Sunday, September 22, 2019
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Creating an Opportunity From a Contact Booking With SalesTrekker

SalesTrekker Opportunities
If you're familiar with our rather strict definitions of 'mailing list subscribers', 'leads', 'prospects' and 'opportunities', you'll appreciate why we'd never normally advocate sending...

EDGE Post Settlement Contact With SalesTrekker

SalesTrekker EDGE
No marketing presence is anywhere near complete without a reliable, scalable, and easy-to-use system for scheduling post-settlement communications. Introduced as a module to support...

Authentication and Basic Queries With the SalesTrekker GraphQL API

SalesTrekker API
On the morning of Sunday the 10th this year I sent SalesTrekker an email after experiencing issues with their RESTful API. The support response...

Using SalesTrekker Webhooks to Perform Broker Tasks

We deal with just about every aggregator software platform in some way or another. Most are generic platforms altered to provide the appearance of...


Offshore Loan Processing

Why We Don’t Advocate Offshore Loan Processing

Fraud in the mortgage industry is rampant. I'm not talking about those mortgage brokers that engage in illicit conduct by way of fraudulent transactions,...

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