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How to Register as a Facebook Developer

We may ask you to register as a Facebook Developer. This registration allows us to assign you as a tester for various applications that are in development and usually provide more features. If we're building a Facebook application on your behalf we'll almost always have you complete this step. This FAQ will walk you through the required steps.

Facebook often changes its flow, so the screen you're shown may not exactly match what you're seeing. Either way, the setup is reasonably straightforward.

  1. Navigate to developers.facebook.com

Navigate your way to developers.facebook.com . There's a 'Log In' link towards the top-right of the page. Select it.

Facebook Developers - Home Page

  2. Login With Facebook

You will be presented with a login screen. Log in with your personal profile (all your business assets are associated with this account).

Login With Facebook

  3. Login to Facebook

Enter your personal profile details. Click 'Log In'.

Login to Facebook

  4. Get Started

Click the 'Get Started' link towards the top-right of the page.

Get Started

  5. Click "Continue"

You will be presented with a basic welcome screen. Click "Continue".

Click Continue

  6. Verify Your Account

You will be asked to verify your account by way of a phone text or email code. Enter your details as required.

Verify Your Account
Verify Your Account

  7. Verify Your Email

You may be asked to verify your email. Opt into the developer marketing communications if you're interested in related news.

Verify Your Email

  8. Select Developer

Sign up as a developer. Select 'Developer ' and click 'Complete Registration'.

Select Developer

  9. No Apps... Yet

You will be presented with an empty screen that says 'No Apps' or similar. You won't be required to create your own application just yet.

No Apps Yet

You can move onto the next step.

  10. Let Us Know

Once the registration is complete, let us know and we'll probably 'friend' you (even if for a short time) to make identification easier. We'll add you to the 'Tester' program and we'll then advise when this is done.

  11. Accept Invitation

Once we've added you to the 'Tester' program on our end, we'll require you to log back into developers.facebook.com and accept our Application invitation. You can access pending invitation directly via this 'Requests Link '.


Creating an application isn't just about using some of our advanced tools. Creating an app allows you to integrate your website and broader digital experience in a way that is normally inaccessible, so we consider it an essential step.

Call us if you encounter any problems.

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We may ask you to register as a Facebook Developer. This registration allows us to assign you as a tester for various applications that are in development and usually provide more features. If we're building a Facebook application on your behalf we'll almost always have you complete this step. This FAQ will walk you through… [ Learn More ]

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