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The Propel Program For Digital Agencies – Provide Your Brokers with a Better Solution

The Propel Program For Digital Agencies – Provide Your Brokers with a Better Solution

Belief's Propel program is designed to support those businesses that support their own brokers, such as agencies, 'Facebook Marketers', and coaches.

First, we don't refrain from sharing our opinions on the quality of representation in the market, and it's difficult to take a passive tone when we're constantly left to pick up the pieces of a fractionalised and poor-performing 'marketing' experience. The quality of the typical product generally made available to the finance industry is worst practice, usually non-compliant, and most-often seriously low performing. It's for this reason that we've introduced "Propel" (from the Latin Propellente, or Agency) to support those that are supporting others. With our upline guidance we simply guarantee better results. Although we continue to provide our own mentoring and support directly to brokers, we're also moving towards a model that allows us to support those agencies that support brokers with technology, tools, and systems that'll deliver exceptional results.

Our systems Tag: yabber were coded and created (fully in-house) by brokers that built one of Australia's largest mortgage broker businesses, and we've gone on to support some of Australia's largest and fastest-growing businesses. We've worked in the digital industry since 1997 and understand finance marketing (and finance, generally) like no other, so we've crafted a system that supports brokers in the compliant and higher-performing manner that they deserve.

Our video below introduces the Propel program.

If you're interested in jumping straight to the program details, skip to the 22m 56s mark.

00m 00s : Introduction
Martin and Domenico introduce the Propel Digital Agency program.
00m 30s : How we've been able to return better results than other agencies
Taking aim at the poor 'Facebook Marketers', we talk about how and why we're able to return better results to our clients. We obviously discuss how the mashup of Kartra, Lead Pages, Click Funnels, Mailchimp, and other services return bad results. It's a fractionalised experience that has to come to an end. We also talk about a 'generic' experience (carbon copy Facebook ads etc.). We also talk about how our free 1800Funnels product is more powerful than virtually all paid products made available to the mortgage market.
06m 09s : Introducing Yabber
We're now making our Digital Marketing and Social Media system available to those businesses that support brokers. We talk briefly about our "Rescue Package" we provide to brokers, and why we provide it.
09m 49s : Discussing Yabber
We talk in very general terms about some of the features made available in the Yabber Digital Marketing and Social Media suite.
11m 23s : Your brokers will get better results
We guarantee your brokers will get far better results. We explain why. We continue to talk about some of the Yabber features, such as various and very powerful triggers, telecommunication integration, social media modules, email marketing, and text messaging module. We also talk about how Microsoft Planner supports basic Prospect management. We briefly introduce how website statistics are integrated with the Platform, and how this talks to Facebook analytics and supports our Artificial Intelligence API. We also discuss how we constantly inherit brokers from other agencies.
17m 33s : We've worked in the industry for over 20 years
We've worked in digital since 1997 professionally and supported the finance industry since that time. We also built our own award-winning and leading brokerage.
18m 13s : Broker websites - why it's absolutely essential
Responding to a line in a dodgy Facebook advert, we talk about why we provide our brokers a free website and how and why it returns a ton of organic traffic. The website is packed with features and supports various and necessary SEO elements. The website is objectively and easily worth 10k based on the conditional and escalating features. It is fully integrated product. We also provide our brokers with a free automotive website, and limited brokers with a complimentary comparison website.
21m 26s : Yabber provides over 2k of monthly value
It's difficult to put a price on our service because there's no real basis for comparison. Yabber represents exceptional value. We decided on including all systems by default.
22m 22s : The Jabber Telecommunication Module
Our Jabber VOIP product supports all phone numbers, call recordings, and voicemails, and fully integrates with your digital marketing.
22m 56s : The Propel Relationship
We discuss Propel and how it works. We give you and your clients everything we provide our own clients. We optionally have a dedicated and personalised inbound number for your customer support. We also talk about why we include agencies with a branded 1800Funnels product.
25m 37s : Your Client Support
We optionally support you and your clients via dedicated phone numbers. We discuss our current 24-hour support (and why this might change), our webinar program, and our BeLearn training eLearn module.
26m 47s : The Satellite website program
We discuss our Satellite program (in brief). It represents well over 30k in value.
27m 14s : Interesting in a discussion?
If interested in more information, call Domenico on 1300 235 433 (1300 BELIEF).

