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Shad of the Day, 9th January 2023

Shad of the Day, 9th January 2023.

Homeownr is a fake mortgage service designed for the purpose of lead generation, and they continue to represent themselves as a finance company despite being illegal.

Their 'quiz' includes more questions than I cared to count - probably about 10, with each question doing nothing to resolve to an actual result (why ask for an existing bank? Why ask *any* question if no results are returned back to the user?). Regardless of our answers we were always told we qualified (for what is unknown).

We counted 13 clear compliance violations. We recorded a few transactions for use in our next webinar.

Don't ever lie to clients, and don't bait them into an offer based on blatantly false advertising. Brokers deserve better. Borrowers deserve better.

Don't claim results are 'confidential' when the purpose of the result is to be sold on an open marketplace, and don't claim to qualify a user even you're doing nothing of the sort.

Recognise the guy in the screenshot? He's sourced from Fiver, and regularly provides fake video finance testimonials.

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