags within the post. Want to post a video or image to just your Facebook page, or maybe to multiple Twitter accounts? The system handles it with ease.

Instagratify supports a feature where we glue all images in an Instagram library together as an animated GIF. You can specify the time interval between each slide and, by simply using the #gif hashtag in a post, that slideshow will share to the relevant social media channel. Of course, you don’t always want to send an image from Instagram so we’ve made options available to share just the post content and perhaps a URL. Another feature that might be suited to businesses with a shop-front is the TV Screen tool which plays Instagram content to a television display. The system is very extensive.

The Platform supports Google My Business in multiple ways (images and posts from Instagram, posts directly from your website etc.).

As part of a program in development we manage your testimonials and reputation management (the component of the system that aggregates platform testimonial data is operational).

All posts submitted via your website are queued in the Platform ready for you to schedule and send to social media (options exist for automation but it is discouraged).

RBA Emails and Text Messages

Each month on schedule we populate an RBA email and text message (you may send one or both). You may simply apply automation (not encouraged) or alter the content before you send it. As introduced shortly, the RBA communication is an essential and necessary step in maintaining a relationship business.

RBA Email
RBA Options

As pictured above, the RBA options are more detailed than you might be familiar with. An article introducing the RBA email and SMS system is scheduled here.


Expected to be formally introduced into our program in May or June of 2021 (project Prometheus is currently in test), our newsletter is a magazine-style and fully-branded PDF program supplemented by an email.

After 20-years in the industry we’ve accrued enormous internal knowledge and resources and the lifestyle-based financial magazine is a means for our expert staff to share their expertise. You might expect to pay hundreds for this feature... but it's included in the basic subscription.

WordPress Integration

Our systems integrate directly with any number of your WordPress websites. Once a site is registered to the Platform and our plugin is installed we record enormous amounts of statistical usage data, start measuring probable user interest for conditional purposes, and connect your website to our Platform in a way that gives you complete control over content.
All our plugins are managed directly from within the Platform - not your website.

WordPress integration includes automatic social and numerous tools that emulate the typical dashboard experience. Statistical and SEO integration is extensive.

Conditional Content

Once the exclusive domain of those that had 6-figure marketing budgets, we’ve brought the concept of ‘Conditional Content’ to your own marketing experience. Conditional content is orientated around rendering content to a website that is most relevant to the user viewing the page. This includes altering the download on a page and showing specific information or copy relevant to the user.

If a user is a first home buyer we don’t want to show investor information, and the opposite applies. Conditional content is about altering your website to serve an exclusive and customised browsing experience. The intent is to generate interest, drive engagement, have the user recognise your expertise, and ultimately make a phone call or booking.

Our conditional content features are supplemented by our internal Skynet (or BeNet) system which can alter content on your behalf based on trending interest or determined/probably interest type.

Every email link, web page click, page view, or interaction (such as a book download) contributes towards a score that identifies a user interest type. If you’re serious about having a website that converts this experience will well and truly set you apart from the static sites that populate the finance space.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Our SEO tools are truly next generation. We’ve found that most business don’t apply great effort into curating the necessary object graph tags once a post is created so we’ve built a system to create them for you. Once a post is created on your end we assess the content and applicable SEO data is sent back to your site.

Our SEO tools include local business settings, social integration, breadcrumbs, post SEO object graph tags, video SEO, and more (in fact the system does quite a bit, such as indexing embedded videos, applying video tags, assessing and recording your link structure and so on - it's a very comprehensive system).

On the backend we assess every link on your page, every video (and source), create an internal linking structure, and perform other tasks that provide a very clear snapshot of how your business and website is performing.

Automated Website Articles

Discussed in more detail in forthcoming articles, our system provides a feature to send professionally written articles with licenced images directly to your website. While the articles do represents 'duplicate content', those that visit your website will recognize the article to be unique. The automated article schedule provides a web presence, they add to your authority, and they keep your website presence dynamic. Best practice SEO is employed when each article is sent to notify Google of the original source (we use canonical URLs, appropriate rel tags, cite tags, source and quote tags, and so on to ensure search engines recognise your commitment to best practice).

Article Options

Up to 8 articles are sent each month. An additional package is available for a more comprehensive content library to be delivered to your website. Other than the Telco Jabber integration the article distribution module is the only other system that may incur an additional charge, and it's the only system where we generally discourage use if its published without your own supporting content.

Article Options

  Pictured: Article options.

The article program is scheduled to be introduced here.


