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Shad of the Day, 3rd April 2023

Shad of the Day, 3rd April 2023. We expect more from MLB - they're an organisation that is trying to grow, and they're actively recruiting brokers into their network.

In the past, their advertising has been downright illegal, and it remained unchecked by their aggregator and management for a long time. They've recently taken on our advice and removed their false advertising, but their basic subscription experience is still using the typical bottom of the barrel leadgen tactics by baiting consumers into a subscription (not a funnel, just a basic subscription). The fact that there are organisations operating in this manner should infuriate those brokers that operate ethically and in accordance with the law.

As always, the ridiculous questions asked are used to discard leads they don't think meets their standard, and in this case, despite providing details that'd exclude me from anything, I'm still told (in a celebratory manner) I qualify for a $3k saving (a baiting lie). There's a few laws broken right there without ranting on about all infractions

If you're going to ask friggin' dumb questions, please make them mean something, and measure your results against an actual database (as we do with our page 2 fact find in both cases). If you present a screen saying you're checking results, actually check something (no check is made - it's simply a delay on the form). Disguising.

Time to make marketing great again. Happy to start with making it legal.

Stop the finspam.

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