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Podcast 0007: “Anthony Spagnolo and SDA (NDIS) Property

Podcast 0007: “Anthony Spagnolo and SDA (NDIS) Property

Anthony Spagnolo from Agenzia Property Strategists is not your ordinary 'property guy'. He's a qualified accountant with over 20 years of applied understanding, but he's a qualified real-estate agent, builder, and mortgage broker (although he relies on others for financing). The morphing of these qualifications led him into establishing Agenzia where he has a focus on investment properties, first home buyers, and SDA Property (Specialist Disability Accommodation) which is part of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). This podcast leads into a focus on SDA discussions where participating investors might see between an 8% - 15% return (and sometimes higher, depending upon location and the build).

The podcast was recorded on the 19th August 2020 when Coronavirus was having a more serious and direct impact upon the economy.

If you're interested in the SDA (NDIS) discussion specifically you should jump to the 16m 30s mark. If you're a mortgage broker that'd like to hear what Anthony looks for in a broking partner you should skip to the 49m 55s mark.

00m 00s : Introduction
We introduce Anthony Spagnolo from Agenzia Property Strategists. Anthony is a friend that works in the same area. Anthony is real property guy - he is a qualified accountant, real-estate agent, builder, and mortgage broker (although he relies on others for financing).
01m 35s : The birth of Agenzia Property Consultants
Anthony details how Agenzia was started. His family has always invested in property development so venturing into the property space was an easy path to follow. He only entered the space after developing his own property portfolio and building his own properties.
04m 10s : Why the Mortgage Broker qualification?
Anthony holds broking qualifications despite outsourcing all his finance transactions to the broker that holds a specialty in a specific area.
07m 25s : The First Home Buyer Market
Anthony talks briefly about helping those looking for their first home. While the market is surrounded by uncertainty (recession, Covid-19, unknown property movement), the accessibility to a first home is never easier with the availability of various government grants.
11m 08s : Advertising Success
We talk briefly about the success of Anthony's advertising, and the returns that aren't necessarily consistent with the experience of others. We look at the lead cost and what percentage of leads converted. We talk about the $1.50 broker leads and how paying a little extra to reach the right audience converts far higher (the same strategy applies to property leads - if you have the right proposition and you reach the correct audience you can convert well over 50% of all leads that make their way into your business).
16m 30s : NDIS SDA Property
We introduce the Government-backed SDA property. As part of the NDIS and managed by the SDIA, the property returns up to 20% returns (normally between 8 and 15%). We talk about tiers of SDA, the Government body responsible for managing the property, service providers, care providers, and cost.
44m 36s : Mr. Western Sydney
Anthony's contact details. We also introduce Anthony's presence in Western Sydney.
47m 50s : The Pending Real-World LinkedIn
We talk briefly about a joint program where we'll utilise Anthony's function center to get groups of business owners together.
49m 55s : Relationship with Mortgage Brokers
We talk about the relationship Anthony has had with a couple of mortgage brokers we've introduced to his business. Anthony talks about the most important part of a mortgage broker partner. We expect to see Agenzia return one specific broker in excess of 100m per year (partnerships are a default part of our Mastermind program, and a high-level component of our Platinum program).
57m 14s : Relationship Businesses need Relationships
Martin talks very briefly about some of Belief's relationship programs.
1h 00m 00s : Finishing Up
Anthony's contact details. If you're looking for property investment advice, or you are on the hunt for your first property, give Anthony a call.

■ ■ ■

If you're interested, we shot a couple of videos with Anthony as part of his content-creation strategy and they can be found here and here (the videos made their way onto subsequent funnel landing pages with Wistia-hosted media).

It's worth noting that Anthony came to BeliefMedia without a clear plan; that is, he came to us as a potential 'Buyer's Agent' and wasn't overly clear on how he would utilise his broad skill set in the property market. We very quickly determined that he had very clear strengths in various areas that made him far more than just a Buyer's Agent, and we guided him into an appropriate business model that exposed his exceptional ability to provide his clients with high-yield property options. We formulated his early business strategy, set him on an appropriate path, introduced him to SDA property (including early partners in the space), and worked on exposing his obvious and very clear strengths. Anthony is now on track to possibly turn over 7 figures this year... about a year after getting started (and battling a period of downtime during the height of the Covid lock-downs). We'd highly recommend him.

If you're in the property space, we're all licenced agents with extensive property experience. As experts in the property and finance field we can obviously help you formulate a clear digital strategy that'll drive your business growth.

You may contact Anthony directly on 0414 745 684. If you're interested in talking to Belief you may call us on 1300 235 433.

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