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Supercharge Your SMS Subscribers With Property Subscription Notification Forms

Supercharge Your SMS Subscribers With Property Subscription Notification Forms

Providing 'Property Notification Alert Forms' on your website was the first in a number of programs designed to take full advantage of one of the most powerful tools available in your marketing arsenal - the SMS messaging module. Designed as a tool to support opt-in property (or other) notifications, its primary purpose is to support real-estate partners with a database of website visitors and other sources that are looking for various types of property.

Since we implemented this system, and after seeing the extraordinary engagement and value it provided property relationships, we've started to trial a number of other features, such as a tool that will return an estimated property price based on sending an address to a provisioned phone number. The direct value to those in the finance industry comes from the value these products provide others.

Property Subscription Forms

Property alerts were initially created as a test feature for the property industry but it has proved to be an extremely powerful tool in the hands of any finance-related professionals. A simple form is used on your website to gather subscriber information and interest types, and when specific types of property becomes available you can easily send to groups of interested users.

Property Alert SMS

  Pictured: Creating an alert to subscribers of specific interest types is simple. Your system will obviously show more than the 1 subscriber shown in our dummy account.

The property alert tool has proven extremely powerful in the finance space when it comes to building better relationships with real-estate agents. More information on how property notifications should be sent is included in our article introducing our SMS Module (it details how to send text SMS messages, images, and voicedrops).

Property Alert Subscription

  Pictured: The SMS Property subscription form as it might appear on your website. The upper image shows the basic subscription. Selecting the checkbox returns subscription options as shown in the bottom image. The dropdown options are optional (making only a first name and phone number the only available fields).

Creating Property Subscription Forms

Property subscription forms are created in the same way as standard email-based form subscriptions (albeit with fewer options).

Creating Property Subscription Forms

  Pictured: Creating a property subscription form. Options include a SMS confirmation message, property options (pictured below), form design, and the text above and below the form.

Property Options

  Pictured: Property options. You simply select those property interest types that you would like to include in your form.

For those in the finance space that are using the feature for RBA alerts you may simply exclude the property options, thus forcing the creation of a subscription-only form.

A full summary of all created SMS (and other) forms are maintained in an archive. Any number of subscription forms may be created.

SMS Form Summary

  Pictured: Summary of all created website forms, event forms, and SMS Alert forms. Clicking on the green icon returns relevant form details. Clicking on the form name returns you to the form for editing.


We advocate over and over that bilateral partnerships are as important - if not more important - than any type of other promotion (ignore the boneheads promoting a competing message), and the power of reciprocity means that you're obligated to provide value to your partners. Yabber Tag: yabber provides this in numerous ways, such as integrated partner landing page features (for their promotion or your own, and on their website), the Partner Dashboard, integrated programs, social support, and more. Providing support to your partners by way of your existing database and those that opt into SMS Property Alerts is simply another methods of assigning value to these relationships.

We often recommend a dedicated page for SMS subscriptions that defines the value that your SMS Property Alerts will provide (and the page should also detail the low frequency that messages are sent). If you're a mortgage broker, you might also include our cash-rate graph or other visual elements on the subscription page that'll assign further value to the service (you might use the alert for unpublished, investor-only information, RBA changes, or special rates).

What's more impressive than this feature (assuming, of course, that you're impressed) is the array of high-converting tools that we'll be making available throughout the course of the year. Text messaging is the most powerful medium you have to reach your existing and new audiences (possibly more powerful than your phone because messages may be sent in bulk, and you won't be ignored). We'll be capitalising on the tool with amazing finance and property applications that'll provide enormous value to your business.

Download our 650-page guide on Finance Marketing. We'll show you exactly how we generate Billions in volume for our clients.

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