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Example Interest Rates: Home Loan Variable: 2.54% (2.74%*) • Home Loan Fixed: 3.74% (3.8%*) • Fixed: 2.48% (2.94%*) • Variable: 2.54% (2.74%*) • Investment IO: 2.3% (3.76%*) • Investment PI: 2.04% (3.8%*)

Shad (Sh*t Ad) of the Day, 26th July 2022 · SOCIAL ARCHIVE ·

Shad (Sh*t Ad) of the Day, 26th July 2022

Shad (Sh*t Ad) of the day, 26th July 2022. I expected more from Joust and always saw even as a little different to the pedestrian crowd. Not true.

Messaging implies in no uncertain terms the banks are going to 'bid' for your business. Not true in any respect, and entirely deceptive (as are the rates shown in the image). The advert links to the typical forn that disqualifies the client engaged with the prices (a quiz funnel shouldn't ever start with a quiz).

We submitted a few 'fringe' details and haven't heard back from a broker in over a week.

Try our free Funnels product. It *easily* returns around 30X - 40X more than what you'll see from any pay-per-lead service.

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Shad (Sh*t Ad) of the day, 26th July 202

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