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Four Hours of Video, 48 Videos on A YouTube Channel

We uploaded videos to a client YouTube channel yesterday, and with a single block of just four hours with us the channel is now full of content and looks fantastic. We’ll chop up the primary video to create a further 100 snippets or so that will eventually find their way onto social channels. Having video on a YouTube channel is


Website Login Module Updated

Note to clients. We’ve updated the authentication system on your website as a result of some partner discussions last week (that moved the goalposts in a very beneficial direction). Yabber manages multiple groups of contacts, such as clients, partners, introducers, referrers, property groups, and so on, and the new system will update session permissions based on user groups and sub-groups.


Latest Website Plugin Update Intriduces a Few New Forms

This is a note for clients. We’ve added a ton of features to the website framework over the last few weeks – pictured is just a few of them. Far from exhaustive, the most recent update includes an autocomplete address form that immediately redirects to a full property page, the same for an emergency search engine, and a post-type based


A Day of Video with Matt

I spent just four hours with a WA broker yesterday, and he shot what might be a record 30+ videos in that short time. Take after take was fluent, inspired, and without error – it was seriously impressive. I’m very clear with business owners – the video we shoot won’t have much of an impact on anything unless we do


Your YouTube Channel and Your Website

The pictured YouTube channel was empty yesterday. Today, there’s nearly 50 videos with about a dozen more to come. The same videos (and extras) were split into about 200 snippets for social that might be used over 6 months. Time to create the library? One day. Immediate business impact? Zero. As I told James before, during, and after our shoot,


Malware Search Engine on Your Broker Website

Why did we add a malware/IP search engine to our mortgage broker website? It might seem out of place, but the focus of many of our articles sent to broker websites is orientated around identity protection, online scams, and digital safety, so the page is one that is (or will be) linked from these articles to further reinforce your expertise.


A New Method of Resolving Timezone Makes Your Website Calendars Extremely Accurate

This is a note for clients. As you’re aware, we’ve built what is an extremely comprehensive statistical engine for WordPress websites called ‘Xena’ that replaces the older module. The new system is built with an ‘AI-first’ architecture to support more informed marketing decisions, and it also records every conceivable type of interaction data. Xena supports the conditional engine more efficiently


Buying 50 Leads Versus 50 DIY Leads

The purpose of sharing this screenshot isn’t because the lead cost is low, because it isn’t, but it is within acceptable limits despite the fact the campaign is performing in the bottom 35% of all those we manage. I see businesses buy individual leads for anything between $80 and $200, and brokers will routinely purchase packs of 50 leads for


$5.69 Mortgage Leads

I criticise leadgen charlatans all the time. Usually because they’re a business-debilitating service that’ll do nothing but expose you to non-compliance and illegal advertising. Digital leadgen is easy. A ‘generic’ campaign takes minutes to create and outperforms pay-per-lead and industry-unawares leadgen peckers without exception. If you’re engaging in Facebook advertising, consider the pictured 85 leads at $5.69 (still high, and


Content Library Update

Note for clients. Yabber’s Content Library is undergoing a seriously significant update. As part of an architectural overhaul that impacts most major systems, the Content Library (in company with associated systems, such as the Media Factory, Instagratify, and Vista) is seeing new functionality that’ll integrate it directly with the updated Sendify (social media) modules. The Content Library already includes thousands


Automated RBA Image, Square Essential

This is one of the dozen different image formats that are automatically created whenever a cash rate decision is made. This particular style is called ‘RBA Square Essentials’. The purpose is to enable a small commentary to accompany the standard information. If you create the image manually in Yabber, all aspects of the template may be customised. Once a cash


Automated RBA Images

This is obviously just an example image. It’s one of about a dozen different image formats that are automatically created whenever a cash rate decision is made. This particular style is called simply ‘RBA Basic’ and it’s the least impressive of all images created by Yabber, but it’s also one we’ve just pushed into our *free* industry website plugin. It’s