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Next Generation Marketing with Yabber and an Integrated Website

Next Generation Marketing with Yabber and an Integrated Website

This article supports an introduction to our mortgage broker website, and provides some context to understand the website's purpose, and how Yabber Tag: yabber integrates with your website to provide a leading online presence. The majority of brokers we deal with are drawn to Facebook advertising, and this article starts to expose those reasons our program is far more effective than any other provided to the industry.

It's common for the industry pretenders to tell you that your website isn't a necessary asset in order to engage with paid promotion, and there's some that will even tell you that you don't need a website in order to operate your business. Other self-serving crooks will belittle the effectiveness of a powerful website in order to leverage their poor-performing Facebook marketing, and then there's others that somehow think it's possible to have a website funnel without a broader digital omnipresence. All those messages are patently false and, we believe, fraudulent in nature. A true marketing funnel is a dynamic and fluid pathway that requires everything we've just described, and anybody suggesting otherwise is professionally negligent.

Facebook marketing - where many brokers gravitate for their leads - is easy and we firmly believe that any and every business has the capacity to introduce systems into their business that are far more effective that what's made available via the lead-generation crowd, and up to 100-times more affordable than pay-per-lead services. In fact, we've had an 'Industry Challenge' running that challenges all the pretenders to a battle against my 7-year-old daughter; they'd have two hours to create a campaign and my daughter would have 20 minutes to create something that returns three-times more business (none have responded despite direct and very public requests). If the same legislated 'Best Interest' standards were imposed on the marketing industry we'd see most guys go out of business overnight.

We understand that there's competing messaging in the marketplace that tends to dilute the realities of lead generation systems. This article is a precursor to another that introduces our mortgage broker website, and its purpose is to provide a holistic understanding of how your fully integrated website, marketing funnel, landing pages, organic website traffic, and paid promotion, will return far more business than the generic throwaway nonsense peddled to the market.

It's commonplace for even our free 1800Funnels product to return around 500% more business than most services made available to the mortgage industry and this article goes a long way in describing why this is the case, and how and why Yabber improves upon that return.

What is Yabber

Yabber is a tool designed to provide brokers with a digital marketing experience unmatched anywhere in the industry. We talk about Yabber and your website as if they're a single entity, and that's because your website is tightly integrated with the digital system for the purpose of analytics, integration, audience management, email marketing, and so on. You cannot have a leading digital experience, or a true marketing funnel, when your website isn't intrinsically connected to the marketing backend.

Yabber is divided into a number of components:

  • Website management (and a mortgage broker website - yours forever)
  • Campaign management (and Facebook Marketing)
  • Social media tools and features
  • Landing page integration
  • Telecommunications integration
  • Content management (that content we manufacture and send to your website, such as articles, newsletters, and RBA emails and/or text messages)
  • Email & SMS Marketing

Each module is interconnected and designed to do one thing: generate business. Each module includes multiple features that provides overlap in terms of their objective, thus supported our 'integrated' experience.

Note: Our easy-to-use and sophisticated systems should adequately illustrate why and how our methods of digital business generation are industry leading in every respect. However, it isn't reasonable or possible to list all features; what we're trying to expose in this article is how and why each element of your marketing is connected, and why this methodology returns better results.

Yabber is not a CRM - that function should always be reserved for your aggregation software. Instead, we call Yabber a PRM, or Prospect Relationship Management tool. It is designed to manage your marketing and pre-Opportunity pipeline. The tools are designed to do one thing and one thing alone: attract and convert more business. Your website is just one (important) part of this Matrix.

Yabber is made up of over 120 modules, with some of the primary features listed below.

