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Simple Audio Player

This page exists as a landing page to support the Audio WordPress plugin. You may find additional information on our blog by searching the audio Tag: audio tag.

No Longer Available: This plugin is no longer available on this website or WP.org. It is currently scheduled for redevelopment.

The Simple Audio Player is a replacement for the WordPress Audio Player that now ceases to exist. Originally intended for use in our own websites it's now starting to gain a little popularity. For that reason, we'll certainly develop it in the near future.

Simple Audio Player

The WP Audio Player is one of the most popular audio players on the Internet for a reason. Try it out below.


In its most basic form, I've used the shortcode of [audioplayer file="http://www.flightpodcast.com/podpress_trac/web/278/0/flight-podcast-episode-4-bo-corby.mp3"]. The only required parameter is the audio URL. If the viewing device doesn't support flash the default browser HTML5 player will render on the screen.

Under normal circumstances you'll want to define the title(s) and artist(s) on the actual player. If we were to add this information and alter the background color we would use the following shortcode: [audioplayer file="http://www.flightpodcast.com/podpress_trac/web/278/0/flight-podcast-episode-4-bo-corby.mp3" titles="Flight Podcast with Bo Corby. North West Airlines Flight 41 into Tehran" artists="Flight Podcast" track="ffff00"]. In this example we're also using animation="no", meaning that the player is expanded by default. We're also using remaining="no" meaning that we'll display total play time in the player rather than the time left. If we can't determine the play time, this feature may not work.

The result would look like this:


If no titles is defined we'll display your website name in the player by default (as we did with the first example on this page).


  • Very lightweight player.
  • Easy to use via shortcode. Only parameter required is file="something.mp3", even when multiple players are on the same page.
  • JavaScript only loads when it is required by the shortcode.
  • Extremely customisable. Virtually every component of the player can be assigned any colour.
  • Website name will populate the player if no titles tag is provided.

Shortcode Attributes

The following shortcode attributes are available. Many of these will appear in a control panel when it's released. Hardcoding options into the shortcode function will just mean that they'll be overwritten when there's an update.


The defaultdirectory will be more useful when we release a control panel. It defines a single directory of audio files meaning that you will just have to enter the MP3 filename in your shortcode rather than the full URL.


The file is the full URL to your MP3 file. It's the only attribute that is required in your shortcode.


The ID isn't required... but can be used if you wish. If you don't know what it is, ignore it.


The artists is the track artist. Not required.


The titles is the name of the file. Uses the name of your website if not defined.


Use autostart="1" if you want the audio to start on page load. False by default.


Use loop="yes" if you want the audio to loop. It's no by default.


Use animation="no" if you want the player to be expanded to its width by default. It is animation="yes" by default meaning that it displays as a compact play button only and expands on click.


By default we'll display the time remaining left to play in an audio file. Using remaining="no" means we'll display the total play time. It is no by default.


Using noinfo="yes" means no info will display in the file.


The initial volume display the initial volume that the audio will play at. By default it is 70%. To alter, use initialvolume="85".


Buffer is the number of seconds of preload before the audio starts. Alter as follows: buffer="3".


The width is the width of the flash player. It's 100% by default. Alter as follows: width="400" (where 400 is 400 pixels). Alternatively, use a percentage with the % sign.


By default there is no transparency. Alter with transparentpagebg="yes".

The various color options

The following color options can be applied (as partially detailed in the below image): bg, leftbg, lefticon, voltrack, volslider, rightbg, rightbghover, righticon, righticonhover, loader, track, tracker, border, skip and text. The Simple Audio Player is highly customisable and color can be altered individually by using border="ff0000". Note that there's no leading #.

Simple Audio Player

All the cusomisation options are further displayed below in a table.


The player above is an example of how horrible your player can look with barely any effort. My masterpiece was created with the shortcode of [audioplayer file="http://www.flightpodcast.com/podpress_trac/web/278/0/flight-podcast-episode-4-bo-corby.mp3" bg="ff7f1a" leftbg="ff7f1a" lefticon="294781" track="ff1b2c" tracker="ffff00" text="000000" righticon="294781" width="300" rightbg="408080" volslider="ffffff" skip="ffffff"]


Option Default Description
file (soundFile) required defined by file comma-delimited list of mp3 files
titles overrides ID3 information comma-delimited list of titles
artists overrides ID3 information comma-delimited list of artists


Option Default Description
autostart no if yes, player starts automatically
loop no if yes, player loops
animation yes if no, player is always open
remaining no if yes, shows remaining track time rather than ellapsed time
noinfo no if yes, disables the track information display
initialvolume 60 initial volume level (from 0 to 100)
buffer 5 buffering time in seconds
encode no indicates that the mp3 file urls are encoded
checkpolicy no tells Flash to look for a policy file when loading mp3 files
(this allows Flash to read ID3 tags from files hosted on a different domain)
rtl no switches the layout to RTL (right to left) for Hebrew and Arabic languages

Player Options

Option Default Description
width required width of the player. e.g. 290 (290 pixels) or 100%
transparentpagebg no if yes, the player background is transparent (matches the page background)
pagebg NA player background color (set it to your page background when transparentbg is set to ‘no’)

Colour Scheme Options

All color codes must be 6-digit HEX codes without ‘#’ or ‘0x’ in front.

Option Default Description
bg E5E5E5 Background
leftbg CCCCCC Speaker icon/Volume control background
lefticon 333333 Speaker icon
voltrack F2F2F2 Volume track
volslider 666666 Volume slider
rightbg B4B4B4 Play/Pause button background
rightbghover 999999 Play/Pause button background (hover state)
righticon 333333 Play/Pause icon
righticonhover FFFFFF Play/Pause icon (hover state)
loader 009900 Loading bar
track FFFFFF Loading/Progress bar track backgrounds
tracker DDDDDD Progress track
border CCCCCC Progress bar border
skip 666666 Previous/Next skip buttons
text 333333 Text

The Future

We'd like to build upon this plugin in the future to provide more audio options, a better HTML5 fallback, and a back end control panel option. Ensure you subscribe to our Facebook page to be updated of changes.


Currently not available. Back soon.

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