■ ■ ■

The Yabber Suite Tag: yabber includes modules for about one-click everything, from creation of powerful forms, email autoresponder campaigns, and landing pages, to the creation and distribution of marketing assets (such as branded PDF booklets and videos, RBA emails and SMS messages , newsletters, website articles, and far more). This integration permits the creation of campaigns in a couple of minutes. Yabber's Facebook marketing module supports online advertising in a way that is vastly superior to the typical experience... and it obviously returns more than the typical pedestrian mashup.

Note: A small point: the YouTube chapters above are a component of our YouTube system and is an essential feature of higher-return video marketing.

The system automates social media (including social media libraries), supports full YouTube and Wistia integration (and more), provides full website integration with Yabber's proprietary plugin that makes any website changes a breeze. Yabber includes a fully compliant email and SMS marketing system (obviously supporting all email enterprise features, and the SMS module supports SMS, MMS, and Voicedrop messages to groups of any kind). Yabber includes a full integrated calendar which provides the conditional redirect option (the only conditional experience in the market) that returns more from your funnel - it's an essential feature for any company that claims to provide a real service. Yabber is an extremely comprehensive Tag: yabber system that includes over 100 modules - we've only scratched the scratch.

As part of our program we provide clients with a full and complete finance website. The site supports all the platform integration and is a slave to our proprietary funnel-based conditional content and escalating features that would otherwise cost thousands... yet, once again, we provide it at no cost. Fully integrated with Yabber, most features are actioned on websites with a single click, and all interactions are fully recorded and rendered into the most comprehensive aggregated analytics in the market which drives BeNet, the only AI in the industry. Yabber's inference (AI) API provides funnel-based course corrections in a way that only our system can because it's the only full-stack and fully-integrated digital and social system made available to the industry. The same website we've just described will be made available to your own clients. We decided to include the website with the fully integrated features (including automated SEO components) at no cost simply because we're sick of seeing vital business marketing assets being ignored because of the perceived ease upon which one could integrate a third-party service (we only recently learned that a marketer is introducing his brokers to a very low-performing and generic GoHighLevel-powered "platform" that introduces the very best of worst practice and non-compliance into broker marketing programs). If you're supporting groups of brokers, our solution is more cost effective and far more powerful.

Note: We also provide brokers with a full equipment finance website, and certain brokers a full comparison website. In fact, as part of our Satellite program brokers have access to a number of websites that add weight to their digital footprint. This program alone provides tens of thousands in value.

For brokers that choose to participate, we optionally integrate full telecommunication features (hosted standard numbers, geographic numbers, virtual mobile numbers, 1300 and 1800 numbers, and international numbers) with full compliant call recording, voicemail, and statistics - all fully built into the system. Yabber includes telecommunication triggers on any inbound action (such as voicemails, calls from specific numbers, calls to specific numbers, and so on), and this and escalates the funnel journey; this trigger system supplements the most powerful trigger system in the country.

Belief's free product, 1800Funnels, is more powerful than virtually all products made available from those agencies that integrate third-party and lower-performing third-party services such as Kartra, Lead Pages, Click Funnels, and GoHighLevel (if paid representation introduces any of these fractionalised services they are objectively failing their mortgage broker clients). It's expected that we'll provide participating businesses with a complimentary white-label dashboard version of this extremely powerful 1800Funnels product (it's equivalent to the service that costs many brokers in excess of 10K... yet we provide it for free!).

As a full service agency, Yabber provides a raft of relationship based programs and tools that has returned billions in yearly volume to brokers. As part of Yabber's relationship programs the system makes a dashboard available for participating partners at PartnerDashboard.com.au (it's a significant module that is activated after a short time).

Yabber's BeLearn eLearn system is used to talk brokers through best-practice marketing but you're able to replace our material with your own. As with many of Yabber's internal tools, many of them may be modified to reflect your own branding.

We're trying to inject seriously high-performing digital marketing back into the industry, and we want brokers to experience real Facebook Marketing and a real marketing funnel.

We provide participating agencies with commission, and Yabber will provide your brokers with a far better-performing digital experience.

Your clients are your clients, and they always will be. We guarantee it.

Want more information? Call Domenico on 1300 235 433 for an initial discussion.

Download our 650-page guide on Finance Marketing. We'll show you exactly how we generate Billions in volume for our clients.

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