Your Website: Despite messaging from various marketing charlatans, your website is a vital digital asset that is the foundation of your marketing funnel. You simply cannot and will not have a powerful digital footprint unless it is supported by a powerful website that is fully integrated with your marketing experience. Various website features are discussed in a section below. Because your website and marketing is a single entity, we provide a broker website that delivers an exceptional customer experience.
Website Management: Yabber is a multi-website system, meaning that you may add as many of your own websites as you like. Your website is managed from within Yabber in various ways, such as content management, statistics, landing page management, and so on. The various integrations are introduced throughout this article.
Email Marketing: Yabber's enterprise-level email marketing system is extensive and includes all the features you would expect from an email marketing system, such as an extensive trigger system. Fully integrated with your Microsoft 365 email system we'd suggest it's the most compliant email system made available to the industry. Read "How Our Email Marketing Suite Will Grow Your Business". Unlike other system our email marketing module is fully integrated with your website which provides features typically unknown to the finance industry, such as website campaign content.
SMS Marketing: SMS text message marketing is the most significant consumer-facing direct-response asset you may introduce to your business. Yabber includes a large SMS module with SMS distribution lists, SMS autoresponders, 'STOP' support, voicedrop systems, MMS support (audio and images), and full integration with all subscription forms. Various other SMS-specific subscriptions apply, such as the Property Alert subscription panel, and we're likely going to introduce a system that returns property estimates via SMS based on a user providing their address. Read: "Why Our SMS Text Messaging Module Will Return You More Customers". The SMS system is integrated with Telstra and requires an application be set up to manage your messages (the fee is charged by Telstra - not us).
Landing Pages: Landing pages are introduced shortly. A common bottom-of-the-barrel solution is to use a third-party system to manage landing pages - a business debilitating, short-lived, and fractionalised solution (one that is suitable for DIY marketers, but should never be introduced via paid representation). You should never ever host landing pages on a third-party system when you have the capacity to integrate them directly with your website (such services include High Level, Click Funnels, and Lead Pages - all terrible finance solutions). Integrated landing pages are necessary for a complete marketing funnel experience. Keep in mind that every page on your website is a type of landing page (traffic comes from anywhere) and your website supports this conversion opportunity. Our fully integrated calendars (on every page) supports high-level redirects that explode the effectiveness of landing-based subscriptions. Read "Powerful One-Click Landing Page Creation".
Article Distribution Program: Yabber supports the submission of content to your website in various ways (such as new FAQ questions) but the module that interests most brokers is the article submission program. Generally speaking, the full program is not currently offered to all brokers, but necessary content is always submitted to your website. Read: "How Our Finance Article Submission Program Improves Your Readership and Engagement"
White Label Marketing Material: A system that has proved popular is the white-labeling of marketing material. With the click of a button various PDF documents are branded with your information and migrated into your document management library. Read "Fully Branded White-Label Finance Marketing Booklets and Guides".
Document & Download Manager: Version-managed document storage is required by those in the finance and property space, and every piece of promotional material that makes its way into the wild has to be kept on record for auditing purposes. This means that every lead magnet made available via Facebook and other campaigns must be made available via a system that – at the very least - maintains a record of all versions associated with that marketing campaign. Every file you upload via the upload manager is available as an attachment to email campaigns, autoresponders, and other emails the system might send on your behalf. Optional triggers can be applied to any user downloading an asset from the manager. Read "Why Our Download Manager Is Essential For Your Business".
Social Media Management: Social media is of the faster growing aspects of the Yabber system. General social media is managed via integration with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn (limited), Tumblr, Google My Business, YouTube, Wistia, Instagram, and other services. Libraries of content are maintained to schedule at the click of a button, and a full statistical back-end reports on your social success. We've created applications such as Instagratify that enables the quick creation and distribution of your content to various networks. Those articles created on your website are sent to Yabber for scheduling to social media. Read "What Does Belief’s Social Media Marketing Module Look Like?"
Forms & Automation: Forms are the conduit between your website and Yabber, so we're obligated to provide a seamless and powerful customer experience. First, all our forms include an integrated calendar (thus also supporting optional conditional redirections), and all support up to 35-points of automation once subscribed. We provide a number of form formats, such as the basic subscription form or Simple Panel. Forms inherit an escalation cycle meaning that if a user subscribes to a form we'll show them another form next time they visit the same page (or view the same form cycle). The subscription system is extensive and provides a large number of options, with forms assigned to every single page in order to facilitate higher conversions.
RBA Emails and SMS Campaigns: RBA emails and SMS campaigns are an essential best interest duty obligation, customer care requirement, and a brilliant way of filling your pipeline with new business. Every month the RBA module is populated with a suitable message for custom editing or automatic sending. Read "Perception Without Awareness, Omnipresence, the Exposure Effect and RBA Emails".
Newsletter Program: We've recently removed the Newsletter program from our default package with an expectation it'll be included back in before the end of 2021. We populate various newsletter templates that are branded and sent manually or automatically (since the Newsletter is a fashioned model we only send four times per year). Read: "How Our Managed Newsletter Program Creates Engagement". Unlike other newsletters, we create articles on your website and link to your asset rather than off-site non-funnel resources.
Post Settlement Contact System: Our EDGE post-settlement system is one of the most successful programs ever introduced to the finance industry. Used as 'clawback insurance' it creates calendars reminders, CRM notes, SMS and email messages at various stages throughout the early life-cycle of a loan. It develops referrals, introduces BID, and keeps your clients as your clients.
Gravity Relationship Programs: Relationships are the basis of all good broker business, so we include a number of digitised relationship programs into Yabber. Our Saturn program is the most successful program ever introduced to the mortgage market (and even more effective than our Facebook marketing program). The programs are supported by (optional) website modules designed to support your efforts. An early podcast introduces our relationship programs; listen to "Podcast 0009: “Gravity Client Relationship Programs”".
Facebook Management: Our Facebook advertising program is the most effective and powerful in the industry - period. This is in part due to the fact that we introduce the only full-stack system that supports a real marketing funnel. Yabber supports Facebook marketing in numerous ways; read "The Most Powerful Facebook Advertising Prorgram in the Finance Industry – Guaranteed".
CRM Integration: We currently support SalesTrekker only but it's expected we'll support numerous CRM systems before the end of 2021 (gaining access to APIs is a challenge with some aggregation groups).
Satellite Websites: Satellite websites are an optional program that delivers various websites to you for use on 'spare' domains. The program isn't as relevant as it once was but it's an interesting way of developing your digital footprint and exposing yourself to different types of online opportunities.
Telecommunications Management: The Jabber system is an optional module made available within Yabber. Jabber is fully supported by Yabber and enables extensive telecommunication integration into your operation via VOIP-based telephone and communication system. The fully-owned service makes your offline communication part of your funnel program. Read: "Integrating Full-Featured mPBX Functionality Into Your Business – Fully Supported By Yabber".
Partner Tools: In order to support various partner programs we provide PartnerDashboard (currently limited access, and only available to approved SalesTrekker brokers). We also supply a partner plugin to approved brokers that enables you to maintain control over some features of partner websites, such as landing pages, and various blocks of internal website content. Read "The Partner Website Plugin and Partner Landing Pages".
Venus Reports: Venus reports are immediately sent to clients after they complete an optional questionnaire on your website. They're designed as a client service to qualify you, not themselves, and the purpose is to make you stand out in a sea or marketing mediocrity. Read "Mortgage Client Questionnaire to Email PDF Report (“Venus Report”)".
Escalation & Conditional Features: The digital experience we provide brokers is one that is built on top of a conditional and escalating experience. What this means is that the funnel and website experience served to funnel participants is shaped on the basis of their interactions and behaviour. The conditional features are introduced shorty.
Trigger System: The trigger system made available on your website and Yabber is the most extensive in the industry. Triggers perform an action based on a user behaviour. For example, clicking on internal website links, viewing pages, clicking on link in email campaigns or opening an email, receiving a phone call to a specific number or from a specific number, and so on, will all optionally action a trigger. The trigger itself might be an email, SMS, new email subscription, CRM task, and so on. Triggers are introduced in an article titled "How Triggers Help Craft a True Marketing Funnel Journey".
Microsoft Integration: Yabber supports various Microsoft applications, such as Outlook Calendars (optionally linked into virtually every integrated form), Planner, OneDrive, and Tasks. A dedicated Microsoft Azure application is set up so you have continued access to the features of the Microsoft API even if you're not using Yabber.

