RBA Cash Rate: 4.35% · 1AUD = 0.67 USD · Inflation: 4.1%  
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Example Interest Rates: Home Loan Variable: 5.69% (5.89%*) • Home Loan Fixed: 5.48% (6.24%*) • Fixed: 5.48% (6.24%*) • Variable: 5.69% (5.89%*) • Investment IO: 5.74% (6.40%*) • Investment PI: 5.58% (6.62%*)

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Website Updated with Australian Property Data

There’s a property module integrated with Yabber that we’ve used ourselves for some time, and the features will be enabled in a plugin update we’ll be pushing this month. First, why did we build a property module into a broker website? Apart from the obvious overlap with many brokers wearing many hats, the module is designed to support your property


A New Method of Resolving Timezone Makes Your Website Calendars Extremely Accurate

This is a note for clients. As you’re aware, we’ve built what is an extremely comprehensive statistical engine for WordPress websites called ‘Xena’ that replaces the older module. The new system is built with an ‘AI-first’ architecture to support more informed marketing decisions, and it also records every conceivable type of interaction data. Xena supports the conditional engine more efficiently


Introduction of the Xena Statistical Engine

This is an important note for all website and Facebook advertising clients. Xena is the only statistical engine of its kind in the market, and it builds on the amazing conditional engine that has continued to consistently deliver clients with spectacular website, promoted, and funnel results. While our existing model is industry-leading, the Xena engine takes our decade-old BeNet AI


RBA Cash Rate Graph

There’s obviously a lot of rate chatter at the moment, so it’s a good time to remind you that our free plugin for brokers includes a range of useful RBA-related tools, such as the JavaScript Cash Rate Graph and text cash rate options. It’s free.


Imagine If Your Social Posts Didn’t Sync Back To Your Website

The notion that you’ll create social media content for various networks and effectively hand over ownership is a little absurd. What did we do to address this? All your social posts sent from any of our systems – such as Yabber, Instagratify, or Vista – are all optionally sent back to your website into a fully hashtag-searchable archive. This give


Elementor Form Blocks Integrated Into Yabber

Note to clients. As you’re well aware, Yabber includes dozen of form options and automation features. However, there are times where you’ll want to create a custom website form yourself via the default drag-and-drop Elementor form block. We’ve just pushed a module to Yabber that accepts and processes data submitted via a custom Elementor form (it’ll record all submissions by


Yabber Website Secuity Policy Updated

Important note for clients. A short the back we had a server problem that introduced to our server by way of a dodgy plugin. We thought we’d locked down that plugin well enough for the particular broker to replace it with our own superior Yabber tool. We were wrong, and we’ve dealt with a small malware issue over the last


Agile Landing Pages and Campaigns

We all know that every page on your website is a type of landing page, so every page requires a lead magent/offer and subscription form backed by all the fancy-pants automation. Yabber obviously makes this easy with one-click assignment of calendar-integrated forms to any page. However, just because every page on your website is a landing page doesn’t mean that


The Engaging and SEO-Hungry Social Media Website Archive

We see some really good content on LinkedIn, Facebook, and elsewhere, but the content is quickly lost to time, and it’s quickly buried deep in a timeline that makes it virtually invisible. This is why we created a full social archive on your website, so anything you send to social via Vista (the Outlook calendar scheduling tool), Instagratify (the Instagram


Interest Rate Placeholders

We had a client message Domenico over the weekend asking if the primary rate shown on the front page CTA panel may be changed to a fixed rate (rather than use the default variable rate). The answer, of course, is yes. We’ve published a new page within the ‘Front Page’ module that lists all the primary rate placeholders. These rates


Yabber’s Website Switch Module

Here’s a funky feature you won’t see with many digital experiences, but it’s one that will have a significant impact on your customer engagement and conversions. We say over and over that the glue that’ll keep funnel participants engaged is relevance, and this was demonstrated with a post we shared this morning which showed how various blocks of content (particulary


The Yabber Website Front Page

When we built our Yabber website framework, we did so on the back end of experience gained from results garnished from millions of page views. While *every* website page is designed in a manner that focuses attention on the preferred page asset and a conversion, it’s the front page where we tend to apply a little more effort. Not only