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Launching The First (Revised) Solis Campaign Took One Second

We've always created the only turkey finance marketing experience in the industry, and we're still the only finance marketing company to support a nested and integrated marketing funnel. The former version of our campaign automation suite ('Solis') was brilliant, but the revised Solis platform is next generation.

We actioned the first test campaign today with a relatively new broker. He chose to launch a Facebook campaign... but the same automation (associated with his selected campaign) was available to assigned panels outside of the promoted landing page.

It took the better part of 1-second to send the primary landing page, seven nested landing pages (for mid funnel escalation), schedule 12 follows up 'Sonata' emails, apply triggers to internal emails, and apply appropriate client and broker SMS notifications. There's more, but it's a long list. In this case we also created his advert on FB

Within the first 10 minutes we saw the first lead and after 45 minutes we'd attracted the first Opportunity (after the client competed a page-two FF report, all which we were watching in real-time).

The whole experience - from email and SMS to landing pages - is a fully branded, compliant, and self-hosted experience (don't get me started on the crooks that sell clients on High Level, Click Funnel's, or Lead Pages).

There's a very clear reason our clients are the highest-performing in the industry... and they get those results for a fraction of the cost.

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