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Why our Mortgage Broker Website Includes a Postcode-Based POI Search Engine

Why our Mortgage Broker Website Includes a Postcode-Based POI Search Engine

This article introduces the basic location search module included within the Resources section of our our Mortgage Broker Website. The geographic search engine provided within our broker website returns local schools, childcare facilities, hospitals, care providers, banks, and other information relevant to a particular locality - all factors that impact or influence a purchase decision. As brokers we're compelled to provide the tools necessary to support our clients, and while the information returned via the geographic search engine is on the fringe of our job description, it's a service that'll attract, support and further engage funnel participants... and it's a feature that'll demonstrate your expertise and authoritativeness in your field.

Complimentary Postcode Website Plugin: A few days ago we introduced the next complimentary plugin we're making available to mortgage brokers - BeliefMedia LMI Postcodes. The 'BeliefMedia LMI Postcodes' website plugin performs a simple function: it checks a user-supplied postcode against Genworth and QBE insurance policies and determines if an LMI is likely be impacted by geography. On the tail end of that plugin we decided that we also had to provide the basic BeliefMedia Postcodes plugin that would do little else than return postal data and geographic points-of-interest.
Your Website is Vital: Many marketing pretenders will often promulgate the false messaging that "your website isn't important", and it's misleading messaging used to support their flawed and lower-performing Facebook programs. Professional negligent in every respect, the competing message ignores the massive part your website plays in any organic or promoted marketing funnel or sales process... and that's why we're committed long-term to build powerful and compelling tools for our broker websites that'll attract and convert more business. Your website really is the centre of your marketing universe, and a well-structured and information-rich resource will build SEO authority, attract new audiences, and convert far more business. We really are tired of hearing that "my website doesn't convert business" when the asset itself provides no incentive to convert... and in most cases a bad online experience tends to assign value to those 'other' brokers that provide a vibrant and rich information resource. The psychology of digital mechanics are only effective when your website resource has clear objectives built into its design.

The locality-based search feature is one of many website tools that simply adds value and authority to your website experience.

The Search Engine is Not a Saturn Module

We don't want existing clients to be confused. While there's a marginal overlap in data, this basic search module is completely disconnected and unrelated to Belief's extremely high-performing Saturn program . Saturn is a relationship-based program that requires an investment of time, effort, and energy, while the search engine we're describing is a rather generic experience simply designed to assist consumers with an understanding of essential services in a locality.

Confused? Saturn  is a connected but independent module that is part of the most powerful relationship-based program we've ever introduced to the industry. Once a closely-guarded 'secret' we only shared with our Platinum clients, we now freely provide the information since the theft of our IP has become a little tiresome.

The Search Feature

Based on a single postcode the search engine returns relevant service-related data applicable to a particular local area.

Postcode POI Search Engine

  Pictured: The postcode search engine. Note that there's an option to return every postcode for a state to the page (it's large), and there's another option for 'Local Business'. The 'Local Business' link directs website visitors to the Saturn module.

Entering a postcode and submitting returns large amounts of data relating to that area:

Postcode 2138

  Pictured: General data includes local schools (linking to a detailed page with various student and performance data), childcare facilities, hospitals, care providers, and nearby point of interest.

Supplied as part of the Platinum program for over 10 years, the schooling data is consumed more often than almost anything else on your website. To support this consumer need we've created a standalone resource that searches schools based on the radius from a specific postcode. A similar search engine applies for childcare facilities and hospitals.

School Search Data

  Pictured: Results of a search for top-performing schools in NSW. The primary school search engine returns schools within a radius of a specific postcode. Each panel links to a page with detailed information on that school.

Planned Features

For home buyers, the data that they're most likely looking for is home purchase prices and property trends, along with geographic statistical data. We expect to integreate these features imminently. Additionally, we'll integrate crime statistics and other local information.

We have a real-estate listing feature in development for brokers that dabble in property, or for brokers looking to include a property partner (or another partner) in their mix.


This article supports our introduction to our Mortgage Broker Website, and that article should be consulted for the vast features built into the framework by default. The website is the first resource that isn't just a website with some finance information, but a website purpose built to convert finance clients.

  Featured Image: Martin Place, c1910. The CBC bank is on the left and the Bank of NSW is on the right. CBC, or the Commercial Banking Company of Sydney, began operations on 1 November 1834. In 1982 CBC merged with the National Bank of Australasia to form National Australia Bank. The Bank of New South Wales (BNSW), also known commonly as The Wales, was the first bank in Australia, being established in Sydney in 1817. The Bank of NSW merged with many other financial institutions, finally merging with the Commercial Bank of Australia in 1982 and being renamed to the Westpac Banking Corporation on 4 May that year. [ View Image ]

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