Thursday, June 20, 2019
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Mortgage Brokers – Stop Buying or Accepting Free Leads

Finance Indian Call Center
Some time back we published an article that detailed widespread non-compliance in the Australian Financial marketplace by way of unsolicited offshore lead generation. After...

It’s Time To Stop Feeding The Finance Marketing Sharks

For as long as we've engaged with the finance marketing space we've reluctantly kept our mouths closed when it comes to criticising the actions...

Beware Of Financial Telemarketing Lead Generation Services

Some time back we wrote an article titled, "Beware of Mortgage Broker Scams" after receiving numerous telemarketing phone calls from an offshore call center....

Beware of Mortgage Broker Scams

There's rarely a day that passes that I don't get phone calls from an East-Indian or other offshore call center purporting to represent a...

Beware of Design Sharks Australia

Over the last two weeks I've been on the receiving end of a relentless campaign by Design Sharks (Australia) - a company that provides...


SalesTrekker Opportunities

Creating an Opportunity From a Contact Booking With SalesTrekker

If you're familiar with our rather strict definitions of 'mailing list subscribers', 'leads', 'prospects' and 'opportunities', you'll appreciate why we'd never normally advocate sending...

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