Features are introduced regularly; we want our clients to enjoy an amazing turnkey experience. General website, Yabber, and holistic marketing support is provided by the leading finance marketing team in the country, and this support is ongoing by way of BeLearn, regular online training, and unlimited phone support.

The Mortgage Broker Website

Introduction to the Broker Website

There was a time in our history where we wouldn't provide a website by default. Instead, we simply provided a very comprehensive plugin that attached itself to any website and immediately enabled a large number of features, such as landing pages, calendars, conditional content, CRM integration, and forms. While we'd usually build a website for a business, in many cases we'd inherit something that simply wasn't designed to convert traffic (and never did), so we were left to try and wrap our experience around an inferior product. It's this latter condition that led down a path in creating a website that was designed with finance best-practice in mind, and one that is designed to unleash the power of digital and give rise to the features that enable it to do what what any good website should be designed to do: convert.

Website Marketing Management: Most business owners hate logging in their website in order to manage various types of content. To mitigate the brain-pain experienced when dealing with anything marketing-related, we've introduced a basic mechanism to manage most (if not all) of your general website and marketing features within Yabber Tag: yabber. The centralised Yabber resource manages all your website assets, all your marketing tools, and all your prospect funnel data. What results is an extremely powerful digital marketing and social media system that is more powerful than any competing service made available to the industry, and one that is guaranteed to return your better results.

The website we provide mortgage brokers is as much a framework as it is a website because it's designed to support the addition of multiple modules and features over time. While the starting point is very comprehensive in nature (with well over 150 pages), it's where you take the experience that'll set you apart from anybody else that might share the same product. We provide two-hours of our time to customise your experience and provide early differentiation, but the modular and block-based design permits you to completely alter the appearance yourself at any time in minutes.

