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Shad of the Day, 10th October 2021

Shad of the Day, 10th October 2021

Today's Shad (Shit Ad) comes to us courtesy of the offshore and non-compliant 'Finance Group AU'. This group operates under various names, usually changing their page name when they're inevitably banned from Facebook.

Any broker using this service is introducing clear non-compliance into their operation, and worst-practice service to their clients. Next time you see this ad, see if you can comfortably jump through the invasive 15+ questions (you won't get the 'results' you were promised).

We submitted details to this mob on seven occasions; the only time we received a call was when there was no question on 'qualification'. However, everything we submitted easily 'qualified' for something in the market.

This garbage non-compliant BS has to end.

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