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Shad of the Day, 13th July 2023, Leadify

Shad of the Day, 13th July 2023. This one comes to us from a company rooted in solar leads - Leadify. It was flagged by our AI for the headline-style rates (4%) and 'You Conditionally Qualify' text. There's a large number of obvious infractions that don't require exposition - it's just more of the same.

Revisiting the RG document:


"It is not necessary to show that consumers have actually been misled - the law prohibits conduct that is *likely* to mislead. Consumers cannot be expected to study or revisit an advertisement - the most important consideration is the overall impression created by the advertisement when viewed for the first time

Qualifications of a headline claim must be clear and prominent - some headline claims are so strong that any separate qualification will not correct any misleading impression

Silence can be misleading or deceptive when it is reasonable for a consumer to expect disclosure of important information - silence on important details can render a statement misleading, even though it is factually correct."


Leadify's fake brand advert makes dubious headline claims and then fails to qualify or support the data in any way. The continued quiz-style subscription does nothing other than expose the client to the fradulent 'Pre Qualification' message, essentially providing illegal guidance and advice (qualify for what?). Why lie? More crap leads to sell!

Rates supplied in the advert create an expectation, so anything after this will fail to compensate for the unrealistic claim and lack of comparison data (even if the 4% was printed for decorative purposes).

We've had clients come to us that converted with this mob at 0% after spending 8k... so you'd match their lead quality by sitting on a park bench tryiing to convert ducks.

It really doesn't matter where you buy leads - the experience is almost always the same.

Brokers don't have to lie.

Consumers deserve better from our industry.

Stop the finspam. Stop buying leads.

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