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Basic Website Compliance Tools

I’ve taken aim at those with blatantly non-compliant, unethical, illegal, baiting, and deceptive advertising via our Shad (S**t Ad), and we’ve had a moderate impact. We’ve run this for a couple of years and identified thousands of occurrences of illegal advertising. Some websites and digital asset compliance is often just as bad. Digital compliance is no less important than any


Campaign InPost Video and Content

I’m going to show your a method that’ll explode your mid-funnel conversions – promoted or organic. We often forget that a funnel isn’t an opportunity to talk ‘at’ a funnel participant, but rather an opportunity to talk *with* a user. Those that just send emails (which is typical) are talking to a void… so the idea is to identify borrowing


Yabber Website Graphing Tools

Does your digital product enable the creation of mortgage graphs for offline use and use on your website? If not, keep in mind that our free plugin provides most of what’s pictured. Available via shortcode or drag-and-drop Elementor block, the Yabber website framework provides for hundreds of graphs, and with the Census API this expands to a virtual infinite number.


Yabber Website Modals

Yabber provides the *only* modal (popup) system designed specifically for the finance industry. It’s also the only conditional modal system in the industry, making it the most effective tool of its type in the country. The Yabber website framework supports the following modal types: * General Content Modals: General Modal content served on a mouse click. * Full Screen Modals.


Website Related Series

This post will give you a very brief introduction to a module in Yabber that permits the grouping of articles, videos, or downloads into a ‘related’ series or ‘read more’ grouping for inclusion on your website. We’ve determined that in-post related content and series-based content reliably improves website funnel conversions by *at least* 23%. The importance cannot be overstated. The


Yabber Website Blocks

Most brokers aren’t particulary focused on the digital nature of their business, and much of their content creation is outsourced to article content services that does nothing but have an adverse impact on their authority in search results (we also have an article service but highly discourage participation for this reason). So, we make continued attempts to introduce elements into


Pixel-Perfect Website Screenshots

Need screenshots of external websites in any post or page on your website? ‘Screenshots’ is one of the rarely-used features of our framework, but it’s an extremely powerful system and no usage limits are applied. Screenshots are created with Elementor or shortcode, and the result is a picture-perfect rendering of any external page. It’s particularly useful when taking a screenshot


Website Text-To-Speech

The full scope of our website Text-to-Speech module requires you visit the articles on our website that introduces the tool. Used with shortcode or our Elementor Widget, a block of text is simply converted into a very realistic MP3 voice file (the advanced modelling replicates your own voice in a manner that is indistinguishable from your own voice). The tool


The BM Box Elementor Block

The Yabber website we provide clients is shipped with a licenced version of Elementor Pro. Elementor gives us flexibility in that it allows us to build dynamic drag-and-drop blocks, but more importantly, it gives brokers access to tools that’ll allow them to create dynamic finance-related pages or content in seconds (not that they’d ever need to). We’ve now created around


Yabber Footer and Header Banners

I’m required to share details of our header and footer ‘Broadcast’ system. The (relative) importance of the system is so low that we’ve probably never introduced it before… and most clients probably don’t know it exists. The footer banner is a small banner that floats at the bottom of a page. The header message is a thin message that shows


Yabber Website Favicons

Your website’s favicon is that little icon in your browser bar, and it’s usually the icon dragged onto your desktop to represent your page. It’s also used in search results and elsewhere. It’s not the most important feature, but that didn’t mean it isn’t necessary. Your WordPress website has a feature to create a few of these icons for you.


Yabber Website Teams Module

Imagine a zoo promoting itself by sharing photographs of the water fountains. That’s how we feel sharing all these website tools. However, we’ve received clear instructions that it’s required. It’s our social and marketing tools that do most of your everyday heavy lifting, and it’s our Solis module that makes those pesky pay-per-lead services obsolete. Attached are two images that