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The Purpose of the Streets Module

The single most significant change we’ve introduced to our website framework in the last few years is the inclusion of full-featured Property Listings. The module will make its way out of a lengthy Beta sometime soon and find its way into our standard website and Elementor plugins. The Property module is significant and unique in that the effectiveness of the


Website Login Module Updated

Note to clients. We’ve updated the authentication system on your website as a result of some partner discussions last week (that moved the goalposts in a very beneficial direction). Yabber manages multiple groups of contacts, such as clients, partners, introducers, referrers, property groups, and so on, and the new system will update session permissions based on user groups and sub-groups.


Website Property Search Form

Note to clients. On the back on the Streets API, and as another necessary measure before we introduce the Property Module and website widgets, we’ve added a single search form on your website that’ll search a single Aussie address and then immediately redirect you to a dedicated page with a ton of data specific to that location. The point of


Your YouTube Channel and Your Website

The pictured YouTube channel was empty yesterday. Today, there’s nearly 50 videos with about a dozen more to come. The same videos (and extras) were split into about 200 snippets for social that might be used over 6 months. Time to create the library? One day. Immediate business impact? Zero. As I told James before, during, and after our shoot,


Website Promotion, Limited Spots

Late last year we stopped taking on new website clients because we were committed to an aggregation product. However, that process is far slower than expected, so we’re opening up 5 website spots for delivery within 5 days. The website is designed with an architecture that genuinely supports partners, property, information, and *conversions*. With over 270 pages (about 140 primary),


Address Suggestions in Forms

A note for clients. This is a minor feature, and is one that has existed in our website framework for a long time, but it’s more relevant now as we start to expose additional partner and property features. Our address ‘suggestion’ autocomplete form is a plug-and-play feature. You simply assign an ID to a standard form text field and the


Website Updated with Australian Property Data

There’s a property module integrated with Yabber that we’ve used ourselves for some time, and the features will be enabled in a plugin update we’ll be pushing this month. First, why did we build a property module into a broker website? Apart from the obvious overlap with many brokers wearing many hats, the module is designed to support your property


Malware Search Engine on Your Broker Website

Why did we add a malware/IP search engine to our mortgage broker website? It might seem out of place, but the focus of many of our articles sent to broker websites is orientated around identity protection, online scams, and digital safety, so the page is one that is (or will be) linked from these articles to further reinforce your expertise.


Xena Updates, Plugin 0.8.8

Important note for clients. Between 1pm and late evening, every website will go offline for a few minutes for important updates. While Yabber’s new Xena statistics module is now recording data (replacing the older ‘pixel’), your website will also have its own locally hosted statistics module (you won’t always be a subscriber to Yabber but you’ll always need the data).


A New Method of Resolving Timezone Makes Your Website Calendars Extremely Accurate

This is a note for clients. As you’re aware, we’ve built what is an extremely comprehensive statistical engine for WordPress websites called ‘Xena’ that replaces the older module. The new system is built with an ‘AI-first’ architecture to support more informed marketing decisions, and it also records every conceivable type of interaction data. Xena supports the conditional engine more efficiently


Introduction of the Xena Statistical Engine

This is an important note for all website and Facebook advertising clients. Xena is the only statistical engine of its kind in the market, and it builds on the amazing conditional engine that has continued to consistently deliver clients with spectacular website, promoted, and funnel results. While our existing model is industry-leading, the Xena engine takes our decade-old BeNet AI


The Matrix, Updated

The Matrix is a system that periodically assesses every known industry website and ranks them in terms of their determined effectiveness and known search authority. Starting last week, and continuing until further notice, the system will update every day. For those that use the system as part of any performance-based program, the results are periodically reviewed and certified by a