RBA Cash Rate: 4.35% · 1AUD = 0.67 USD · Inflation: 4.1%  
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Example Interest Rates: Home Loan Variable: 5.69% (5.89%*) • Home Loan Fixed: 5.48% (6.24%*) • Fixed: 5.48% (6.24%*) • Variable: 5.69% (5.89%*) • Investment IO: 5.74% (6.40%*) • Investment PI: 5.49% (6.27%*)

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Website Form Module Updated

This is an important note for clients. We’ve updated the ‘Formly’ module on your website and in Yabber. We’re migrating all foms manually over the next couple of days, so you might experience some minor disruptions. This major update coincides with the new Trigger and Email Marketing features, but the first step is migrating your forms. There are a large


Website Updated with Australian Property Data

There’s a property module integrated with Yabber that we’ve used ourselves for some time, and the features will be enabled in a plugin update we’ll be pushing this month. First, why did we build a property module into a broker website? Apart from the obvious overlap with many brokers wearing many hats, the module is designed to support your property


Xena Updates, Plugin 0.8.8

Important note for clients. Between 1pm and late evening, every website will go offline for a few minutes for important updates. While Yabber’s new Xena statistics module is now recording data (replacing the older ‘pixel’), your website will also have its own locally hosted statistics module (you won’t always be a subscriber to Yabber but you’ll always need the data).


The New Sendify Social Module

We’re a few days away from rolling out the final update to the new Sendify (social media) module. Morphing Instagratify, Sendly, Vista (Outlook social), SendPress, and other social modules directly into a unified module (and sitting on top of the content library), there are literally dozens of seriously funky social features and tools. One of the new features is the


New FB Campaign Returning $6.20 Leads

This is a reasonable example of what the leadgen charlatans don’t want you to see. There’s a $20 budget assigned to a video ad, and after a few days of its initial run it’s already returning $6.20 leads. Given that it’s a first print, the split and improvements will likely drive the cost to around $3 (CPC still isn’t where


Introduction of the Xena Statistical Engine

This is an important note for all website and Facebook advertising clients. Xena is the only statistical engine of its kind in the market, and it builds on the amazing conditional engine that has continued to consistently deliver clients with spectacular website, promoted, and funnel results. While our existing model is industry-leading, the Xena engine takes our decade-old BeNet AI


Tayla’s Facebook Refinance Advert

We’re big advocates for brokers recording their own ads (rather than using our generic video). It’s easy to do: you pull out your phone and read off a few lines of text. Simple. The personalisation is more likely to engage with your audience, it enhances branding, and it legitimises your operation. You can shoot a little B-roll in the office,


Landing Page Updates

Now for clients. As previously advised, the landing page module is offline until Tuesday for a significant update. The module that is most commonly used, and that which is connected to the ‘Solis’ one-click full campaign module, is used more often than any other landing feature, so we’ve built in testimonial features, block content, and some other tools to ensure


A Leppington Christmas

Spent the morning at Leppington and Leppington Village Homeworlds. Do you want to know how I know there weren’t any other brokers floating around? We talked to everybody! We’d still be there if it wasn’t 40 degrees – even sales staff went home early. If volume is driven by conversations, then conversations are required for growth. I’d write it into


RBA Cash Rate Graph

There’s obviously a lot of rate chatter at the moment, so it’s a good time to remind you that our free plugin for brokers includes a range of useful RBA-related tools, such as the JavaScript Cash Rate Graph and text cash rate options. It’s free.


Animated GIF to Social Media with Instagratify

Our proprietary Instagratify module allows you to create an animated GIF from the 10 images in an Instagram album by way of the #gif hashtag anywhere in your post content (normally in the area that’s removed before sending). A video is also created whenever a GIF is created, and this is the format normally sent to platforms such as Linkedin.