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PWA and Exposure Effect

Phoebe from the UK had a nagging design on her brain for years - often doodling the same pattern over and over. When she was old enough she had the image tattooed on her arm. She later discovered that the image was the logo from the fridge in her childhood home.

PWA is when a stimulus is present in the environment, strong enough that a person could perceive it if attention was drawn to it. The person does not necessary pay attention to the stimulus and may not remember it later if asked about it. However, the stimulus affects the person's behaviour, thought process and decisions. A client of yours may see an RBA email or newsletter in their inbox, a transient post on Facebook, or they may scroll past a tweet on Twitter. While they may not remember the interaction, it may impact upon their brand recall. The mental bias is connected to our brain's reticular activators " a system that scans the surrounding environment for things that are familiar, things that are unusual, and things that are problematic. When the brain recognises something " even on a deep subconscious level " it pings our conscious brain and loads information into active memory.

The Exposure Effect is intrinsically connected to the principles of omnipresence (and PWA) in that you're everywhere and nowhere at the same time. The more a client is exposed to us, the more they'll grow to like us (even if they don't know us). Clever use of the Exposure Effect is a means of escalating a client through our sales funnel simply by being in front of them.

Yabber is the only *fully integrated* digital system designed around this nested (omnipresent-focuses) funnel ideology, and it's part of the reason our tools, website, and funnel systems routinely return more leads and conversions than any other competing system in the market.

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