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The New Sendify Social Module

We’re a few days away from rolling out the final update to the new Sendify (social media) module. Morphing Instagratify, Sendly, Vista (Outlook social), SendPress, and other social modules directly into a unified module (and sitting on top of the content library), there are literally dozens of seriously funky social features and tools. One of the new features is the


Updates to the Social Media Module

Note to clients. Later this week we’ll be migrating the last of the Sendify features into Yabber, and we will be turning off the legacy social tools forever. Sendify integrates social media, Sendly, SendPress, Instagratify, Vista, the Social Library, Image Factory, and other tools into a single module. As part of the update, we’ve built in a number of new


Content Library Update

Note for clients. Yabber’s Content Library is undergoing a seriously significant update. As part of an architectural overhaul that impacts most major systems, the Content Library (in company with associated systems, such as the Media Factory, Instagratify, and Vista) is seeing new functionality that’ll integrate it directly with the updated Sendify (social media) modules. The Content Library already includes thousands


Facebook Group Integration to be Removed from Yabber

Facebook are deprecating Group Graph endpoints in version 19 of their Marketing API. As such, all Yabber FB Group integrations will be removed. The decision is one that doesn’t make sense for owned groups, so we’ve reached our to our RM for a better understanding of immediate and future plans. Is you’re reading this in one of our groups, you


Automated RBA Image, Square Essential

This is one of the dozen different image formats that are automatically created whenever a cash rate decision is made. This particular style is called ‘RBA Square Essentials’. The purpose is to enable a small commentary to accompany the standard information. If you create the image manually in Yabber, all aspects of the template may be customised. Once a cash


Automated RBA Images

This is obviously just an example image. It’s one of about a dozen different image formats that are automatically created whenever a cash rate decision is made. This particular style is called simply ‘RBA Basic’ and it’s the least impressive of all images created by Yabber, but it’s also one we’ve just pushed into our *free* industry website plugin. It’s


Updated Landing Redirect Options

As part of a significant update to our one-click landing page module, we’ve updated some of the features of our basic landing pages. Until now, when you’ve sent a landing page to your website (normally an entry page), the conditional redirections were always inherited from the form. Effective tomorrow, you may define an alternate group of conditional ‘second-page’ redirects (single


Image Factory Updated

Note to clients. We’ve just updated all the image creation tools in the image factory, so you may experience a few interruptions over the next couple of days while we iron out the bugs Pictured is the basic ‘Square Quote’. The background, text types, fonts, colours, strokes, sizes, attribution details, footer, logo positioning, and so on, are all fully customisable,


Yabber Content Libraries

With the exception of aggregators, Belief has the largest document, video, and image content library in the industry. There are thousands of images (general and broker related), and billions (with a ‘B’) if you include those via third-party sources. Additionally, our library – for PDF documents, images, and video – allows for one click branding and integration with your website


Imagine If Your Social Posts Didn’t Sync Back To Your Website

The notion that you’ll create social media content for various networks and effectively hand over ownership is a little absurd. What did we do to address this? All your social posts sent from any of our systems – such as Yabber, Instagratify, or Vista – are all optionally sent back to your website into a fully hashtag-searchable archive. This give


Animated GIF to Social Media with Instagratify

Our proprietary Instagratify module allows you to create an animated GIF from the 10 images in an Instagram album by way of the #gif hashtag anywhere in your post content (normally in the area that’s removed before sending). A video is also created whenever a GIF is created, and this is the format normally sent to platforms such as Linkedin.


The Engaging and SEO-Hungry Social Media Website Archive

We see some really good content on LinkedIn, Facebook, and elsewhere, but the content is quickly lost to time, and it’s quickly buried deep in a timeline that makes it virtually invisible. This is why we created a full social archive on your website, so anything you send to social via Vista (the Outlook calendar scheduling tool), Instagratify (the Instagram