The visual aspects of our mortgage broker website is introduced in an article titled "The Most Powerful Mortgage Broker Website in the Finance Industry".

Website Features

Your Front Page

The front page of your website is the entry page that is trafficked more often than any other (although every page on your website is a potential organic entry page, therefore a type of landing page). We split-test millions of page-views in order to determine what front-page assets converted more than any other, and then we removed the noise, included only converting elements alongside essential navigation, and then we render these features on your front page and every other page.

Your front page will invariably remain the entry page for a user on any subsequent visit so we introduced a mechanism to alter the appearance of the bigger-ticket front-page marketing assets and messages to be more consistent with the objective of the user on your website. We describe this shape-shifting as the 'Chameleon Effect' because it shapes your website around the user and guides them into an appropriate website funnel pathways. This is an extremely high-level enterprise feature. This 'interest-based' and escalating ideology is at the core of our website experience.

The conditional aspects of your broker website are introduced in the section on conditional and escalating features.

General Broker Website Features

Following is a list of 'basic' website features that differentiates your experience from any other. All features were introduced to support a true website and marketing funnel experience.

Multiple Pages of Engaging Content: The nature of content is introduced in an article that introduces the website. In total we've introduced well over 100 standard pages (with thousands if you consider 'searchable' features. Modules include standalone resources for the medical industry, legal profession, police offers, and other industry groups. We include standard pages for the most common home loans types, and we've migrated the bulk of 'general' content into an FAQ-style of delivery (discussed below).
Property and Financial Planning Modules: In an article titled "Why our Mortgage Broker Website Includes Property and Financial Planning Modules" we introduce why we've included standalone resources for these type of groups. They can be used as part of a partner program, or used yourself if you provide the service (the property section is soon to be updated with a property listing module).
Partner Modules: To support seriously extensive relationship-based programs on Yabber we've introduced a standalone page to introduce your partner program as a true product. The partner program is supported by PartnerDashboard and various partner plugins (the latter allowing you control over partner websites). The partner plugin is recently revised and in a very closed beta program before it is pushed to all brokers. Read "The Mortgage Broker Website Partner Module Supports the Partner Funnel".
Policy and Compliance Maintenance: The general footer of your website is one of those requirements that every brokers is required to display. The compliance module in Yabber provides one-click facility to change and archive your Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, Disclaimer, Credit Guide, industry logos, and other details. Read "Your Privacy Policy and Website Compliance Made Simple in Yabber".
FAQ Pages: Rather than large blocks of irrelevant text on various pages we used an FAQ Accordion style of returning content (it improves upon engagement and conversions). The FAQs are divided into two parts: those that are made up of articles in the dedicated website FAQ module; and those that are created in Yabber. The latter method enables us to quickly create the drag-and-drop FAQ modules whenever there's a pressing need for content. We have the capacity to deliver standalone FAQ pages to your website when a need presents itself.
Video Archive Pages: Yabber includes significant integration with YouTube and Wistia. As each post is added to any platform you may automatically or manually send that video to a dedicated archive on your website. This creates SEO traffic, engagement, permits intermediate funnel video pages, and gives you control of your video content. Read "Send YouTube and Wistia Videos to WordPress Automatically".
Instagram Archive Pages: Yabber includes significant integration with various social networks, with a number of features attached to an Instagram application by the name of Instagratify. We create a dedicated archive of all the Instagram posts you choose to send to you website. Read "Automate Your Instagram Content to a Dedicated WordPress Archive".
Search Features: Those looking at purchasing a home are interested in more than just the home - they're interested in the area. As a basic 'starter' we've included geographic search engines, school searches, and childcare search engines to assist a user with exploring the area they're interested in purchasing". The feature adds over 100'000 indexable pages to your website.
BSB Number Search Engine: Some of the features we include on your website are for 'information purposes'. One such feature is the BSB number search engine. It adds thousands of SEO and bank-related pages to your website.
Mortgage Calculators: We're in the process of rebuilding all our mortgage calculators with the first being the repayment calculator. We include a number of often obscure calculators to the mix, such as Postcode Risk calculators, LMI and Limited Guarantee calculators, and a Stamp Duty calculator. Read "Powerful Suite of Mortgage Broker Website Calculators".
Graphs, Charts, and RBA Data: We encourage the use of graphs and charts everywhere, and we've made it easy with direct integration to our API that serves always up-to-date RBA cash-rate and other data. The same API returns currency conversions and other information. The complimentary and extremely powerful RBA details are available in a post titled "Free RBA Cash Rate, Inflation, CPI, and Exchange Rate Graph Website Plugin", while another introducing other graph icing tools is introduced in an article titled "Add an RBA Cash Rate Graph to Your Website". The website we provide clients has the cash rate displayed simply because it's important; it links to a section on an education module that shows how the cash rate is determined. THe same system returns CPI and Inflation data (read: "Australian CPI and Inflation API (and Website Graph Shortcode)"). Another article introduces graphing for 'general rate data' (available as image or interactive graph). Other simple features are available, such as the Comparison Rate Graph.
Education Module: The Education module is one of those modules that we've included because we want you to use it... not because there's anything there. The details of the Education module is introduced in an article titled "Why our Mortgage Broker Website Includes an Education Module (Useless Until Proven Otherwise)".
Detailed Statistics: Yabber is a highly data-driven system that draws its understanding of consumer behaviors from numerous sources. General website statistics (and landing page statistics) are extremely extensive; they're introduced in an article titled Website Statistics and the BeliefMedia Tracking Pixel".
Integrated Email Systems: Introduced by way of the next point when we introduce Triggers, our email marketing system is connected in numerous ways to your website experience - an essential but largely ignored funnel feature. An example of email integration is introduced in an article that discusses Website Campaign Messages".
Website Triggers: Marketing triggers are a large part of Yabber (they help shape a marketing journey), but it's unusual (and impossible in the finance field) to provide triggers on page views and links. That is, when a known user clicks on a link we're able to alter subscriptions, create tasks, send text messages, and so on. This advanced feature is made available by way of our advanced internal linking structure and statistical engine. Connected to BeNet (the only AI in the finance industry) we're able to provide page-level course-corrections based on a known conversion-based understanding (pretty advanced... but it means your website can so amazing things).
Calendar Subscription Forms on Every Page: We say over and over that every page on your website is a type of landing page - traffic can come from anywhere... therefore every page requires conversions elements into your funnel. In order to assign appropriate forms to each module or type of page we have a simple mechanism in Yabber to create the form assignments.

