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A Shortcode and Elementor Website Video Slider

A Shortcode and Elementor Website Video Slider

One of the last sliders we're introducing to the mortgage broker website framework in the short term is the video slider. Very much incomplete for reasons we'll introduce shortly, the slider simply shows videos sourced from YouTube or Wistia.

Why does a company focused on business growth and lead generation build website tools? It's because your website is the party bus you'll send funnel traffic as part of their follow-up journey, and your experience needs to be more engaging and persuasive than your competitors. Of course, the slider implies that you have video to show (an important part of your content creation and organic SEO program).

The Result

We're using shortcode to return the following result, although you'll likely use the visual drag-and-drop Elementor widget (detailed below). We've used the shortcode of [bm_video_slider videos="oybi77tdMGw,4uK6AS7igyI,0IZqXSPRPjw,.."] (using shortcode, a comma delimited list of public YouTube videos registered to Yabber are used).

Clicking on the video image launches a video modal. Unlike virtually all features on the broker website, video clicks - with the exception of Wistia videos - are not tracked to the user level.

On your front page, and assuming you choose to use the tool, you might include a row of three videos, or perhaps a single rotating video. In the case of a single 'full size' video, we'll use a fairly complex shortcode of [bm_video_slider videos="0IZqXSPRPjw .." items="1" apply_shadow="0" triangle_left="ffffff" triangle_right="ffffff" video_padding="15" opacity="100" min_height="100" max_height="100" truncate="60" pagination="false" youtube_link_icon="1" margin_above_below="0"]. The result of this confusing markup is as follows:

While it's unlikely you'll use a shortcode, it's nice to know that they're available when required. Virtually any element shown in the slider can be customised, including the ability to show or hide titles (both on and below the image) and descriptions, show or hide meta data, alter styles, and so on.

The video icon can have an overwhelming impact on the style of the page, so three filters are optionally applied to 'dull' the image. In the last example we'll create a slider by adding opacity, sepia (rarely used), and a slight greyscale. The result of [bm_video_slider videos="Na1WHjSo01s .." triangle_left="ff0000" opacity="70" bw="60" min_height="60" max_height="60" tooltip_background="F7941D" include_meta="0"] returns the following:

In the above example we've used opacity="70" and bw="60" to illustrate how image filters are applied.

While shortcode is a powerful tool, the most common usage is via the Elementor block.

Elementor Option

The drag-and-drop Elementor block makes inclusion of the slider into your page easy. You won't have to specifically define videos as they'll be made available as slider options , and all the specific slider attributes, including the style, is a simple point-and-click process.

Telementor Video Slider

  Pictured: Pictured are just some of the Elementor options. Note that you may select your recent videos, custom videos, or a YouTube playlist (deferred). When selecting a video you'll be doing so via the video title, as the data is sourced from Yabber - we don't want you copying embed code live some sort of caveman.

To use the Elementor widget, you drag the 'BM Video Slider' block into a page, select your desired slider attributes, and save.

The playlist option is deterred while we perform some updates to Yabber's YouTube integration. Keep an eye on social channels to be informed of when this component is activated.


To use this feature, you must be authorised to use Yabber's Google My Business and YouTube integration (both enabled in the single workflow). If you currently don't have access to these tools, they'll be made available globally within the next week or so.

As mentioned, we've deferred the inclusion of YouTube playlists. In fact, we've deferred (and then forgot about) a basic YouTube widget for nearly 2 years for the same reason, although we expect the playlist issue to be resolved within days.

We have an existing panel of three videos made available on the front page of your website, and this is normally included at the bottom of the page. While we'll keep this important Elementor block and website feature, we may replace that default functionality with the slider. As with the static video panel, the slider will inherit escalating features as described in our article titled "An Overview of the Mortgage Broker Website Conditional Features". This advanced Yabber conditional component will cause a slider to show based on the resolved borrowing objective of your user.


We see brokers throw money at a fractionalised mess of digital tools all the time, and they'll often ignore the single asset that touches virtually every potential opportunity or client that considers your services. At a larger scale, we see brokers throw money into promoted advertising without any consideration to the nested funnel... and it's for this reason that we'll continue to assign effort into creating an integrated suite of tools that provides brokers with a more powerful and persuasive experience provided by their competitors.

This is the third slider we've created in the last couple of weeks, with the others being an Instagram Post Slider and anther than shows latest posts (designed primarily for your Social Media and Video Archive). Other sliders support features such as testimonials and teams.

If you encounter any bugs, identify room for additional features, or require assistance, please make contact with us.

  Featured Image: Union Bank, Commercial Road, Tarnagulla, Victoria, c1875. There were four banks in Tarnagulla at one stage, but two - the National Bank and the Bank of Australasia - were open for a short period only. The single-storey brick building at far left was built in 1859 and used by the Union Bank until 1888, and was later renamed 'Lochcarron' and used as premises by doctors and dentists. The two-storey building (right) was built in 1866 by the Colonial Bank of Australasia. Before this, the site had been occupied by 'Foo's shop'. Whilst it was being built, the Colonial Bank operated from Company's Hotel (later known as Burstall Hall and the Council Chambers). The double-storey building in this image was used by the Colonial Bank from 1866 until 21st February, 1888. The premises were sold to the Union Bank for 2500 pounds. The Union Bank moved in and commenced operations on 6th June 1888, continuing until 1942. The building was later used as a general store until the 1990s. Both buildings are now private residences  (pictured, both in good condition, with the two-story building showing the 'Colonial Bank Australia' branding). [ View Image ]

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