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Shad of the Day, 11th July 2023

There are a number of brokers using this low-performing quiz funnel (supplied via a leadgen charlatan). It's offensive for a number of reasons, and illegal for others.

Consider the following:

1.Asking for a phone number because it's "associated with an application" is a load of BS. Either the client wants to talk to you or they don't. Don't lie.

2. Asking for an email address for "pre-qualification information" is a load of BS. Don't lie. Nothing was sent to me. It's okay to ask for an email - you don't have to lie about it.

3. Don't say that "we are calculating your results, please enter your details to receive them" when you're not calculating results, and when I receive nothing. It's a lie.

Apart from the fake qua-LIE-fication, the questions did nothing but alienate the best mortgage candidates. The so-called data-points serve no funnel purpose if the journey isn't shaped around the resolved borrowing objective of the user. Why capture this arbitrary data? Because it makes it easier to sell leads at a higher price.

A few points:

1. Don't say "save up to $595" per month when it could be higher. Why attach an arbitrary and pointless figure to potential savings when it's entirely inaccurate?

2. Don't say that it "takes 45-seconds to pre-qualify/apply".when neither is true. It's false advertising, baiting, illegal, deceptive, and friggin evil.

It's one of the lowest-performing and unethical experience in the market, but it's entirely typical. The 'subscription' is illegal on seven counts.

FFS, host the experience on your website. If you don't have one, create something engaging so you actually have depth to the funnel (even the most basic of our leadgen services includes a 220-page website).

I'm sure the participating broker has little to no idea of how their business is represented by the leadgen crooks.

The list of compliance breaches goes on and on. The basic stuff is detailed.

I wouldn't give this funnel away. As always, even our free plugin would return at least a 40X improvement on ROI.

Stop buying leads. Stop the finspam.

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