Integrated Website Calendar Form

  Pictured: Integrated Calendar subscription forms should be on every single page of your website - we don't want to make contact difficult, or send a user to an off-site resource. The calendar option is enabled via a checkbox (used on the first page of all our landing pages to enable conditional redirections). We include a calendar subscription form on every page.

Conditional Landing Page Redirection

  Pictured: Conditional redirections will send a subscribing user (via a landing page or any form) to a second page based on the first page interaction. This enables the funnel to immediately take shape based on the needs or escalated interest of the user.

The number of features we've built into the broker website are far too extensive to list them all. However, in just the features we've linked to above you should start to appreciate how a website designed to convert is actually able to perform that function.

General Bank Data Features

Following is a list of 'basic' ways in which we integrate bank data into your website. We maintain our own database of current and historical rates, and plan on a very large number of features to supplement existing functionality.

Bank Widgets: The drag-and-drop bank widgets enable you to display rates of a certain type, or those that have various attributes, from certain banks.
Live Bank Data Widgets
Bank Panel and Archive: It's standard for most mortgage brokers to have a grid or slider of various bank on their panel - we've made it dynamic. Each of the banks listed in Yabber are rendered into a grid with each logo acting as a link to a product archive. The product archive lists all parent products made available from each bank, with the next linked tier introducing all the features, limitations, and requirements associated with a particular product.

Bank Product Archive

  Pictured: The bank archive includes all the bank logos as they appear on the front page of your website (they can be included anywhere via a drag-and-drop option, with accredited banks defined in Yabber). Clicking on any bank logo returns the parent products associated with the bank.

Bank Product Archive

  Pictured: Shown is the second-tier after clicking on a logo - in this case, the Commonwealth Bank. Parent products are listed. Clicking on any product returns the conditions and attributes that apply to that specific product.

Placeholder Features: In many cases, such as your front page, you might want to include an always up-to-date rate and comparison rate published in text (we normally include this in the front page entry message). Using this live data is made available by way of simple placeholders that may be used in a number of locations.
Lowest Rate Ticker-Style Panel: The Lowest Rate Ticker-style panel shows a list of rates at the top of your page. Its purpose is to further establish your website purpose, and assign appropriate expertise to your services. Read about the feature in an article titled "Lowest Bank Rate Panel Included in our Mortgage Broker Website".
General Rate Panel: Included by request, the featured product panel returns the lowest rate of a specific product type to your page. Useful in sidebars. Read more in an article titled "Real-Time Australian Bank Rate and Featured Product Panel".