Supported by the leading financial marketing practitioners and strategists in the country, our BeLearn module introduces you to education videos and webinars at a pace that is best suited to you.

As a one-click system Yabber is rather intuitive, but we want you to have an understanding of real marketing so you're able to properly position your business and elevate your marketing efforts with your own branded presence. Those that engage with our BeLearn modules will have a better understanding of digital marketing than all those low-level guys flogging off bad Facebook, YouTube and Google programs - we guarantee it!

The BeLearn module will be launched in full in May 2021.

Multi User System

The Platform is designed so that if you are approved for multiple users, each of your users will have their own login and be able to support their own business with Platform features made available. Intended for franchises and aggregator groups, it enables certain features not available in the typical consumer version.

The multi-user components are usually reserved for aggregation groups, franchises, or larger businesses. As such, they're usually provided by way of products such as 'Aggregator Advantage'.

Satellite Social and Websites

We regularly drip-feed websites and other significant high-end promotional material into the Platform for use in any manner of your choosing. Examples of the more relevant (additional) websites we provide are an equipment finance website and BSB number search website. Their relevance is discussed in an article on the Satellite Program (additional Satellite concepts are introduced in another article on Brand Positioning).

As part of our Satellite program we've committed to providing a full comparison website to Platform subscribers when Open Banking provides the necessary and ubiquitous availability of data (the motivation for ensuring our clients have access to this type of product is discussed here).

At this stage the Comparison website will only be made available at no cost to pre-release registrations.

Turnkey Website

If you don’t have a website we have one for you. The website is more aesthetically pleasing than most, integrates all our custom features, and can be ready and operating within an hour.

It’s expected that you will alter the content on your website to fit your own brand personality.

We provide a fully licenced version of the WordPress page builder Elementor (with a perpetual licence predicated upon continued Platform use).

Facebook Marketing

Many mortgage brokers are led into the realm of Facebook marketing in isolation of other supporting programs (simply because the typical 'Facebook Marketer' rarely understands digital or marketing). Our Facebook marketing module is extensive and links to other areas of the Platform; for example, creating a Facebook pixel (or a new pixel) makes that pixel available via a select menu in your website options – both at the site and page level. We never want to copy-and-paste and we make every attempt to automate tasks, or programmatically enable connectivity to external systems, when we're able to do so.

Facebook Advertising

  Pictured: Facebook marketing features are fully integrated. All Facebook advertising statistics are available internally. Audiences, pixels, and other features are all managed internall (we don't want you copying and pasting). The Solius system (currently in Beta) creates full campaigns at the click of a button which includes advertising, email campaigns, landing pages, and other funnel pressure points.

While we actively advocate against generic ads we do supply a mechanism to submit an advert or a split adset to Facebook at the click of a button. A Solis module (currently available to selected clients), creates a lead magnet and subscription form, sends a landing page to your website, creates email autoresponder programs, and sends an advert directly to Facebook.

FB Stats
Facebook Stats

  Pictured: Facebook marketing features are fully integrated. All Facebook advertising statistics are available internally. Audiences, pixels, and other features are all managed internally (we don't want you copying and pasting). The Solis system (currently in Beta) creates full campaigns at the click of a button which includes advertising, email campaigns, landing pages, and other funnel pressure points.

This simple one-click solution replicates what others will sell you for thousands of dollars... and their process might take many weeks to build; our solution takes less than a few seconds.

Additional Features & Continued Development

Platform features are added regularly. Some modules, such as our yet-to-be-released File Invitation module – based on usage with the checklist feature of Microsoft Planner – may or may not be made available.


Why do our clients perform better than their competitors? It's because they have enterprise and integrated systems that automate and support their business in amazing ways. Our aggregated clients return more volume in a month than most others will return in a year, and there's a clear reason for this: their system set them apart, their online strategy is one that is focused on conversions, and they provide a clear and very focused customer journey.

We hope that by making Yabber a more accessible and cloud-hosted business system we're able to elevate the standards of marketing in the industry. The finance space has long suffered at the hands of mediocrity (under the guise of "lead generation") that is polluting the industry's collective understanding of what digital marketing really means, and the lacklustre representation has introduced a cancerous attitude towards the results digital can and will provide if implemented correctly.

Bottom line: Yabber - along with our leading support - will transform your business like nobody else can. Call us to find out more.

Download our 650-page guide on Finance Marketing. We'll show you exactly how we generate Billions in volume for our clients.

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