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Reputation Management, Defamation Law, and Removing Fake Google Reviews

Remove Google Reviews
Reputation management refers to the influencing and controlling of a reputation - both offline and offline. What was once a task assigned to a...

Embed a Google Ngram Viewer In WordPress With Shortcode

A Ngram, or number gram, is a statistical analysis of text or speech content to find the n (or number) a pattern of text...

Embed Google Plus Posts in WordPress

Embed Google Plus Post
Note: Google+ is now a depreciated platform. The article is for reference only. Continuing in the spirit of articles that detail some Google+ features for...

Add a Google Plus Follow Button in WordPress with Shortcode

Google Follow Button
Note: Google+ is now a depreciated platform. The article was kept for reference only. The Google Plus follow button is an underutilized tool that will...

Embed a Google+ Badge on Your Website With WordPress Shortcode or...

Google Plus Badge
A Google Plus badge is a feature rich way of converting visitors over to your Google Plus personal profile, page, or community. The badge...

Add a Google +1 Button in WordPress with Shortcode

Google Plus +1 Button
The Google +1 button now forces a share dialogue rather than behaving like the Facebook 'like' button. The bizarre move essentially depreciates the former...

Get Country, State & City from Google’s Geocoding API

This article won't mean much to you unless you you have a specific problem to solve. I was working on a project that required...


Offshore Loan Processing

Why We Don’t Advocate Offshore Loan Processing

Fraud in the mortgage industry is rampant. I'm not talking about those mortgage brokers that engage in illicit conduct by way of fraudulent transactions,...

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