Elementor Banking Widget

  Pictured: A featured product panel with a number of custom fields. We've obviously used a fairly generic style but you may create the panel to look and feel in any manner that floats your boat. In this case we've opted to keep only the interest and comparison rate data up-to-date - all other fields will remain as we have defined them.

Interest Rate Bar

  Pictured: Interest Rate Bar. The bar is optionally placed under the navigation bar of your website. The colour and text is obviously customised to your website. The text is reasonably small and is really only intended to provide a website visitor with an immediately appreciation of your expertise. Other product widgets are more usable from a user point-of-view. Note the interest rate published within the call-to-action text.

Lowest Rates Panel

  Pictured: The lowest rate panel shows the lowest available rate for various product types. The responsive container will show two columns on tablets, and one single column on mobiles. The bank data is obviously always up-to-date, and each record provides two website funnel pathways (product or archive). The small chevron image to the right of the rates link to the product page associated with the rate, and the bank icon links to the product archive page for the applicable bank. The banks returned by the tool will default to those that are defined in Yabber Tag: yabber (those that are on your panel), although you may specifically return rates for only a group of banks if required (say, the big-4). You can also filter on the lowest published rate or comparison rate. The rate panel may be dragged-and-dropped into any position on your website by way of Belief's Elementor plugin.

We want to see bank data everywhere. Even those that aren't rate-driven will explore various options on your website. We'll be introducing a comparison feature for inclusion on all websites shortly.

Landing Page Management

We've made no secret of our disdain for any marketing product that introduces a plethora of disjointed and fractionalised products to support your lead generation efforts. Certainly, if you're using Lead Pages, Click Funnels, High Level (in particular), or any other landing page service, you were introduced to a worst-practice solution. Those services just mentioned do a good job or belittling the impact your website might have on your pipeline, but what the industry charlatans all fail to tell you (in order to assign value to their product) is that you can easily implement the features yourself at zero cost with more effect. Again, and as we've said hundreds of times elsewhere, the notion that you'll host landing pages on third party platforms when you do have the capacity to host those pages internally with better results is patently absurd.

Landing Pages are Yours Forever: Since 1997 we have never introduced a third-party landing page service to any client. Those landing pages created in Yabber are sent directly to your website, so they're yours forever and not predicated on any ongoing subscription. The idea that you'll pay for landing pages that rely on a subscription is ridiculous.

As we shared in an article titled "Defining Website Form Locations – Explode Your Conversions", we make it extremely easy to assign various Simple Panel subscription forms on every primary page of your website (any anywhere else that you require subscription forms). Since every page is a potential organic entry point, and since every page on your website should be designed to convert, every page (as a 'type' of landing page) is required to emulate the landing page conversion objective.

Our Facebook advertising program is more effective than the pedestrian experiences made available to the market because of the high level of integration, and sensible conditional behaviours that are applied to any subscription (such as the conditional redirect and Venus Reports).

Any paid marketing representation that has introduced you to programs such as Facebook advertising without integrating your website, or hosts your landing pages on a third-party platform, is in our option, professionally negligent.

Yabber's landing page tools are introduced in an article titled "Powerful One-Click Landing Page Creation".

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is a big topic that now relies on one thing more than any other: a clear content strategy. With a focus on video and other engaging content you'll be far more likely to attract organic traffic to your website. Our successful individual brokers all see triple-digit monthly leads from their website efforts, and it's the focus on content that sets them apart from those that don't see the same results. For those of you that don't have an interest in building your digital library, we do have various services to keep your site 'alive' but they're not nearly as effective as your own engaging material (they're introduced shortly).

We have a few articles introducing SEO and how Yabber fits into the equation; they're listed (in part) below.

A General Introduction to Website SEO: I'll make a very obvious statement: Search engines will search content... and if there's no original content on your website then there's nothing to find. Google and other search engines have an appetite for high-level original content that exposes your expertise and authoritativeness, and it's your job to feed hungry crawlers with a massive meal of quality content. Not unlike people, search crawlers enjoy diversity in content, consistency, and occasional snacking. If your website were a restaurant, would your menu receive positive reviews? Would patrons returns? The article titled "A General Introduction to Website SEO" is a big-picture look at SEO principles.
Automating SEO to Your WordPress Website: When an article or other content is published to your website, there's an obligation to craft various tags and content markup that feed post data to search engines and social media services. These 'Object Graph' tags and JSON-LD markup enables rich snippets, increases your search visibility, and it defines exactly how each of your articles is represented in search and on social media. This article introduces the Yabber automation that creates necessary SEO data on your behalf. Read "Automating SEO to Your WordPress Website".
Your Money or Your Life (YMYL): Your Money or Your Life (YMYL) is a term used in Google’s Rater document to describe websites that potentially impact “future happiness, health, financial stability, or safety of users”... so, in essence, that content which impacts upon "your money or your life". The significance of websites that fall into the YMYL category is that they are deemed to adversely impact upon the quality of life of Internet users, so your website's SERP (Search Engine Results Page) position may be adversely affected. This article introduces YMYL, and the measures you can take to mitigate Google's content assumption. Read "Your Money or Your Life (YMYL) – a Finance SEO Consideration".
Internal Website Links and Conditional Methodology: The internal website liking structure of your website is vital to search engines looking to ingest your content, and it is equally important to those real humans that visit your website. Internal links differ from external links in that the links direct a user to another page on the same domain. This article describes how our SEO-optimised approach to linking structure is maintained in a graphical and tabular manner that is easy to understand and interpret, and we'll also introduce some considerations when designing or building an effective site link structure. Read "Internal Website Links and Conditional Methodology".

