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Shitty Leadgen Experiences

What you're looking at here is just a few of the large number of ads we've copied from Facebook, and we need to really about them. While I could rant on forever, I'm posting this from Instagram which imposes a character limit so I'll be brief (the post will be shared via our Instagratify system).

These leads are meant to be 'SMS Verified' (which means nothing), have 10 data points (which means clients have had to jump through a stupid business-debilitating `quiz`), and they're often 'guaranteed' (means nothing). Yet these dodgy agencies are claiming conversions of around 3%. This means you have potentially paid for 100 leads (typically costing you $100 - $400, when they would otherwise cost you just a couple of dollars) when you might close a few as (maybe) five. This means you've 'wasted' 95 phone calls (and wasted even more time trying to make some of the deals work). This conversion rate is despicable.

Our Facebook program is obviously the highest performing the industry, and we're the only solution that provides for a fully-integrated and nested one-click experience. In fact, the solution you'll *fully own* is far, far, more powerful than the shonky crap used by the leadgen pretenders.

Would you rather 100 leads and close three, or see 10 leads and close 4? The close-rate will vary, but our clients consistently close above 30%. Some brokers close as high as 50%. Your time is important - don't waste it on junk solutions (ROI also has to factor your time)

One of the most important assets a business can own is a digital framework that supports paid and organic funnels. The difference between a business that buys leads, and one that generates their own high quality leads, is that the former pays rent, while the latter owns the building.

In almost all cases leadgen crooks will use non-compliant advertising in order do return your bad leads. You are also operating in a non-compliant manner simply by association (see our website for over 100 examples).

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