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Beware of Mortgage Broker Scams

There's rarely a day that passes that I don't get phone calls from an East-Indian or other offshore call center purporting to represent a...

Beware of Design Sharks Australia

Over the last two weeks I've been on the receiving end of a relentless campaign by Design Sharks (Australia) - a company that provides...

Why We’re Done With TimThumb

TimThumb was a simple, flexible, PHP script that resized images and optionally applied various filters and effects. Just about everybody that developed for WordPress...

An Example of a Serious Website Security Breach

In early July of this year we made the decision to enroll my oldest daughter into an early education program designed to "... enable...


FAA Aircraft Registration API

Of all the services we make available, the FAA aircraft registration API might be the oldest. It was set up as as part of...

History API

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