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Tayla’s Facebook Refinance Advert

We're big advocates for brokers recording their own ads (rather than using our generic video). It's easy to do: you pull out your phone and read off a few lines of text. Simple. The personalisation is more likely to engage with your audience, it enhances branding, and it legitimises your operation. You can shoot a little B-roll in the office, shoot some houses being built, and so on. We like the video shot at a location where the surrounds contribute to your message and narrative, but anywhere other than a blank wall tends to work well.

The problem? Very few brokers have the time and/or confidence to engage with the process. However, a SA-based brokerage had just sent me the first of a large number of videos they shot over a few hours a few days ago, and they're absolutely brilliant. They're currently seeing leads at around $10 with our suite of 'generic' ads but I'm confident that their new material will cut their costs in half - the ads are that good.

Their smiling actor (the daughter of the owner) is truly fantastic. She's enthusiastic, attractive, genuine, radiates a pleasant personality, and quickly connects with the audience. Unlike the leadgen garbage floating around the market, she doesn't hype the message but easily escalates audience attention.

With sensible automation in place and a deeply immersive funnel, I'm confident the experience will have a seriously profound impact on their operation.

Pictured: We'll be editing video into a square format for Instagram and standard 16:9 for YouTube. Basic screenshots shown.

If you're using any of our generic 'turnkey' ads, I'd encourage you to make contact with us for guidance on how we can quickly create something that'll improve your branding and ROI.

All that said, even our generic ads still outperform dodgy paid leads by at least 20X.

With their permission, I'll upload some of the fished products next week.

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