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Example Interest Rates: Home Loan Variable: 1.89% (1.9%*) • Home Loan Fixed: 1.84% (2.11%*) • Fixed: 1.84% (2.11%*) • Variable: 1.89% (1.9%*) • Investment IO: 2.05% (4.36%*) • Investment PI: 1.58% (2.72%*)

Banking Royal Commission Archive · SOCIAL ARCHIVE ·

Banking Royal Commission Archive

The least significant 'feature' in Yabber isn't a feature - it's just one of many resources. The Banking Royal Commission Archive (the only fully indexed copy of the BRC that exists) is hidden behind Yabber's 'Resources' menu.

We created the archive to preserve the data in a manner that was easy to navigate and search. The module includes all BRC sections, videos, transcripts, and other documents.

If you do choose to reference any of the documents in the wild your shares are all tracked via a standalone system that provides full statistics.

Those looking to use or query the data may do so via an API or website plugin.

The data is a goldmine for brokers looking to assess or investigate industry SOPs and systems, franchise guides, or policies implemented by others.

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The least significant 'feature' in Yabbe

Instagram Image

The least significant 'feature' in Yabbe

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