Our entire website is designed to be SEO-optimised in every respect. We know you don't have the time, nor the inclination, to invest resource into fuzzy SEO territory so we've automated virtually everything. If you do have a need for SEO services we can obviously help.

Many of the resource we introduce into your website, and certainly the structure of our FAQ system, is designed to rank well and with authority. However, as we discuss in all the linked articles SEO is now a user experience strategy rather than one of trying to 'work' the system.

Conditional and Escalating Features

At the core of Belief's website experience is what we call escalation of commitment (part of a broad Conditional Content ideology). These features have the capacity to alter content on your website to cater for a specific individual in order to improve upon your funnel effectiveness. In some cases the conditional methods will escalate a form (or show a new form once a user has subscribed to a lead magnet); in other cases the conditional engine will change front page content, show new content based on determined interest, or completely swap out your front page for another. Some of the conditional features are introduced below.

General Conditional Content Features: General conditional content features made available in your broker website. The article touches on what a marketing funnel should look like, and introduces some basic conditional content features. Read Escalation of Commitment and Conditional Website Content.
Conditional Redirections: Conditional redirections will send a subscribing user (via a landing page or any form) to a second page based on the first page interaction. This enables the funnel to immediately take shape based on the needs or escalated interest of the user. It literally explodes transactional conversions. Read Landing Page, Panel, and Form Conditional Redirections Explained – Improve Your Conversions.
Escalating Landing Panels: Landing panels are a side-by-side subscription form (basically the form and a lead magnet). As a user subscribes to one form we'll show them another form anywhere that form is rendered on your website. Read Add Escalating and Conditional Landing Panels to Your Website. We've since generally replaced Landing Panels with Simple Panels but the escalating features are identical.
Escalating Subscription Forms: Subscription forms are a vertical form - often including a lead magnet image and some text (but always including a calendar booking form). As a user subscribes to one form we'll show them another form anywhere that form is rendered on your website. Read Using Conditional (and Escalating) Subscription Forms on Your Website. We've since generally replaced Landing Panels with Simple Panels but the escalating features are identical.
Interest-Based Chameleon Effect: The interest score on your website is simply an incremental count of the interest values assigned to certain interactions. On the Yabber end it's a little more complex; we mash up your data with browsing patterns and pathways known to create conversions, and we return this data back to your website. Interest scores are used to alter the elements of your front page or anywhere else, with the elements taking shape as videos, video panels, and entry messages. On other pages various types of interest-specific blocks are shown. Read How Interest Types Shape Conditional Content on Your Finance Website.
Conditional Content Blocks: There are times where you will want to show (or exclude) blocks of content based on borrower objectives, or determined interest. This feature is introduced in an article titled Adding Conditional Content to Your Website Based on Resolved Borrowing Objective.
Managing Front Page Website Content Within Yabber: As previously mentioned, you have the capacity to swap out various elements of your front page based on a resolved interest type. This presents those features or assets to a user that are more likely to convert. Read about the front page feature in an article titled Change Your Entire Website Front Page Based on Interest.
Change Your Entire Website Front Page Based on Interest: An advanced feature that will be introduced imminently (once a Platinum-only feature) is the ability to completely swap out your front page for another based on a learned understanding of your user, or a declared action, such as entry via a specific URL or subscription to a landing page. There's also a feature we'll be introducing very shortly to force interest-based content on your standard front page.
The Conditional Marketing Funnel: The article titled "Your Conditional Marketing Funnel details how a funnel works, how progressive disclosure works in the funnel, and how conditional content serves conversion-based goals.

Conditional features are ongoing so what we've listed is not an exhaustive list. It's also true that you won't use everything we've described... but if you have a need for the most powerful marketing in the industry your website will respond to any type of requirement you throw at it.

