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Updated Landing Redirect Options

As part of a significant update to our one-click landing page module, we've updated some of the features of our basic landing pages.

Until now, when you've sent a landing page to your website (normally an entry page), the conditional redirections were always inherited from the form. Effective tomorrow, you may define an alternate group of conditional 'second-page' redirects (single pages, split groups, a URL, or the default form options) when sending.

The updates include a significant update to the split (or 'A/B') testing module with the selected split pages now more closely aligned with a parent campaign ID. This change will be explained in an FAQ, but in short, the slight alteration assists with the aggregation of statistical data when the same campaign is run across multiple websites. You'll still be able to select any page as a redirect, but those associated with the website and campaign will show first with more intuitive toggle switches.

What we've just described is one of the most important features you can include with any fom - not just those associated with a landing page. The purpose of any funnel is orientated around an 'escalation of commitment', or strengthening the journey. 'What comes next' is ridiculously important!

We encountered a campaign a short time back that failed in seriously significant ways, and it's the first time in our history that we saw a conversion cost more than $200 which forced us to rethink how one 'competes' ethically and in a compliant manner against the plethora of illegal advertising, and the changes took us down a rabbit hole that has resulted in a large number of changes.... and the updated redirect option is just one of them.

It's worth noting that well over 90% of our time is spent massaging relationship programs, but there are always those that will prefer to play in the shark infested social sewers (because it works... just doesn't work as well as other programs).

We'll update the FAQ and BeLearn next week.

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