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Solis Campaigns

The single marketing module that will fundamentally change your mortgage business.

Solis, translated from Latin literally means 'Sun', and our Solis system was named as such because the feature may become the centre of your marketing universe. The system does in a single click what might otherwise take days or weeks to manufacture, and what others charge thousands to provide (usually using a mashup of dodgy third-party products). Our nested customer funnels provide a deep and immersive experience that will return your business more leads and conversions.

From a library of campaigns created by us, a single click will manufacture a landing page on your integrated website, create a branded lead magnet, manufacture forms, create nested funnel landing pages (that are part of the mid-funnel escalated experience), construct an email sequence (with links to your FAQs or articles), and we'll create links to various other pages, such as your Fact Find, Venus Report, or dedicated Calendar Page. Solis will build an SMS sequence, manufacture other supporting assets, and it will assign appropriate form automation, such as conditional redirects, SMS confirmation, booking reminders, and so on. In essence, it creates a powerful campaign suitable for organic or promoted traffic in seconds.

The module is in Alpha and will be made available to all brokers this month (we're testing a few new features before we push).

Those that contact us while our EOFY promotion is running will save a ton - call us on 1300 235 433 (1300 BELIEF).


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