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The Most Important Channel For Your Social Media Posts Is Your Website

I've had a few friends mention that I've posted a lot to LinkedIn lately. Truth is, I've posted to Instagram - not Linkedin. Our proprietary digital platform provides three primary methods to post to social media. You may post via Yabber, a dedicated Outlook 'Social Media' calendar (the only example of such that you'll find anywhere), or via our Instagram-based Instagratify tool. It's the third method, Instagratify, that I use most often. Based on the hashtags used in an Instagram post, the content will make its way to other social services. The most important destination for your social media posts is your website! We need to take ownership of our own content, keep it archived as a genuine website resource, and let it contribute towards our SEO.

All social media content from our tools may be sent to your website (it's optional, of course, but recommended). Content will send to a standalone archive but may also optionally be sent as a blog post (using a reserved 'ispost' hashtag. Instagram hastags become website tags, meaning you can bounce around your site as if it were a self-contained private social network.

All images are optimised on your website, and appropriate SEO tags are applied.

Other features apply, such as post scheduling, video posts, stacking, and the application of a title (for your website). For advanced users, you may create a shorter message for Twitter. The one 'limitation' that applies is that your message won't be sent back to to the same Instagram account (might be obvious), but it can be sent to others.

A similar archive exists for videos and downloads.

This post was written on Instagram. You'll find it on all our social channels - including our website.

We're more than just the highest-performing leadgen team in the industy.

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