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Rescue Package is Extended – Now a Standard Product

Rescue Package is Extended – Now a Standard Product

Over a year ago we introduced the "Rescue Package" as part of a promotion to provide a more compliant and higher-yield program for those that engaged in flawed or low-return marketing products. The product was, in part, designed to capture the attention of the purveyors of offensive products so they might engage with our live-stream "Charity Challenge. The challenge was directed by some of those that offer services to the finance industry, and the criteria was simple: my 7-year-old daughter would have 20-minutes to create a suite of campaigns while the other group would have two hours. If we didn't at least triple their results over a defined time period we would donate $10k to charity, and they'd have to do the same when they lost.

The reality is that we've struggled to attract competitors to the challenge because no business wants to lose to a 7-year-old girl that has no understanding of the finance industry. We've spoken to a few businesses but in each case they've ended up in our Propel program for agencies.

In a fit of unrestrained rage a short time ago I did something I'm not particularly proud of: I commented on a competitor's ad and invited them to compete in the challenge directly. Keep in mind that this comment was made after we'd inherited two brokers that had their Facebook accounts banned for basic platform non-compliance that very day. A marketing company should never ever introduce non-compliance of any kind to a business. The 'program' in question is non-compliant, offensive in terms of its structure, and very low performing. Any marketing is better than no marketing, so all marketing returns results... and it's this truth that many industry charlatans rely.

The purpose of this article is to introduce a new "Rescue Package" product to our suite, and it's one that is now a permanent fixture. In an effort to introduce best-practice and higher-performing digital assets to a business, we provide another level of tiered support for Rescue participants to eliminate all remnants of the previous product, and we offer a reduced rate for the first 12-months (itself a very low entry cost, and lower than all the products listed below).

The current list of lower-performing programs on our Rescue list are as follows:

  • Mortgage Sales Mastery
  • Backpack
  • Andrew's Facebook Training
  • Mortgage Magnet

In all cases listed above you should expect to return at least three-times the number of conversions. In cases where other products have morphed into a PPL model you can obviously expect far higher returns.

It is difficult to apply Rescue to the dodgy pay-per-lead (PPL) underworld because those business-debilitating programs are just ridiculously cost-inefficient... so of course we deliver better results. In an article titled "The Real Cost of Pay Per Lead Services in the Mortgage Industry" we compare our integrated model which provides a real marketing funnel against the bottom-of-the-barrel lead generation products, and we show how Yabber Tag: yabber - coupled with your own fully integrated broker website - is well over 200X more powerful (yes, 200X more leads).

Some lead-generation services even work on a cost-share or commission basis. Why would anybody share their commissions when the cost of a fully self-hosted solution costs less and returns infinitely more business? Never let a dodgy 'marketer' cash in on your own hard work and efforts.

What volumes can you expect? We've talked about the arbitrary 100-million volume in the past, and how it's a ridiculous benchmark number. In fact, with the increase in property prices the 120-million guarantee we provide our Platinum clients was recently increased to 150-million (around 1m in direct commissions). The reality is that a well-structured digital program will return as much as you want it to. We don't like to provide arbitrary and meaningless figures, such as an "extra 2 deals a week", "an extra 10-million a month", or "an extra 150'000 commission in volume every year", because the volume you return to your business has everything to do with what system you have in place, and how well-positioned you are to streamline your pipeline or workflow. Generating leads and business volume is no longer your challenge; managing the unlimited traffic you have the potential to attract is the new challenge. Lead generation is no longer an input-output challenge - it's the output that tends to be the focus. Getting consumers into your pipeline is easy.

There are Brilliant Agencies: We tend to call out the most offensive methods in the market because we believe it amounts to predatory conduct. That said, there are some brilliant agencies out there, many of which we meet up (or at least met up with pre-Covid) with regularity for industry brain-storms and collective hackathons. There's quite a significant and pronounced divide between the professional and backyard ends of the spectrum.
The Propel Program: We introduced a program called Propel that seeks to provide those in the industry that provide a service to brokers with the tools necessary to seriously grow their clients' businesses. To date, the only agencies we've attracted are those that are already providing an excellent services, and they're less concerned about the ridiculous markup on subscriptions to platforms such as HighLevel, and more concerned about actually delivering a leading experience.
Your Website is Vital: Your mortgage broker website is absolutely vital to your marketing funnel experience. In fact, it's impossible to have a funnel in place if using HighLevel, Lead Pages, or Click Funnels - common among backyard operators. While good Sales Funnel products, they're absolutely not appropriate for higher-yield campaigns (and in most cases non-compliant). If you're using these platforms our free 1800Funnels product already provides a 3X higher return (the Funnels product is similar to those described, except our free product is truly AI-powered, and fully integrates with your own website assets). If you walked away from your subscription model right now would your system continue to work? If not, we have a very serious problem. The Marketing Funnel and transactional and lower-performing Sales Funnel are diametrically opposed.

In the case of the products that qualify brokers for the Rescue package, there are two that (thankfully) no longer exist, but there are still brokers that previously invested with little or no return. Many marketing agencies that previously provided what deemed to be a product are now turning to the 'pay-per-lead' model because it's easier to manage and produces a far higher return (for them, not you). Predicated on not actually helping a business actually build its own lead-generation framework, the offensive PPL model relies on a business not having its own marketing systems in place - the complete opposite of our model. We believe that when you walk away from us, our software, or employ your own marketing staff, your marketing funnels and assets should continue to operate from within your own integrated mortgage broker website without interruption.

We want brokers to have a real digital presence that empowers their business long-term.

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