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Show State-Level First Home Buyer Information on Mortgage Broker Websites

First Home Buyer
Geographic relevance increases engagement, reduces bounce rates, improves upon the relevance of page content, and improves upon your users' onsite experience. We've used geographically...

Geographically Relevant Titles in WordPress

Geo Titles WordPress
Did my headline get your attention? The title should have rendered the city you're in or near based on your geographic location. If we...

IP To Location (API)

IP to Location API
Resolving your website visitors to a location is an intrinsic part of online marketing. The purpose of this post isn't intended to educate you...

Convert Decimal Latitude & Longitude to Degrees, Minutes and Second

In a number of the applications we've built in the past we've had a need to manufacture traditional latitude and longitude coordinates from the...

Calculate The Distance Between Two Geographical Points With PHP

The following PHP function calculates the distance between two points based on longitude and latitude. As a former airline pilot by trade (that wrote...

Get Country, State & City from Google’s Geocoding API

This article won't mean much to you unless you you have a specific problem to solve. I was working on a project that required...

Get the IP Address of a Visitor with PHP (or WordPress...

Get IP Address PHP
There are hundreds of functions found over the web that can be used to find the real IP address of a visitor. Here's one...


WordPress Bookmark

Provide Your Web Visitors With a ‘Smart’ Bookmark Feature

If we want our website to be a true resource we should be providing a basic navigating facility for a user to bookmark pages...

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