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Image Factory Updated

Note to clients. We've just updated all the image creation tools in the image factory, so you may experience a few interruptions over the next couple of days while we iron out the bugs

Pictured is the basic 'Square Quote'. The background, text types, fonts, colours, strokes, sizes, attribution details, footer, logo positioning, and so on, are all fully customisable, and this common flexibility is shared by all the various image types (the RBA images tend to have some fixed elements).

The primary purpose of the image update was to build in a large number of image options for our new automated social property module, and we'll push these features when we're satisfied the time necessary to support it won't cause us any grief. The property image and video options are brilliant, so despite our snail-pace release, we are very anxious to see the system in use.

Yabber includes your own quote library (populated with a few hundred finance and wealth quotes to get you started), so you may create an image library from that source, but if you were interested in the quote stuff, Yabber includes a quote library of over 100k general quotes and a cinematic library of over 5m, so you have plenty of options.

The most significant update to the image module at the website level is the Elementor widget and website shortcode. This enables the 10-second creation of image quotes without leaving your website.

As always, you may schedule any single image or group of fully branded images (created in Yabber) to various social networks.

Is you're using our free 'BeliefMedia Finance' plugin you can expect a few basic image features next month.

This update will be our last 'major' Image Factory update before we push our Generative AI toolkit next year (2024 will see an end to virtually all generic media content tools - not just those in Yabber). Updating Yabber's image tools was a little frustrating knowing that they'll be rather redundant when our AI matures.

We'll update the FAQ and BeLearn next week.

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