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New Elementor (and Shortcode) Website Quotes Module

New Elementor (and Shortcode) Website Quotes Module

For as long as we've been around we've provided a 'QOTZ' plugin to the general public, and we've integrated an extensive quotes module in Yabber to provide access to around 100k general quotes, and well over 3-million cinematic quote for use on social media or on satellite websites. On the back of the social and organic (untargeted) success these modules have provided we've build a self-managed quotes module for use on your own website. The financial-related quotes may be randomly returned to your website, or the quotes may be returned in full to a dedicated SEO-hungry single page.

The quotes library is fully integrated with our 'Image Factory' module (turning text into images) and Yabber's extensive Social Media module (although the majority of users won't see the integration for a couple of weeks).

Usage of the system is simple. At first you won't have any of your own quotes to share, so you simply import the Yabber library into your own library (and this action can be done at any time to update your own library with those made available in the system). You may also create your own quotes and assign them to an appropriate category (and this is the point of the module). You then simply drag-and-drop the Elementor 'Qotz' widget into any page to share a single random quote or all quotes. If you're not using Elementor, or you're returning the quote inside a blog article, you use a simple shortcode to return the same result.

The result is simple. The following example quote was returned with the shortcode of [myquotes] rather than using the Elementor block (and the use of the indented blockquote is not default behaviour):

"I will tell you how to become rich. Close the doors, be fearful when others are greedy. Be greedy when others are fearful." - Warren Buffett

The Elementor block provides easier control over what category of quotes are returned although shortcode is almost always more suitable for inline blog articles.

It's not nearly as pointless as you might think.

  Creating Quotes

Creating and managing quotes is via the 'MyQuotes' module in the plugin section of the Website module. The 'advanced' panel in the pictured example allows you to create a featured quote, submit the quote to BM for inclusion in our own library, or 'Force Creation' in cases where Yabber thinks the quote is a duplicate of one you have already created.

Create Quote

You may add authors and categories separately but the creation panel provides for the addition of new authors and categories as they're required.

  Reviewing, Editing, and Managing Quotes

The review panel provides a facility to managed and edit your quotes, with options to 'deactivate' any individual quote, author, or category (making them unavailable to the API).

Quotes Review

You'll be starting off your Quotes collection from a standard start, so the 'Settings' panel provides for the import of around 300 finance and investment-related quotes, and you have the option of migrating up to a few million general quotes if you'd prefer to build your collection into something that isn't finance related.

The editing of any resource is accomplished by simply selecting the 'Edit' icon. When we release the Image Factory to all clients you'll see another icon that'll turn the quote into an image for optional instant sharing to social media.

  Elementor Block

If you're building a page you have the option of using Elementor to render a single quote from selected or all categories, or return all quotes to a single page. Drag the widget into your page and select the appropriate options.

Elementor Quotes

  Pictured: The 'MyQuotes' block is one of a few dozen blocks we've built, with most blocks supported finance related features. Drag the block into a page, select the applicable options, and the result is returned.

Selecting a 'Full Page' option with only one category selected returns all quotes from that category. In most cases you'll include a page on your website for just finance quotes and include them all (and we've included this now on our standard mortgage broker website framework.

  The Quotes API

The entire module is an API-centric feature, with the module initially built to support the Finance Partner Plugin. You can obviously use the API for any reason that floats your boat although the expectation is that what we've build will support most of what you need.

The module is built to support your own quotes, and the other quote modules in Yabber are intended for general social media use.


Why does the company that supports the highest yield lead generation and digital strategies in the industry build something like this? One could argue that it's because of things like this that support our better results. Your digital footprint needs to be dynamic, engaging, and interesting enough to capture and retain the attention of your audience, and while MyQuotes is probably one of the least significant modules we're built it still has the potential to improve upon the interest a user might have with your experience.

Clients can expect a feature to return a single quote on partner websites within days, and we'll build in the same feature into our free mortgage broker plugin, BeliefMedia Core.

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