The Forever Website

We like to think of the website we provide brokers as a 'forever website'. The Elementor integration and broad feature-set means that it can be modified to your liking over time as your positioning changes, or you introduce new products or features.

Yabber is a multi-website system. You may add as many of your own websites to the system that floats your boat, and then manage aspects of those websites individually or in groups. The creation of forms or landing panels, for example, immediately sends those forms to all of your websites once created, and they're all immediately available in your Elementor drag-and-drop website plugin. Other tools, such as the creation of FAQ blocks, are sent to your website when they're required (again, made available as a drag-and-drop Elementor block).

While Yabber is initially a 12-month subscription, continued use of your website does not rely on an ongoing Yabber subscription. In fact, we've introduced various features to ensure that the disconnect from Yabber will ensure your forms and other features continue to operate; Integrated analytics, BeNet (AI) systems, and other features will cease to apply funnel pressure - and you'll no longer have access to Yabber marketing or social tools - but your marketing assets will continue to work without interruption.

Features introduced to your website such as RBA-style graphs and basic inline calculators will continue to work with a lifetime licence assigned to those assets. Some other tools, such as live bank product data, will likely incur a small subscription (everything is included in the first 12 months).

Marketing Integration

Broad digital integration made available via our systems is extensive. Clicking on a link, or visiting a webpage, for example, is a potential marketing trigger that might alter mailing list subscriptions or send a text message. Having an unknown caller for the first time on a particular number is enough to add the user to a SMS distribution list, or you may send the user a text message if they're sent to voicemail (telco 'Jabber' triggers are introduced in a scheduled article titled "Telco Triggers Explained"). The telecommunication integration is extensive but requires a subscription to our Jabber module - it's not included in the Yabber subscription

Your marketing can be as sophisticated as you want it to be. Over time you have the capacity to introduce mechanisms that introduces marketing features that are more powerful than the experience provided by very large franchise operations. We've published over a hundred articles that introduce various features made available via Yabber, and they should be referenced to gain a clear understanding of the tools we make available.

Marketing integration and a conditional experience is the secret-sauce necessary to have an amazing marketing presence.

The Yabber Platform

Back in the day, the 'Platform' was used primarily for lead management, email marketing, post-settlement systems, and SMS text messaging. Later on in the evolution of the system we manufactured an Intranet-style and API-centric platform that provided a self-hosted back-end experience. The major problem with this setup was primarily the ongoing requirement to update each installation when new features were pushed into the software. Fast forward to a few years ago and we landed on the game-changing cloud-hosted solution we should have started with: Yabber.

The Yabber Website Plugin: The way our website is designed, and the Yabber back-end support, means that you don't really need to use general plugins. In fact, server security generally means we need to scrutinise the plugin before it is installed, so in most cases, we'll usually just build whatever you're after (assuming we don't already provide it).

Yabber is introduced in an article titled "BeliefMedia’s Next Generation Digital Marketing Explained". The website is a tool like any other used to support your marketing, and we'd argue the centre of your marketing universe, but your marketing requires more than just website and landing page management. Marketing requires a broad omnipresence across multiple platforms, and Yabber supports this holistic necessity.


Effective marketing isn't difficult to achieve when you have the tools necessary to support your efforts, and Yabber is the only full-stack, fully-integrated, and fully compliant system made available to the industry. Packaged with a website to support a real website marketing funnel (to feed your primary marketing funnel), our experience is vastly superior to anything you may have seen in the marketplace... and it's made available for less than competing products.

Our mortgage broker website is designed with scalability and agility in mind. As you grow you should expect your digital assets to support the direction you choose to take, and Yabber supports this growth.

  Featured Image: Government Savings Bank of NSW. Bowral. 1916. The landmark Bowral building opened as banking premises in 1892. On the corner of Bong Bong and Wingecarribee Streets, the site was purchased in August 1890 by the English, Scottish and Australian (ES&A) Bank. In February 1900, the Bowral branch of the ES&A Bank closed, transferring to Moss Vale which had also grown as a consequence of the railway. In September 1912, the Government Savings Bank (GSB) of NSW purchased the former ES&A building in Bowral from Mr F R Macpherson for 1800 pounds. The building went through a number of changes though sales and merger, finally ending up as a Commonwealth Bank branch, although they have also since relocated. The building now sites adjoining Bowral's Corbett Plaza, and at the time of writing is home to retail fashion outlets. Directly opposite the building is another amazing Bowral landmark, The Grand Hotel. The hotel made the very first deposit back in 1892. [ View Image ]

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