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General FAQ and BeLearn


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BM FAQ Yabber Website
Front Page

How to Change the Front Page Video

We encourage multiple videos on your front page, and they should be presented in multiple ways. The primary front page website video is shown fully

BM FAQ Yabber Website
Front Page

Front Page CTA Video Button

The Front Page CTA Video Button is an optional button that presents alongside the two . The button simply launches a YouTube, Wistia, or other

BM FAQ Yabber Website
Front Page

Front Page CTA Buttons

There are two primary buttons made available in the top-fold primary CTA panel. These two buttons are styled to your liking and link to one

BM FAQ Yabber Website
Front Page

Front Page Primary Call-to-Action Text

Website front page primary CTA text is defined in the ‘Front Page’ module within Yabber. Select the ‘CTA’ option, select your website, and define the

BM FAQ Yabber Website
Connect Social Media

Connecting a Website to Yabber

When a website is delivered to you, the connectivity is established and the website will be partially customised. There may be times where you’ll be

BM FAQ Social
Connect Social Media

Connecting Social Media Accounts to Yabber

Connecting to Social Media is usually straight forward. Click on the icon that relates to the applicable social platform, assign the requested privileges, and you’re

BM FAQ Security

Enabling Yabber Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is used as an addition line of defence against unauthorised logins. Required by law in the finance industry, your username and password are