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Example Interest Rates: Home Loan Variable: 2.54% (2.74%*) • Home Loan Fixed: 3.74% (3.8%*) • Fixed: 2.48% (2.94%*) • Variable: 2.54% (2.74%*) • Investment IO: 2.3% (3.76%*) • Investment PI: 2.04% (3.8%*)

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The Finance Marketing Funnel

Your website is your funnel's most valuable asset in terms of its ability to attract new audiences, provide an experience for active funnel participants, and to gain an understanding of navigation pathways. This applies equally to those engaged in Facebook or other promoted marketing, and those engaged in relationship-based programs.

If you're not garnishing double-digit organic monthly leads, you're looking at joining the triple-digit organic lead club, or you're one of the unfortunate that was sold on the "your website isn't important" message by the industry charlatans, this post is important.

First, and most important, you should never host services or landing pages on third-party services such as High Level or Lead Pages - both indicators of marketing mediocrity (if introduced by paid representation). Why? It completely obliterates your capacity to escalate traffic, learn from engagement, deliver relevance, provide funnel course-corrections, and it compromises on the customer experience. Your website and other marketing assets are literally the backbone upon which your funnel journey relies.

The typical funnel peddled to the industry isn't a funnel - it's a subscription form. Many will sell you on the concept that email in isolation represents 'follow-up' - it does not. A marketing funnel is a journey shaped by relevance and understanding... and the deeper and nested stages of the funnel are what will deliver your business the funnel growth and organic traction that is deserves. Digital marketing is so ridiculously misunderstood.

Yabber includes the 'last website you'll ever wear". The site is shipped with features that will manufacture navigation pathways in real-time. While your might be familiar with our proprietary feature that swaps out your front page for another based on resolved or determined interest type, it's the conditional features that are most often used. Responsive to the stage and escalated nature of the funnel journey, your website shows different information to different users. That is, information that is more likely to attract, engage, and convert.

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Your website is your funnel's most valua

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Your website is your funnel's most valua

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